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  1. Thanks Dan! I've since closed and reopened the file, and noticed that history is blank. Is there something I need to do to ensure the history is saved? It's not a feature I've used really.
  2. A very odd thing that I'm trying to get to the bottom of: I have a document with about 70 icons and the artboards (seemingly) keep shifting by themselves. Obviously with icons, alignment to the pixel grid is everything, so I spend a long time making sure it's spot on. As I'm working on the document, the X or Y position shifts to being 0.3 off. Regularly. This is really frustrating as it means I have to try manually select loads of artboards (not easy in itself) and reset their position. Otherwise the artwork in the artboard is no longer aligned to pixels and, consequently, blurred. I can't think why this is happening - I haven't selected all these artboards at any point. Has anyone else come across this?
  3. Thanks for confirmation
  4. There's probably a few workarounds, but I wondered if the option was there and I'd just missed it
  5. As I'm working on a document with a lot of artboards (a large icon set with several sizes per icon), I was wondering if it was possible to have a visible grid behind all the artboards? Sometimes this is visible if you've selected an object not on an artboard, but once an artboard has been selected, it obviously changes to show the grid only within that artboard. Is there a setting somewhere that I need to check? It would make it easier to keep a neat and tidy document. At the moment it seems like the only way is to not use artboards, but labouriously setup slice areas on one large document.
  6. Hicksdesign

    Slice Export to Folder not Working iOS 12

    I can export slices to iCloud Drive without any problems, but exporting to Dropbox just doesn't happen. However, I can save and open files from Dropbox, as well as Save a copy'. Is it certain that this is a Dropbox bug, and not an issue with AD?
  7. Apologies, I've got the bottom of it - I'd been working off an imported PDF that had a high DPI and set to use points. All aligned now! (Couldn't see how to delete the post!)
  8. Here's a rectangle that is perfectly aligned to the pixel grid - no decimal places. The stroke is exactly 1px, and aligned to the inside of the rectangle. The artboard is also positioned to whole pixels. 'Force Pixel Alignment' is also on. This should display as a sharp 1px block, yet in pixel preview it shows subpixels. I get the same result on iPad. Is this a known bug, or can anyone see what I'm doing wrong?
  9. Ah, so this should work using cop/paste style? I’ll investigate why it’s working - at least I know now that it SHOULD work, thanks!
  10. ‘Copy’ and ‘Paste Style’ doesn’t seem to copy the gradient fill of a path - is there a way of quickly doing this, without creating a swatch first? I’m looking for something similar to Illustrators’ eye dropper tool where I can sample any objects style. Thanks!
  11. +1 for this feature. The node tool has a neat ‘snapping’ feature that you can use to close a path - we just need that same functionality when drawing to save extra work later.
  12. Hicksdesign

    AD: Pencil tool queries

    Many thanks, it’s a shame the snapping feature doesn’t appear when drawing to save the extra steps :)
  13. Hi folks! I've been learning to use Affinity Designer for iPad, and have some questions about the Pencil tool that I haven't been able to answer yet. I'm coming from years using Ai on Mac desktop, so I'm not familiar yet with the desktop version of AD. The questions are: 1. Is there a way to get paths drawn with the pencil tool to close automatically? I find I can never go back to the original node, and always have to close the path using the context menu at the bottom. Or a way of snapping back to the start node? 2. Is there a tool for erasing parts of vector paths? So, once a path is drawn, using an eraser tool to reshape parts of it? Thanks in advance!