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  1. Not sure how many of us read photoplus magazine in the uk, but.... according to them the majority of their readers use Photoshop or elements so all the image editing tutorials use abobe as examples. they added a question “who else uses the affinity software, email us at photoplus@futurenet.com “ affinity might want to go and speak with them at the Nec in March...?
  2. Gilescooperuk

    Multi-page table?

    I was just looking for the same, I need to produce a tulip map, and would need a table over several pages, back to inserting graphics in a spreadsheet then....
  3. Yes it does work. I didn't realise you needed to double click on the table to bring up the headers. I was expecting it to work similar to another program where the column widths could be changed just by dragging the cell borders around. Thanks
  4. Are you running on windows or mac mac I think it is linking to the job history in the printing subsystem
  5. I could be missing something here, but it doesn't seem possible to resize table columns dynamically on the page. The only way to do this is to go to the table properties and change the size in there. I was building a table with postcodes and one of them split over two lines. Instead of being able to use a mouse for a quick edit I had to use the menus. Is this correct?
  6. Just had the same problem and the solution posted above fixes the problem for me. Not sure why this should be so.
  7. Gilescooperuk

    Find and replace

    Just hit the same problem, doing a set of flash cards (6 cards on an A4 sheet), so cloned the text box six times and then spotted a mistake. Same problem with search and replace - find gives me all six occurrences on the page, replace all does one, clicking replace a few times works round the rest of the document. Strange behaviour.
  8. Not every time - just did it a couple of times and trying this morning is behaving fine. If nobody else reports it then it looks like my machine being awkward...
  9. Gilescooperuk

    Affinity Publisher crashing

    I have the same problem, it has also been reported on the windows version as well
  10. I had this as well on the Mac version
  11. Really....see attached crash report.... Not really what you want to happen when you quit another program crash
  12. Gilescooperuk

    Font line spacing problem

    OK I see that now - as I didn't have it set to display I didn't realise what the icon did in the first place. Thanks for pointing it out to me. Giles
  13. Gilescooperuk

    Font line spacing problem

    OK I think this one might be a bug - to do with the small font size I am using The document is A5 format using 9pt text for the font. Have a look at the screenshots - anything smaller than 11 point doesn't respect the line spacings but larger seems to work fine. I have attached the afpub document as well... Curious.... Giles eatoc new test.afpub
  14. Just closed down a document windows and a minute later got a crash report from the OS. Didn't quit the application it was still running just with no document open. Do you want the crash logs emailed over or attached to the forum post?
  15. Well maybe not a problem but an odd behaviour. Below are two documents on the left Affinity Publisher, on the right Swift Publisher. Both are using for the body text Helvetica 9pt standard text, and the pages are both set the same. The text spacing between letters is the same, however I cannot see how to get the spaces between lines down in AP to the same level as SP. Both programs should (I think) be able to look the same with the same font but I am puzzled here.