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  1. I have Photo (only) direct from Affinity, Windows 10 Pro, hardware acceleration on.
  2. Results when opening the exported JPG: LibreOffice Draw: appears as normal IrfanView: appears as normal Microsoft Paint: appears as normal Firefox: appears as normal Photoshop CS6: appears as normal Windows Snip & Sketch: appears as normal Windows Photos: normal for a few seconds then all (mostly) black. Right-click and select Edit & Create -> Edit and appears as normal. Issue with Photos?
  3. I followed the steps, clicked 20 times every place possible and never had a crash. Windows 10.0.19042, Intel i7-11700, GeForce GTX 1660Ti (471.41), 16 GB RAM, Affinity Photo, Hardware Acceleration is on.
  4. The first time I tried to use 1.10 the UI never appeared after opening the program. Looking in Windows Task Manager Affinity was listed as a running Background Process. I killed the task, restarted Affinity and haven't had any problems since. Possible an issue over-writing the 1.9 version that was previously installed?
  5. Please see this topic: There have been several posts recently from people with similar problems who were using either ASUS Sonic or MSI Nahemic.
  6. Looks fine here, I tried several High Pass settings between 0 and 100, Open CL on and off. Adapter is GTX 1660 Ti with the latest 471.11 Studio driver. I don't know what it does, but I also "optimized" Affinity Photo in the NVIDIA GeForce Experience.
  7. The post by RichardMH contains a link to an entry describing a known issue with Capture One and how to work around it.
  8. Look in Edit -> Preferences -> Tools. What is the "Tablet Input Method"?
  9. Step 3a: Right click on the layer and select Rasterize & Trim
  10. No problem with Photo -> Google Chrome -> Photo. Wacom Pen & Touch, USB connection.
  11. If you choose output to selection you end up back in Quick Mask mode with a modified selection. The selection reflects any changes made in Refine mode. The other output choices don't seem to work at all.
  12. And a different experience. I have identical results with both mouse and Wacom Pen & Touch using either High Precision or Windows Ink: Alt-Click samples colors correctly every time from both the canvas and the color wheel. Neither device samples colors from the stock panel. The primary color doesn't change to white, it just doesn't change at all. I'm not sure it's supposed to work in the Stock panel, since the preferred way to Place one of the images there on the canvas is to click (even with Alt) on the thumbnail and drag it to the canvas.
  13. Capture One does not have to be running to cause problems.
  14. Capture One does not need to be running to cause a problem. Try renaming the folders as described in the link posted above and see if the issue is solved.
  15. There have been five major Windows 10 updates since the poster's 10.0.17134. That could complicate determining the source of the problem.
  16. Although I have the Canon Pro 100, I suspect the problem is the same with both. AP centers the image in the "Printable" area of the page as defined by the printer driver. For most printers, this also means it's centered on the page. The issue is the Canon Pro 100 printable area is not centered on the page: it's offset towards one short edge by 2 mm. Try resizing the canvas to the A2 page dimensions, use the center anchor point. When you print AP fits the canvas to the page even though part of it is outside the printable area. Yes, That Other Program gets this right.
  17. What works: Make a selection Create an adjustment layer, e.g., Levels Clicking Marquee causes the histogram to change, reflecting the selection area. True even with the yellow triangle showing and the selection brush tool selected. What doesn't work: Make a selection Create an adjustment layer, e.g., Levels Ctrl-D to unselect, do something else with the image Crtl-click on the adjustment layer mask to re-select Clicking Marquee has no effect on the histogram, with or without the triangle, hand tool selected or not.
  18. This does not work in The histogram in the Studio remains the same when I check Marquee.
  19. Another user solved a similar problem by making sure he had a clean install of Photo.
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