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    music2bmade got a reaction from Jon P in Crashing after non-existing font search   
    Not getting this problem in the newest update. Looks like it is fixed.
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    music2bmade got a reaction from Patrick Connor in Affinity Publisher (1.7) Launch Announcement   
    You have outdone yourself!
    I have been using the beta for some time now but I had no idea the worlds of creativity that would be opened by your Studio Link feature! Even by itself, I have really enjoyed Publisher but the Studio link is jaw-dropping and seamless. 
    I am now an Affinity fan for life!
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    music2bmade got a reaction from Patrick Connor in and missing links   
    Opening a file which contains missing links will ask "Do you want to locate..."  If you locate the file it still is pixelated on the screen and does not print.
    Using the replace feature in The Resource Manager seems to be the only way to get the file to show and print correctly. Importing the file again works as well.
    As a test, I tried opening a brand new document, adding an image, saving the file and then deleting the image. When I open the document again it says the resource is missing, do you want to locate it? If I locate the file it still does not show correctly in the document nor does it print.
    Basically the "locate feature" when opening a Doc with missing files does not work. 
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    music2bmade got a reaction from jmwellborn in Affinity Publisher Public Beta -   
    Did a complicated document this past week after the update. VERY smooth sailing. Can’t wait for the release!
    I have used or tried many publisher style programs. This one is so much better than any of the consumer level programs. 
    Great work on bringing something better to this market. 
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    music2bmade reacted to Old Bruce in Before and after paragraph spacing   
    There are far too many places we can have Align to Baseline Grid set for me to list them all, I am sure I would miss one. The the only way I can get the sort of behaviour you are describing is to have it turned on.
    Are you using paragraph styles? Are you changing the space before/after with the text caret in the text and just overriding the settings in the Paragraph?
    Could you save a copy of the document and strip out most of it so you just have the problematic text frame(s) and page(s) with the messed up space before/after problem and post that here so we can take a look at it.
    I can get tenths of a point adjustments here, maybe higher precision but I doubt that would be useful in real world situations.
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    music2bmade got a reaction from jmwellborn in Thank you for make the beta public   
    It has been fun watching this program develop. At this time (Beta version this program is already miles ahead of other programs I use. It is faster, more responsive and the font tools are second to none. Desktop Publishing is so complicated, and to take your Designer idea and translate it into a Publishing app is just brilliant. The separate layers for each page is not something I have ever seen. 
    I am waiting with bated breath for the final version. This last beta seems to be awfully close to being ready for Primetime.

    Kurt Weber
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    music2bmade got a reaction from mycroft in First impressions   
    I did my normal method for walking through software:
    Opened a doc from scratch and worked to create a finished document without looking at a manual. Disclaimer: I have worked a lot in Designer and Photo so I am familiar with the programs.
    Here are my two cents:
    1. Creating a new doc, margins, master pages: All very easy and intuitive except Page numbers. While I was able to get page numbers to appear in the master pages, to get the numbering to offset by a particular number of pages was daunting.  

    2. Performance: Not a single task slowed and every movement such as dragging around objects and text blocks was VERY smooth. Nice!
    3. Did quite a few text blocks before I realized I was using the wrong text tool. I like the artistic text tool but it is WAY too similar in look on the toolbar. 
    4. Tabs (once I used the correct text tool) were very easy and intuitive and I love the text ruler. Could it be the default to have the ruler showing? I had to choose it in the view menu to see it.
     5. Center objects tool: Extremely helpful but if you are in facing pages it puts the object in the center of two pages joined, not in the middle of the page you are working on. The ruler also displays the entire two facing pages instead of starting from zero for the next page. I had to get rid of facing pages to get the ruler and center tool to behave as I wished.
    5. Layers that are not document wide but change from page to page: Brilliant! This is a huge time saver. Each page felt like its own separate designer file. Love it!
    6. Printing: The scale pull down menu is strange. Why would you not want print to fit as the default? Also colors printed poorly compared to printing the same file in Swift Publisher. My designer created tiff files looked gorgeous on the screen, even close up, but printed in low resolution. This problem would be a deal killer for me. Hope it is just a Beta glitch.

    7. Love how text is handled, especially the typography window, and styles seem intuitive. Never found the "create style from selection" part of the program.
    Great job! Looking forward to seeing the final product. 
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    music2bmade reacted to Fixx in My Big Reasons I'm Looking to Switch from InDesign to Publisher   
    They are two totally different things. I seldom use layers in layout work but it is often essential in making language versions. 
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    music2bmade got a reaction from dorkboycomics in My Big Reasons I'm Looking to Switch from InDesign to Publisher   
    I love the page specific layers. It allows a lot more creativity on each page without elements getting lost. Each page is like a new Designer file  
    Global layers sounds like a master page to me and master pages are easy to create and apply in Publisher. 
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    music2bmade reacted to Wim Daniels in First impressions   
    About number 5, center objects tool: when centering an object you can specify the alignment mode, just pick page. Publisher seems to keep that setting until you change it again. Even when you quit publisher, it keeps the setting.
    Really nice about 5 bis: layers per spread!
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    music2bmade reacted to KateM in Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet for Affinity Tools!   
    The creative guys here at Serif Labs knocked up keyboard shortcuts cheat sheets - hope you find them useful!
    Now updated PDFs for 1.4
    Affinity Photo
    Affinity Designer
    Both together
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    music2bmade got a reaction from jer in designer crop tool   
    I was a bit daunted by this problem as well. Once I learned how to use artboards the final cropping problem disappears. Using the artboard tool you can resize the complete image, with all layers and edits intact, to the exact right size. Then export the artboard in the export persona. Using the artboard tool you can quickly trim off unwanted transparent areas.

    You can do the same thing by going to the export persona and use the slice tool to tell affinity photo what part of the doc to export as a slice.

    Affinity Designer has taken some getting used to, but i am really enjoying it. With artboards and slices you can have many sizes and versions of a file in one document, and control exactly what you wish to export.
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