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  1. I have Affinity Photo and Capture One. I use Capture One For Batch processing files for use in my timelapse work. I use Affinity Photo for its amazing stacking capability. I only run one of these programs at a time and while in Affinity Photo it always crashes to desktop when attempting to load any new stack. Not sure how Capture One could have anything to do with this when it is not open while I run Affinity Photo.
  2. Thanks for detailed instructions on how to find the crash report info. This is what I found in text and it appears to be what's causing the crashes. I updated my GPU driver for my GTX730 but it appears NVIDIA does not offer any support for D3D12 Feature Level 12.0. Ever since I got the updated Affinity Photo stacks did not work at all. How do I downgrade to a previous version and is there any way to prevent windows updates or Affinity Photo updates from creating versions that are incompatible with older graphics cards? Work Stations are expensive and mine is only 5 years old why do they k
  3. I found these in crash reports. how do I look at the reports themselves?
  4. I have checked in all Affinity file folders for anything related to app data or crash reports and found nothing. I tried the link below on how to find and submit crash reports and get the following error.
  5. I wish I had the option to turn that setting on but my system won't allow for it. I was able to use stacked images before but now it doesn't work at all for some reason.
  6. I have Affinity Photo version 1.9.2 for windows 10 and I had always been able to create stacks without a problem until now. Here is what happens 1) I open Affinity Photo 2) File new stack 3) After selecting the images I want stacked I click OK, it does not matter if I try two images or 10 images it always crashes. 4) Affinity displays - Loading one document and then it always crashes to desktop.
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