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  1. Oh yes, I think this is very important for professional work
  2. Many thanks for the numerous useful hints. I will reconsider one or the other step. Nevertheless, there is no possibility in Publisher to select a Photo and choose "Edit with ..." with a right mouse click - that's what I miss.
  3. I produce artwork for offset printing in Germany. I prefer CMYK because the printer prints with these colours and I want to control the values accurately. I prefer 300 dpi TIFF files, even if a 300 dpi CMYK JPG uncompressed file should not give a worse result. In TIFF files, for example, I can implement a clipping path. I would like to change the image size if, for example, I get an 80 MB file, but only need a small image in the brochure. I would very much like to work only in Publisher. What I also urgently need for my brochures is the possibility to create a picture credits for the imprint from the picture information. That would be very cumbersome by hand with about 100 photos in a brochure.
  4. Hello, hope you can help me. I have a brochure in Publisher with many placed photos in RGB as JPG. I want to change them to CMYK and TIFF? What is the best way in Publisher? So far i worked with ID, here it was no problem with the function "edit with". Did I miss anything? Place.pdf
  5. md_berlin

    Auto Correct bug

    ok, Affinity Publisher is a very great work and I can live with the described function or problem. A shift return is a soft line break with effects for justification for example and it works correct, but a normal line break can be a break without any other key and in my opinion there is no reason to write the first letter as a capital letter, maybe in poems … and the german translation in Publisher is "Capital letter at the first letter of a new sentence” (Erster Buchstabe in SÄTZEN groß schreiben) so after a full stop. But anyway, it is a great software and a very small problem :-) Thank you very much for your answer.
  6. md_berlin

    Auto Correct bug

    In the german translation of the Publisher Preferences it is "Capital letter at the first letter of a new sentence” (Erster Buchstabe in SÄTZEN groß schreiben). That is useful. But it is not useful if you insert a hard line break, what is not necessarily a new paragraph.
  7. md_berlin

    Auto Correct bug

    I think, it is not fixed? aff_pub01.mp4
  8. md_berlin

    PDF - Doc with Brushes

    Many thanks for your answers. I am a great fan of Affinity and hope, that I sometimes work exclusively with Publisher, Designer and Photo. But I although think, that a vector-program must be able to output vector graphic without compromise. There are tasks, where I think about before beginning which output I need. If it is a vector result I need, I work with a vector Program like Designer, otherwise I start the work in Photo.
  9. md_berlin

    PDF - Doc with Brushes

    A little detail from my document. I can not generate a correct PDF. Hope it helps to find (my?) the mistake. test_brush_pdf.pdf test_brush_pdf.afdesign
  10. I can not work for print publishing with AffinityDesigner, if the result is not WYSIWYG. OS X 10.14.2 AD 1.704 PDF (für Druck)
  11. md_berlin

    Media Browser Missing

    That is a shame, but many thanks for your answer.
  12. md_berlin

    Media Browser Missing

    Is there any information about the missing media browser?
  13. Is it possible to automatic rename a colour with the correct CMYK values? For example C=100 M=0 Y=0 K=0 instead of "Light Blue” or "MyColour5".
  14. ist there a possibility to display a guideline for the Text Wrap?