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  1. yes, please! And now, I fear, we will also need an highlighting feature of "unsupported properties" which would be rasterised at PDF-output. I would like to see where I can help the document to become easier to export. (Eg. some slightly overlapping objects, which I then can correct.) Also, when exporting SVG-graphics, I'd like beforehand what is compatible and what would become pixel elements, so I can keep it clean.
  2. I usually work in separated mode on my Mac. I have two huge displays to view my document in full screen AND put most of the expanded panels on the other. There are gaps between them becaouse I like to temporarly put eg. the brushes near the center of my main screen for fast access. Afterwards I put it back. So I don't fill the second screen completely with the panels, and the underlying Finder-windows are not very easy to tell apart where you click. A mac-typical shadow around the panels would help here. I compared it to Indesign and there is no shadow too, but it is more
  3. @Lupo76 OK, finally got to play a bit around with photo, as I mostly use Designer and Publisher: Yes, you can combine this feature of nesting documents into documents with the undestructible "Perspective Live Filter", which would work for my purposes of making mockups of billboards or faking screenshots on monitor photos. ...wouldn't mind having this in Designer, too... PSA: Well in fact, you can open this document in designer and adjust the perspective or copy it to another vector object. . Sorry, if this a bit off-topic, but I was glad too early: The perspe
  4. @Lupo76 I think the usual way would be to not copy it thru the clipboard but instead save it on disk as a file. Then you drag it into your destination image, where you can scale it undestructively. I've done it many times and it works. But remember: save every Part of your "collage" as a single file, be it a Affinity Designer Vector graphic or another Affinity Photo pixel image. The only thing I'm missing from photoshop's way is the ability to perspectively scale these objects. At least I didn't find it yet... Maybe someone can help?
  5. Nope. Only saving as does not change the file size. But what I now tried was "relinking" .afphoto file in the resourcemanager and now the filesize is 2.5 MB.
  6. I can confirm, that at b502 the behaviour is: reopen a bloated .afpub from 1.7.3 with linked .afphoto and saving it in beta the file size stays as big (138MB). but: making a NEW document in beta and dragging the .afphoto into it and copying all text boxes from the 1.7.3 and saving it results in 2MB file size! So there is at least progress!
  7. Wow, I overlooked that one. Thank you for pointing out! Although I recently exported an iPhone-App Icon in all required pixel dimensions using the export persona, but as I additionally wanted a SVG, I used the ordinary export-sheet... edit: I now have to test, how useful exporting a printPDF through the export persona is in the current state.
  8. I was also looking forward for the publisher version of the export persona... The designer-one is very powerful but limited to pixel-output. A real export persona would have much more space than the tight export-sheet (the tiny more button is so easily overlooked). Also I like to go back and forth in adjusting settings. A dialog-sheet has to be clicked away, if you only want to check something in your document ("which pages did I want to export...") My set of settings per-document would be: In-progress Screen-PDFs In the process, each document needs to get proof-read or a
  9. Well, I wouldn't dare to say how the ONE correct behaviour should be. In some cases full-full screen could also be quite annoying (I remember corelDRAW in windows3.11 where multiple documents opened in a way slightly shifted so you could see all headers at once... this was of course before tabs became a thing...) In this case, my expected behaviour was to open it in at least, say, 90% or 95% screen space, so you can see the other documents, which were open. And this is one reason why I use Separated Mode to begin with. (Other than having all my panels on the right places...) I for m
  10. Im having a problem with tiny document windows on mac. All my new documents being created (in any affinity app) are initially displayed in a window circa 1000 by 700 pixels on screen, although I have an iMac 21.5 (1920x1080) and my main screen is an Apple Thunderbolt 27" Display (2500something) I can't remember since when I had this, but maybe forever? I never bothered to mention it, as I was testing betas, but now, as I am beginning to dip my toes deeper into affinity-life these first-world-problems come up again... It happens only in Separated Mode, which I'm using 99%
  11. I just tried to open my old designs which I made somewhat pre-2004 in various versions of Aldus/Macromedia Freehand. At first I opened only the old PDFs if I had them exported, which worked fine. But then I tried dragging the fh10-file onto Affinity Designer and WOW! this was even better!!!!! So, I think I better report this here, in case someone searches for this. Thank you very much, Affinity-team! (p.s. .fh9 did not work)
  12. Mac, here. Even as a designer who reacts more to optical shapes than to words , I think that icons in preferences are useless. (You wouldn't want to communicate with your lawyer via emojis...) My example is oldschool but it would work nevertheless. Also the new Blender 2.8 preferences work basically that way and can go much deeper. And they are multi-platform
  13. As I see it, this has to do with the fact, that MacOS can natively read pdf-files. If you, for example, preview an ai-file (which is usually saved as combined pdf/ai-file) Finder reads the PDF-contents and also displays it resolution-independent. The ideal way would be for Affinity to make a "quicklook-plugin", which is the native way for Finder to display ANY file`s content as long the corresponding plugin is installed. • examples: https://www.quicklookplugins.com • documentation on apple's site: https://developer.apple.com/library/archive/documentation/UserExperien
  14. A dedicated preflight feature would be very nice for the next major version. In the meantime, as I see with in my use of InDesign CS5, there are ways to mitigate this shortcoming: For example the resources window should be a studio panel, where you can always, and at a glance, see, which images are lowres or rgb, or out-of-date/missing. What I really miss since the old days of Aldus Freehand and which was never implemented by adobe is overprint marking (maybe with an annoying, blinking pattern) to quickly see, in your layout, which elements or linked logos/graphics would be overpr
  15. for Affinity Publisher Request: For prepress workflows it would be very helpful to switch to a preflight mode where you can quickly check what objects are on which colour plates (eg. spot colours) Problem: Sometimes there are shadow-effects or overlaying colours and multiplying images that change the otherwise clean constructed set of elements in your layout. For example, you know every text has this global colour and every icon has that corporate-design colours, but where things overlap and blend, you need to know "how dark this black really is" to be successfully printed.
  16. @davemike @Nazario I remember being annoyed about this behaviour as well. Now I tried with the latest Photo beta ( mac) and I think it really is resolved now! It even dynamically calculates what the final Image dimensions gonna be. Bildschirmvideo aufnehmen 2019-08-13 um 15.03.26.mov ...in the current release version (1.7.1) not so. Hurray! Is this resolved for you as well?
  17. As a Mac user I see that the Affinity Preferences window is "inspired" by macOS System Preferences window,... but not as nearly as polished (are these arrows in fact < and > glyphs?? The buttons behave the same. But I would argue the arrows should instead allow you to "click-through" all sections for fast adjustments when manually synchronising the settings in the three affinity-apps (plus the three betas...) Yeah this could be irritating for the group of Mac-users, which are not familiar with adobes way. The third, the drop-down/button hybrid is the most useful and shoul
  18. So my main error was using alt (as I learned from Creative Suite) Command is the new way to go! Thank you all!
  19. @walt.farrell oh thank you! it's a translation-error: everywhere else "Facing Pages" or "Spreads" is named "gegenüberliegende Seiten" in german – but for this dialog they named it "Layoutseiten"... But I wonder, why are your buttons in another order – MORE EXPORT CANCEL (to me it's CANCEL, MORE, EXPORT)
  20. Maybe I am missing something, but... where is the checkmark to export a single-page PDF from a facing-pages publisher-document? Please don't tell me to change the document-setup because my client wants single pages to print out and proofread...
  21. -PREAMBLE- I'm still not very happy about affinity's alt-dragging behaviour, where you have to decide BEFORE pressing the mouse, if you want to duplicate. From ID or AI I'm used to drag, and then think of all the modifier-keys to hold... But what's very annoying is that things don't snap to my guides anymore, while in alt-dragging mode. This has to be a bug, i'm sure!
  22. (First: Yes my StudioLink is working.) I see these menu items under "File" called something like "Edit in Photo..." "Edit in Designer..." (mine is in german) and if I use them, it opens my publisher-document in Photo. Well, sort of: in Photo, the (linked) Images come in very pixelated and if I close this window, I'm back in Publisher, now with an empty window, and no option to save. So my document contents are lost! I know that the right way to invoke StudioLink is via the Persona-Buttons, but when I come across these menu-items I take them, thinking it does
  23. Every time I create a new document, the size of the window is very small and not using the available screen-space. Why is that and how can I permanently change this to a "reasonable" size? MacOS 10.14.5 I'm working in separated mode I have two displays attached (both are way bigger, 27" and 21,5") if I resize the window and save this document, this particular document opens again in the right size. But not every other "new" document. Edit: No, it doesnt...
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