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  1. music2bmade

    Affinity Publisher (1.7) Launch Announcement

    You have outdone yourself! I have been using the beta for some time now but I had no idea the worlds of creativity that would be opened by your Studio Link feature! Even by itself, I have really enjoyed Publisher but the Studio link is jaw-dropping and seamless. I am now an Affinity fan for life!
  2. Opening a file which contains missing links will ask "Do you want to locate..." If you locate the file it still is pixelated on the screen and does not print. Using the replace feature in The Resource Manager seems to be the only way to get the file to show and print correctly. Importing the file again works as well. As a test, I tried opening a brand new document, adding an image, saving the file and then deleting the image. When I open the document again it says the resource is missing, do you want to locate it? If I locate the file it still does not show correctly in the document nor does it print. Basically the "locate feature" when opening a Doc with missing files does not work.
  3. music2bmade

    [Fixed] Text frames crashing constantly

    Definitely fixed in the latest betas. Thank you!
  4. Did a complicated document this past week after the update. VERY smooth sailing. Can’t wait for the release! I have used or tried many publisher style programs. This one is so much better than any of the consumer level programs. Great work on bringing something better to this market.
  5. I get crashes when: Pasting text into frames trying to change the font in a frame Selected all text in a frame Tried making a brand new document. (Was using an older version file. last stable version before this.) Still get the same crashes. Everything really worked beautifully until I started pasting text. Even removing the formatting of text before pasting did not solve the issue.
  6. Initial response: Ugh, another Beta Second response: One step closer to final release! Your other programs are so fantastic and stable. I expect it took a tremendous amount of this type of work to get them this way. Thank you for your hard work. I am really liking the responsiveness and interface of Publisher. The last project I did came out great. I am dying to replace all my old stuff with it.
  7. music2bmade

    Before and after paragraph spacing

    Sorry. I deleted the file. My doc was made from a very old version of the beta. I think whatever problem it was has been fixed because new docs are working without problems. There were no issues on a complete project that I worked on yesterday.
  8. music2bmade

    Before and after paragraph spacing

    Just created a brand new doc and the problem went away even with Align to Baseline checked. Before and after paragraph does incremental spacing as I expect. I have had this template through the various betas so I could play with the program a bit. Maybe it is corrupted. Knowing your docs are working as expected made me wonder if this doc was any good.
  9. music2bmade

    Before and after paragraph spacing

    Thanks for your response! Even with "align to baseline grid" unchecked the paragraph spacing is still augmenting by leaps and bounds. This does seem to be some type of snapping behavior. Whatever it is, I don't think it should be the default behavior. Every other program I use allows for precision adjustments. I have also tried making the font in the paragraph exactly the same size and font, just in case font or font size was an issue.
  10. In other programs I use when I increase the before and after paragraph spacing the spacing between the paragraphs increases incrementally. In Publisher nothing happens for quite a while until I have entered 5 points or so and then the lines jump a considerable amount. Is this a bug or am I missing something? This behavior is a bit of pain when trying to precisely set up lines to fit.
  11. It has been fun watching this program develop. At this time (Beta version this program is already miles ahead of other programs I use. It is faster, more responsive and the font tools are second to none. Desktop Publishing is so complicated, and to take your Designer idea and translate it into a Publishing app is just brilliant. The separate layers for each page is not something I have ever seen. I am waiting with bated breath for the final version. This last beta seems to be awfully close to being ready for Primetime. Kurt Weber
  12. music2bmade

    Working with fonts

    I think it is the fault of the font manager. It is too slow activating the font. Old 32 bit apps like Pages 09 have no problem. Font Reserve (which I love and use) has always seemed slow in activating fonts. Activating 900 fonts (I admit, I am a font junkie) takes about 2 minutes. Activating one font is fast but not instantaneous.
  13. music2bmade

    Working with fonts

    I bet if you quit and reopened the Publisher file you would see the font correctly. I don't know this for sure but it seems that some programs open so quickly that FontExplorer has not had enough time to activate the font. Autoactivation works, just not quick enough.
  14. music2bmade

    Working with fonts

    All the font managers do is activate/inactivate fonts. There is a simple test. Make a Publisher doc with unusual fonts. Save the file. Open Suitcase deactivate the font open the Publisher doc and see if suitcase activates the font automatically.
  15. music2bmade

    What is Affinity Publisher For?

    The problem that I have always had with Word or other Word Publishing programs when doing graphic design layouts is that they use objects poorly. Instead of long strings of text, a graphic design uses objects, including text blocks to be place attractively on the page. Programs for weddings, flyers, brochures can certainly be done in Word Processing programs but they are awkward. Apple's Pages is probably the only exception I have seen. It can easily be changed into an object-oriented graphic design program. Design programs Like Affinity Design can certainly be used to create a multi-page book or program, but they are awkward in handling multiple pages. Creating one page at a time and then printing them one at a time is pretty painful. Enter Publisher. It has the ability like Designer to create cool pages but it has multiple pages and each page has its own layers. (A feature I am extremely excited about.) At the end you print out a 10-200 page booklet or wedding program with ease. For me Publisher completes the trilogy.