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  1. Is it possible to automatic rename a colour with the correct CMYK values? For example C=100 M=0 Y=0 K=0 instead of "Light Blue” or "MyColour5".
  2. ist there a possibility to display a guideline for the Text Wrap?
  3. Text with Inline Graphics & Anchors to objects - very important for me too.
  4. If you open the text style palette and than pinch to zoom your document in the background, only the content, not the page, change the zoom
  5. it would be nice, if it is possible, to have a chance for a shortcut für Horizontal Scale Text
  6. Spelling Lines on Table do not refresh after changing table format.
  7. md_berlin

    Pages Panel

    Thank you, that works 4 me!
  8. Please can you add a Shortcut for Text Horizontal Scale, need this often for manual paragraph fine-tuning.
  9. Can not change the size of the Masterpage-Panel?
  10. The new 1.07.58 is a big step with visible bleed and guides. Although the Ressource Manager is a step in the right direction. What I am missing, is the copyright information and the option, to copy the hole text for the credits in a brochure. Furthermore the colour format of the pictures could be displayed.
  11. Thank you, for your answer. In my opinion it is one of the most important feature for professional users they want to change from ID and they have so many documents in progress. Now Quark has the IDML Import built it in in the latest Version. Maybe there is a solution for this problem. In Affinity Designer, Affinity realised it nearly perfect with Illustrator und Freehand.
  12. Is there a possibility to open or import ID Documents in Affinity Publisher?
  13. What about ID Documents, is there a import possibility?
  14. It's really important for me too. Maybe no chance for 1.5?