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  1. I got my book yesterday and the unopened German copy will be on its way back to them as soon as I get to a post office (too big for the letter boxes near me).
  2. I got my book on Monday - unfortunately I have a German not English copy - so need to wait for Serif to be back next week to sort it out - (someone at the shippers stuck an English sticker on over the German one on the back of a German book!)
  3. I had never heard of Graphic Converter so I will give it a look
  4. Apple photos loses out with the metadata handling for me. I have about 40k photos with around 2000 keywords to allow me to find anything, as photos doesn't do keyword hierarchies it is very hard to maintain. If they had ported over the Aperture keywords system then I would have saved money but as they didn't....
  5. I've been looking at this in some detail recently, and come up with the following conclusions (you may all disagree) I currently use Aperture (for old photos) and Apple Photos (for new) this is due to buying an EOS R which aperture can't read the raw files from. So looking at the options: Darktable Can't read CR3 files so out of contention Capture 1 Probably one of the best if your wallet can take the impact - personally £300 is too much for an application and the upgrades are going to hurt - if I had a Sony camera it is different but as I shoot on Canon... Lightroom It is Abode (need I say more) and I tried and don't like it Pictorial If you shoot raw it will cost you $5 per month as it is another rental software Dx0 Metadata handling is poor On1 Seems to be a reasonable choice - and will probably be what I will go with. Anyone care to offer other opinions.
  6. Hmm Well as a comparison On1 Photo Raw £66.53 Capture 1 £299 (assuming you don't have a Nikon, Fuji, or Sony camera) Dxo photo lab £112 or 169 So the prices vary somewhat when you look at just the initial investment
  7. As it is a Mac program it is probably using the OS features to preview the afphoto files, as OSX can preview the file (just select it and hit the spacebar) in the later version by default - it works on my Mac running Mojave
  8. have you tried stacking the images using Affinity itself - just wondered what your thoughts were?
  9. you can - I am sure on one of the betas when I tried it you ended up with multiple pictures in the same frame. I blame it on the heat..... Thanks Giles
  10. I find myself laying out documents with a good number of pictures all locked into picture frames for the layout. Now there comes a time (in most documents) when you insert a picture and it is the wrong one... Would it be possible to have a right click option to clear picture frame, otherwise it is a case of trying to work out which thumbnail in the layers panel (incidentally can those thumbnails be made bigger) you are looking at, expanding the layer frame and then selecting the picture and hitting delete. Thanks Giles
  11. How do you not know that you are all colour blind and I am seeing things correctly ? and how do you know what other people see compared to your own vision?
  12. It sounds odd to a lot of people, but it is the case. A cat5 (Ethernet) cable has 4 solid colours and 4 stripes. They are red blue orange and green, or to me red blue orange and orange. As I am a network engineer it can be an issue. grass is a completely different colour to plant leaves which are mostly green. the intensity and shade makes a difference, the brightness of the green traffic light bleaches all the colour from it. Green, brown, orange wiring is a nightmare and as for a resistor colour code.... you have to adapt, hence why there is a spyder5 on the Mac, and an expensive Calibrated colour printer. The pictures look odd to me but everyone else things they are great... it is a strange (to you lot) world I see but for me it is the same way I have seen things for 46 years
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