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  1. OK I started with an article written in Publisher and wanted to use the text to go onto a website. So into the article and Cmd-C, swap to Smultron and Cmd-V. It looks fine in the text editor but when I open a preview there are lots of junk characters. It looks like the text is copied with a lot of formatting codes for commas, Start of lines, end of lines etc. I would have thought the copy would just be plain text work going to other programs?
  2. Hmm just quickly tried in a new document and it appears to work - looks like my machine had a strange problem as I can't reproduce it! Definitely doing it before...
  3. Paste without formatting does work, but it doesn't help when the email is already formatted as you want to put it in the page.... (i.e. bold, italic etc)
  4. Pretty much as the subject says - OSX 10.14.4 AP version 1.70.292 OSX Mail running in Dark Mode Paste from email and affinity produces a block of white text, obviously the email wasn't written in white but it would be more useful if it took the original HTML rather than the displayed code... Strange one...
  5. Gilescooperuk

    Photoplus canon magazine

    Well it appeared to work, got my subscriber copy yesterday and there is a getting started with affinity article, two pages and it is hard to find (very small reference on the content page), but the reckon it is the start of a series. issue 151 pages 64-65
  6. Strange, maybe one of the serif staff can see a problem. Unless it is to do with the driver having an issue. One to ponder over...
  7. just switched it to RGB and the same issue.. Although it is a very cheap printer it has a black cartridge and a tricolour (CMY) cartridge. Which from my point of view if something is printing in black it should tell the printer to use the black cart not mix the colour up.
  8. I have a very simple document (1 line of text) which is set in black as far as I can tell. I am printing using a canon MG3053 (very cheap printer) using canon original ink. This is used to overprint a line of text onto pre-printed covers for a newsletter. However when I tell it to print the document the text is coming out well not black (I am colourblind but it looks reddish). Any ideas - the same document in Swift Publisher prints a solid black. Also I print envelopes with it from the OSX contacts app and they print in black correctly. EATOC Cover sheet overprint.afpub
  9. Gilescooperuk

    Reordering Pages .249

    All the other applications are fine, as they run with a white background. The problem is the pale grey background on the pages view and the blue highlight. This means that the contrast is too low for my eyes to register. When using the dark ui the contrast level is high enough.
  10. Gilescooperuk

    Reordering Pages .249

    I can't see that line - probably to do with being colour blind it fades into the background. Switching to the dark UI I can see it. (although I prefer the light background on the workspace). So looking at a dark background I can see the line appear either on the left, right or in the middle. Might be a problem for other colour blind users... Thanks
  11. Gilescooperuk

    Reordering Pages .249

    OK, one recording attached - all I can say is the results are inconsistent. I started off moving page 3 to page 7 - no problem. The new page 3 has now just tables on it, so I went to move 7 back to 3 - nope it puts it on page 4? Then tried to drag 3 over 4 - didn't do anything move 6 to 7 - fine move 5 to 6 - nothing move 4 to 6 - and 4 ends up on 5!!! I have no idea what is going on here - apart from nothing seems to work as it should.... draggingpages.mov
  12. Gilescooperuk

    Booklet Printing .249

    I found the built in feature File -> Print, choose document layout, and change to booklet - and it work perfectly. That resolves that problem for me. Thanks
  13. Gilescooperuk

    Reordering Pages .249

    I will sort one out tonight when I get home.
  14. Gilescooperuk

    Booklet Printing .249

    Can you clarify that? I don’t understand what you are asking? the only options for booklet printing are those shown in the first screenshot
  15. I might be doing something wrong here so please tell me if this is so. I have built a document using A5 sized pages (both single and double size so A4 spreads). I want to print this as a booklet on A4 paper, however when I print it just comes up as very small pages on the paper. The preview doesn't change no matter which options I check (I would have thought a preview would show the double page layout for the printing) and the print comes out very small in the centre of the page. Now I would have thought that I select A4 paper (for the printer), and then A5 paper for the booklet, but it still scales small even if I use A4 for both and play around with the scaling. If I use the same settings in Swift Publisher (my older page application) it works perfectly The settings for AP are on the left (or first picture) and SP on the right (or second picture). Very confused here... I've also attached the working document for reference. issue 169 March 2019.afpub