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  1. What do you mean no CR3 support? Affinity Photo 1.7.1 with a CR3 taken from my EOS R this afternoon (which I need to correct the exposure on as it is slightly overdone)
  2. iMatch is no good to us OSx users as it is windows only....
  3. Since the start of the year I have been using publisher to do a monthly club magazine, as the layout is simple and all the text held in remote documents a crash wouldn’t affect me much
  4. A quick workaround, add another row to the bottom of the table, change the height on the Second from bottom row (ie where your content is) delete the bottom row There might be a better way but this will work
  5. Gilescooperuk

    No to paper printout

    What a strange opinion. Taken to its conclusion we can only assume the author does not own any books, reads any physical magazines or newspapers, or even buy fish and chips...... (looks round room) I can see about 30 magazines (photography, cars, sci-do) several hundred books, bills, letters operating manuals, framed photos and a box of tissues all of which are made of paper. And outside is a recycling bins full of newspapers and surplus flyers. paper is fully recycled and my newspapers will potentially come back to me in a few weeks when the new ones are printed. each to their own but it seems a strange opinion to me
  6. osx Mojave so yes it previews perfectly....
  7. Hmm same problem for me as digicam - CR3 files display as an Affinity photo thumbnail - but hit quick lock and the file is generated properly. However trying to go through a folder of images that look like this - isn't going to be much fun.... and when I first bought the camera I was doing raw + jpeg
  8. Reading about digikam made me go and have a look, all very impressive until I found it doesn’t support the cr3 raw files that my Eos R produces. Which OS X does in the operating system raw library.... and the affinity photo beta does another one off the list to look at...
  9. Hmm I need to check these out Rawpower looks good - apart from the lack of keywords / built in database. Picktorial - $5 per month or $70 without updates - bit too close to the adobe subscription model for me. But I will have a look and see what they offer. Converting to DNG - it only really puts off the fact that Aperture will stop being supported at some point so I have to move away finally. Thanks Giles
  10. Ah well if you can name a non adobe product that can convert to DNG maybe. But I don't want anything to do with Adobe on any of my computers (this includes acrobat, flash, photoshop, Lightroom etc) and certainly don't want software subscriptions. Even though for work I have too (well until I can upgrade an application or two)
  11. I'm now looking for a replacement for Aperture as I have upgraded to a new Canon EOS-R and aperture doesn't support the RAW format that it produces... There are a lot of poor apps on the market out there - that people want some serious money for. My primary concerns are indexing, cataloging, basic adjustments (Straighten, exposure etc) and ideally non-destructive editing (or at least automatic versioning)
  12. I just reproduced it you can see in the video - I selected the text in the email Switched to affinity did a paste - got white text then selected the text and changed it to black Doesn't do it everytime though Screen_Recording_2019-04-27_at_22_19_32.mov
  13. OK I started with an article written in Publisher and wanted to use the text to go onto a website. So into the article and Cmd-C, swap to Smultron and Cmd-V. It looks fine in the text editor but when I open a preview there are lots of junk characters. It looks like the text is copied with a lot of formatting codes for commas, Start of lines, end of lines etc. I would have thought the copy would just be plain text work going to other programs?
  14. Hmm just quickly tried in a new document and it appears to work - looks like my machine had a strange problem as I can't reproduce it! Definitely doing it before...
  15. Paste without formatting does work, but it doesn't help when the email is already formatted as you want to put it in the page.... (i.e. bold, italic etc)