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  1. As it is a Mac program it is probably using the OS features to preview the afphoto files, as OSX can preview the file (just select it and hit the spacebar) in the later version by default - it works on my Mac running Mojave
  2. have you tried stacking the images using Affinity itself - just wondered what your thoughts were?
  3. Hi Jon I have just uploaded the same file for a spellcheck problem - so you should be able to retrieve it off your dropbox account just realised I used a different email address to the forum one it starts giles@g - not affinity@g
  4. I have uploaded the file as requested - not all the pictures as they are mostly linked but just the content just realised I used a different email address to the forum one it starts giles@g - not affinity@g
  5. yes - can you send me a link to upload it (do you want it with or without the images as there are about 10mb of linked files in this one) And I had just replaced a word when it crashed
  6. It should have been a crash report i will have to resend it when I get home
  7. Strange one - double clicked on a text frame, frame filled entire screen as expected. Reverted back to the full page - no problem Then clicked on the frame I should have done first time and got well have a look in the attached video, not sure if it is the document or the application but it doesn't look correct to me. Giles Screen_Recording_2019-09-01_at_11_51_04.mov
  8. Just had the publisher crash when spellchecking a document - program recovered with no loss to the document. If you want a copy of the document please let me know. Thanks Giles AP version 1.7.2 on OSX 10.14.6 Affinity publisher crash
  9. you can - I am sure on one of the betas when I tried it you ended up with multiple pictures in the same frame. I blame it on the heat..... Thanks Giles
  10. I find myself laying out documents with a good number of pictures all locked into picture frames for the layout. Now there comes a time (in most documents) when you insert a picture and it is the wrong one... Would it be possible to have a right click option to clear picture frame, otherwise it is a case of trying to work out which thumbnail in the layers panel (incidentally can those thumbnails be made bigger) you are looking at, expanding the layer frame and then selecting the picture and hitting delete. Thanks Giles
  11. Yes it was a canon mg3053. i know I was pushing the limit of the program but it is a lot cheaper to run for overprinting that the canon pro-1 sitting next to it
  12. My publisher session just crashed out - I've attached the file that was open (very simple) and the crash report. Don't really think it is down to the document as it only has 6 words on an A4 page using a single font! Trying to print the file resulted in a crash - strangely it printed once the wrong way round on the paper and then started working after an application restart. Thanks affinity publisher crash EATOC Cover sheet overprint.afpub
  13. How do you not know that you are all colour blind and I am seeing things correctly ? and how do you know what other people see compared to your own vision?
  14. It sounds odd to a lot of people, but it is the case. A cat5 (Ethernet) cable has 4 solid colours and 4 stripes. They are red blue orange and green, or to me red blue orange and orange. As I am a network engineer it can be an issue. grass is a completely different colour to plant leaves which are mostly green. the intensity and shade makes a difference, the brightness of the green traffic light bleaches all the colour from it. Green, brown, orange wiring is a nightmare and as for a resistor colour code.... you have to adapt, hence why there is a spyder5 on the Mac, and an expensive Calibrated colour printer. The pictures look odd to me but everyone else things they are great... it is a strange (to you lot) world I see but for me it is the same way I have seen things for 46 years
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