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  1. Do you know what I love about your work? Your work is consistent in style, no matter the topic. When I look at anything you do I  know it's you before even seeing your name or Avatar! Great work as usual! 


    Thank you Ronnie....I love illustrating a hole range of things, thankfully then my style does show through :)

  2. Damn, love this style. Can you point me towards any tuts that could help me develop something similar?


    Thanks :)


    I cant say I know of any tutorials out there??....its really based on my freehand drawing style which Affinity has allowed to me to translate in a way Ive been unable to do in illustrator, due to the beautiful way it handles custom lines, styles and masks. (there are tuts available for all of those)


    The way I would learn this would be to sketch up you own image and scan it in, lock in place and trace using chunky pen lines.


    It may help to find a style of work you like, and have it open for styling references etc - but ultimately allow your own natural style to guide you. Once you get it working, close the image you've used for styling references and let your work evolve by its self.

  3. WOOHOO! Yay! Thanks, David! I've been looking forward to this since you agreed to it - and it doesn't disappoint! :D


    Now you know better than to ask me for ideas! Hehehe... ;)


    Glad you found your issue - sounds like we can sort that out from our end too though so it doesn't fox anyone else! :)



    I have a suspicion that this has some symbolic meaning ;)

  4. That sounds really odd - can't think of any reason it would do that... Would you mind sending the file to me (or even just the bit of the file that you're having trouble with - if you're trying to save the big reveal until later, hehe). My email is mpriestley at seriflabs dot com

    Thanks! :)

    Issue Fixed...I some how managed to paste an item or something, somehow into the layer description. making the layer description about 5000 characters long.


    Anyhow, here is your pirate cat riding polar bear scaring a penguin :)


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