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  1. I'm using USB mouse. Windows installs drivers automatically? I let you know when it freezes again. Affinity has worked fine since yesterday.
  2. Hi. No tablets or surfaces. It works fine when I create new project. It starts freezing when it reaches that "certain" point. Everything is fine if I keep my photo editing sessions short.
  3. Thanks for the answer. I can't paint or do anything with the canvas. Menu works fine, I can start new project etc but canvas/layers/tools are not working. I'm using free trial now so I cant test that beta.
  4. Hey. I'm not able to work with affinity photo because it freezes the layers after 1 - 2 minutes of working. Everything else works fine but I can't do anything with the layers. I have to close the program and start it all over again so I can work another 1 or 2 minutes before freezing. I find Affinity very good program but this feature really bugs me. Any helps? A little video here. It wont show the picture but as you can see I can't even select the layer. Thanks! 2021-05-05 08-54-59.mp4
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