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  1. Ah, vielen Dank. Also keine Bug, ein Feature (wozu ach immer).
  2. Of course, it is not so good that a spot color can only be recreated but not converted from a CMYK. Also not good - and this is a real bug - is that the name for a newly created spot color can be changed, but the PDF output always takes the first used name of the spot color.
  3. Sorry, but I was waiting for this answer. For me, it is important that a software programme works. This means that if GIF is offered, a perfect GIF must also be produced. If it is not offered because there are better solutions, then it is something else. My decision for GIF results from the difference in size. PNG 430 KB, GIF 286 KB. For internet applications, I actually always prefer the documents with a small amount of data, but I always like to take tips from professionals.
  4. Export GIF from a document with a transparent background and an object with a gradient from 100 percent opacity to 0. It is not displayed.
  5. Here is the original publisher file. From this the created PDF and finally the view in Photo. In this case it concerns the Calibri font (Mac OS X 11.5). Test_Bitte.afpub Bitte3A.pdf Bitte3A.afphoto
  6. Ah, thank you very much, that works. „Schriftuntergruppen” muss deaktiviert werden.
  7. A pdf was opened from publisher in Photo are displayed destroyed. Not so nice. („Bitte” and „bitte”)
  8. Placing an emoji as text and then converting it to paths will definitely crash the program for me. Maybe an error message would be better at this point.
  9. The problem is that I get a PDF file from someone and I have to place it in my document. If I don't have the fonts used, either the colour is wrong or the font is wrong. It would be nice if there were some improvements here. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/137608-colours-are-not-correct-with-pdf-setting-transferpassthrough/&tab=comments#comment-758709
  10. I always embed the full font in the PDF. I have worked with Quark and ID and I think this is something that better not happen. I need to be able to rely on a PDF being perfectly printable everywhere. With complex documents you may not recognise such errors.
  11. Thank you for your quick response and sorry for the somewhat inaccurate description, but I think there is a mistake here. I have a text „1234” with „Ziffernbreite” = „Proportional”, in this example with the font „Akko”, then I make a PDF place that with the option in german „Interpretieren” in an other document.
  12. Incorrect display of text on placed PDF when numbers are set proportionally
  13. Colours are not correct with PDF setting Transfer/Passthrough in Publisher 1.9.1. What am I doing wrong?
  14. Thank you very much. That was just an example. It should not happen that the display in publisher deviates from the pdf result. in extensive documents such errors could easily be overlooked and lead to problems in the print run.
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