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  1. Never bought or used any Markzware product, but I see they do have ID <-> QX translators. Maybe it's not too much to hope they add ID <-> Affinity as well. And maybe even QX <-> Affinity. You're looking at $200, so somewhat more than Affinity Publisher itself is likely to cost, but if it worked it would be a really useful tool. https://markzware.com/products/id2q/
  2. Optical kerning is great, and a good discussion here. I'd like to go back to the another of the ideas suggested in the original post here: font management. I'd like to be able to group fonts. As a minimum, I'd like all the fonts of a family to be grouped and appear as a single item in the font menu, with a sub-menu perhaps for the variants of that font (regular, italic, bold, small caps, etc etc). That would massively simplify what is a very cluttered part of the AP interface right now. The idea of having user-defined font groups is a nice one, but perhaps that's too much to expect. Pinning particular font families, or having the most recently used or the most popular at the top would also be nice. This could be just for this AP file, or for all AP usage, or indeed for all files (if that info were available) -- I'm thinking about howmacOS presents Finder and file info, with a list of the current folder and a list of recent folders, and this info is shared across all apps. I accept that this info is perhaps just not globally available for fonts. These are nice-to-haves. But basic font family grouping (and hiding of individual fonts into a sub-menu) is a Should-have feature, in my view.
  3. I haven't had a chance to try this in the latest beta, but I have seen both these effects in the previous beta. If you highlight a text box in ID and copy and paste it into AP, then it sets all the text as single line blocks. If, however, you use Text mode in ID and highlight all the text in a story and copy and paste that into a text block in AP, then it comes across as a single block of text with all the styles copied over too. Might this be what you are seeing?
  4. Simon K

    Font line spacing problem

    Have you just copied and pasted the text out of your old newsletter into Affinity Publisher? I found the same issue copying text in from an InDesign newsletter. If you highlight the text and go to the Paragraph panel, then there is a leading or line-spacing section. I found that it was set to "(13pt)", and on clicking it saw that it was set to "At least" "13pt". I changed it to "Exactly" "13pt" and then my lines were spaced as I wanted them. Does that answer your question? (I'm writing this from memory without Publisher in front of me, so the exact words might be very slightly different, but hopefully enough for you to get the gist.)