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  1. This EPS-File from the official site from Volkswagen crashes my Designer 1.8.3 and Photo 1.8.3 immediately. AI has no problems with this. eps-Beklebungsvorlagen-Caddy-LR-DE-MJ-2016.eps
  2. Thanks for the answer. A little tricky, but yes it works. It would be good if this would also work with a simple switch to Photo Persona. The best way would be in the resource manager with export possibility for all images for a credit list.
  3. The slider at this point does not work for me. 1.80.549 / OSX 10.14.6 By the way: Preflight is on the way to a really convincing solution. Thanks.
  4. Hello, in the Photo-Persona the Copyright-Information is missing
  5. Thank you very much, the problem seems to be solved. The font needs to be reassigned, but Publisher does not crash.
  6. No chance to work with this version - crashes permanently when I try to create a new style for the text. The font from the ID document is not recognized correctly. When I try to change this Publisher crashes. Attached document. Bildschirmfoto 2020-01-22 um 11.40.37.pdf Bildschirmfoto 2020-01-22 um 11.41.03.pdf test.afpub
  7. Please can you add a Shortcut for Text Horizontal Scale, need this often for manual paragraph fine-tuning.
  8. Thank you very much, Emboss is then available, but the result is not convincing with a area behind it. There is no difference between 20 and 50 percent opacity and a new layer would have to be created for each brush stroke with a different opacity. For one task I'm working in PS with this functionality and I hope that Affinity Photo will be optimized here.
  9. Hallo, why does the emboss layer effect only work at a certain opacity of the brush? Or have I overlooked a setting?
  10. Thank you. We work on Mac OS X an we have a work around: open the document in Publisher, change the colour, save and then open in Affinity Designer again. So please don't remove the possibility to convert aa object to a text frame and keep the colour. But of course the possibility to edit text frames in Affinity Designer would be perfect.
  11. Is it possible in Affinity Designer to change the colour of the box after changing to Textframe? That would be a nice function for me.
  12. Very cool, a super tip and a great function. Thank you.
  13. Thank you for your help! That works 4me too. Nevertheless, I would like to see improvements on the Transformation panel.
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