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  1. Yes sure, that was my first idea too, but the line doesn't fit the rest of the layout anymore 🙂
  2. Thank you very much for the answers. I had the topic recently already in another context. It would indeed be helpful to be able to set all transformation attributes for an object to zero.
  3. The line is composed from an OSM-PDF of many short lines. Why it is now rotated 180 degrees I do not know. I did not manage to place text reasonably here. Okay, it is a short line and I have redrawn it now. But it is not logical for me. Line01.afpub
  4. it is possible to set an object rotated by 35 degrees, for example, to zero. A simple example: I rotate a rectangle by 35 degrees. Now I want to make a text frame out of it and I don't want the font to be skewed. So now I would have to say you are not rotated, the way you are standing is zero degrees.
  5. Dear Affinity Team, At the beginning I was a bit disappointed by Affinity Suite 2.0, as everyone expected the implementation of their personal wishes. The changeover was not entirely smooth either, I had to make some presettings by hand and my workspace had completely disappeared. But: I created the first brochure and other things in versions 2.0 on the Mac and am thrilled by many functions, some of which are not documented at all. So a big THANK YOU for the great work and the good price. Keep it up!
  6. Too bad, I was looking forward to v2. But a simple change from v1 is unfortunately not possible. The workspace is no longer correct, presets are lost and why you can not save as v1, for the emergency even if then some functions are lost, is also not to understand. I hope that still some does and I can then but soon switch to v2. Until then, everything remains the same.
  7. Hello, I have always worked (since Quark) in „Float View to Window” and have the Context Toolbar below. That works fine in 1.… But in version 2 the application framework always remains and the Toolbar and Context Toolbar always stick on top. Furthermore Studio Presets cannot be taken over from version 1. i hope i can work like this again soon
  8. A pdf was opened from publisher in Photo are displayed destroyed. Not so nice. („Bitte” and „bitte”)
  9. Colours are not correct with PDF setting Transfer/Passthrough in Publisher 1.9.1. What am I doing wrong?
  10. This EPS-File from the official site from Volkswagen crashes my Designer 1.8.3 and Photo 1.8.3 immediately. AI has no problems with this. eps-Beklebungsvorlagen-Caddy-LR-DE-MJ-2016.eps
  11. Thanks for the answer. A little tricky, but yes it works. It would be good if this would also work with a simple switch to Photo Persona. The best way would be in the resource manager with export possibility for all images for a credit list.
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