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    Freek reacted to StuartRc in Crazy Brush and Assets Library   
    Catalogue of free resources added to the Forum
    1. Brush Library | 2. Asset Library | 3. Styles | 4. Information

    Brush Library Sample sets from personal 'Affinity Brush Project'
    1. Current uploaded Samples from Brush Library (Forum Sets are not full library versions!)
    2. Placed into categories for reference.
    3. Ignored older sets/threads (4)...as have been updated by newer an better versions (Mostly relating to Texture Brushes/hatching and Dots) 
    Texture Brushes
    Texture Brush Packs x12 [Organics] [120]
    Texture Brush Packs [Organics #2] [6 sets of 120 (720)]
    Organic Set #1 | Organic Set #2 | Organic Set #3

    Texture Brush Pack Fur Set 1 [120]
    Texture Brush Packs [Hatching Version 2] [120]

    Texture Brush Packs [Dots] [120]

    Texture Brush Dot Patterns [120]

    Texture Paint [Mixed Nozzle Raster Brushes] [Sample Set]
    Texture Paint [Mixed Nozzle Raster Brushes [Sample Set] [AD version 1.7]
    Test version of Sample set using 1.7 Brush Engine
    Texture Paint Effects [combined Brush Set] [AD version 1.7]
    Test version of Sample set using 1.7 Brush Engine | Combination set using Texture Paint 08 and Project Set 08 (Organics) Brush sets.

    Texture Painter
    The largest combined set consisting of:
    6 groups of 120 brushes arranged as 4 x 120 brush sets [520]
    2 groups of 120 small (textured pencils/brushes) [240]
    Also 1 sample set, Special sample set AD 1.7, Effects set
    Texture Paint Set #1 |  Texture Paint Set #2 | Texture Paint Set #3 | Texture Paint Set #4 | Texture Paint Set #5 | Texture Paint Set #6 | Sample Sets (2) | Special (AD 1.7)  
    Texture Paint Brushes [Group 1-4)] [120 texture brushes]
     30 sample brushes from each of groups 1-4   
    120 Texture Paint Brushes and 30 small textured sketching brushes
    Paint Brushes Set 1

    Paint Brush Texture Sets 1 & 2
    Added some nozzles so you can make your own brushes or patterns! (There are 1000's of these)
    Nozzles:Texture Paint Brush Asset Library 01 [Nozzle Set]
    Pattern Brushes
    Pattern Brush Packs [120 Brushes]
    Set #1

    Pattern Brushes Sample Set 2 [A] & Set 3 [A] [240 Brushes]
    Set #2 | Set #3

    Pattern Brush Packs [Isometric] [60 Brushes]
    Environment Brushes
    Vegetation Brushes Set #1 [120 Brushes]

    Vegetation Brushes Set #2 [120 Brushes]
    Vegetation Brushes Set #3 [Version 1.7 only] [30 Brushes]
    Added experimental brush set for 1.7 brush dynamics
    Added second brush set that includes 'Sub-Brush Synchronisation' (Fixes visual appearance of brush panel and allows all brush nozzles to scale uniformly). Added suffix to brush set name
    Vegetation Brushes Set #4 [1.7 Brush Engine] [30 Brushes]

    Project Brushes
    1. Project brushes added as library became a bit large! 
    ...and easier to work with....
    2. Contains some reworked brushes but also 100's of new ones. (Set six for Poison is all new and the largest of the project sets [300 brushes;150 Raster, 150 Vector])
    3. Includes some vector sets...but not yet complete.....eek!

    01 Project Brush Assets Hungry [Mixed Source]1[30 Raster]

    02 Project Brush Assets Crazy Tree [Mixed Source]2  [30 Raster | 30 Vector]

    03 Project Brush Assets Big-T [Mixed Source]3 [30 Raster | 30 Vector]

    04 Project Brush Assets Ammonite [Mixed Source]4 [30 Raster | 30 Vector]

    05 Project Brush Assets Monster Club [Mixed Source]5 [30 Raster]

    06 Project Brush Assets Poison Set 6 [150 Raster | 150 Vector]
    07 Project Brush Set Ink. (tutorial based on inkBrush Project can be found here: Creating Vector Brushes)
    Work in Progress sample sheets for inkBrush Project

    The largest of the Project sets Consisting of a 900 brush set collection with 350 supporting vector elements:
    300 'Vector' based brushes
    600 'Raster' based brushes (inc 30 stamp brushes)
    350 Vector Assets for texturing objects
    100+ Seamless Patterns
    10 vector sets (Inking [30], Paint [30], Texture [30], Effects  [30], Granular [30], Render [30] , Linear [30] ; Render [Texture] [30]), Render II, Linear II;
    13 Raster Sets (Texture [60], Pattern (geometric) [60], Pattern (Organic) [30], Sketch [60], Draw [30], Hatch [60], Bristle [60], Stipple [60], Effects [60], Paint [60], Stamps (vegetation) [30], Splatter, Grunge) [30]

    3 sub-Project Brush sets: Muddy, Prickly, Chop [not-completed]

    Supporting Vector Assets:
    Additional Vector Assets for Pattern (Geometric), Texture Brush [50], Texture [200], Grunge [50], Patterns[50] 

    A. InkBrush - Vector - Render [30 Vector Brushes]
    B. InkBrush - Vector - Linear [30 Vector Brushes]
    C. InkBrush - Vector - RenderTexture [30 Vector Brushes]
    A. InkBrush - Raster - Grunge (under project set 09)
    Vector Patterns
    A. InkBrush - Vector Patterns (compound paths) [50]
    B. InkBrush - Vector Textures (compound paths and placement textures) [50]
    08 Project Brush Organics Set 8 [30 Raster Brushes] [Version 1.7 only]
    Project Brush set with 30 additional raster Nozzles;20 Brush Templates (Version 1.7) and 30 single nozzle raster brushes
    09 Project Brush Grunge Set 09 (60 Raster Brushes)
    Added Set 09: 30 Raster Brushes
    Added Set 09 [INK]: 30 Raster Brushes; modified version of the inktober 2018 Project Set (modified brush dynamics) [Version 1.7 only]
    10 Project Brush Assets Shy [30 Raster Brushes]
    30 additional vegetation raster brushes (leaves)
    11 Project Brush Assets Camouflage [180 Raster Brushes]
    Experimental set based on Camouflage assets with released sample set [30] and Paint [30]
    Project Brush Set with 6 Categories (Texture [30] | Bark Grunge [30]  Leaves [30] | Canopy [30] | Effects | Paint [30])
    A. Camouflage (Mixed Samples) [30]
    Set consists of 30 Brushes in total with 8 brushes from Leaves; Grunge Bark; Textures plus 6 from Canopy
    B. Camouflage:Paint Textures [30]
    Set of 30 Paint Brushes based on Camouflage Assets
    12 Project Brush Vector Paint [60 Vector Textured Brushes]
    Vector Paint 01 | Vector Paint 02 | Vector Paint 03
    60 shape masks with textured overlays partially based on inkBrush Render

    Set of 30 Vector Brushes compiled from 5 separate brush sets:Render II | Linear II  and Vector Texture 01, 02, 03

    13. Project Brush Ink Painter
    Bristle [40] | Ink [30] | Paint [30] | Shader [30] | Texture [30] | Mesh [30]
    New group set of raster brushes

    14. Project Brush Organic Pattern
    Brush set to develop organic patterns and graphic styles using seamless patterns
    Organic Pattern 01 | Organic Pattern 02 | Organic Pattern 03 Organic pattern 04 | Organic Pattern 05
    90 Raster Brushes | >160 seamless patterns
    Organic Brush Special Set
    An Experiment with variation on single base texture (30 Brushes) using limited nozzles and settings
    There is a small sample set for organic brushes Organic Brush Test
    Asset Library
    Vector assets created and available in Resources section of Forum
    Free assets based on drawings saved into asset panel with supplementary explanation PDF (mostly!)

    Inktober 2017
    1. Screech
    2. Juicy
    3. Poison
    4. Shy
    5. Filthy

    InkBrush Project Vector Assets
    Vector textures to supplement InkBrush Project
    1. Geometric and organic pattern textures
    2. Compound and placement textures
    3. Nozzles

    1. Snowflakes and construction assets

    Camouflage Project
    1. Camouflage I
    2. Camouflage II

    Style Library
    Style assets created and available in Resources section of Forum

    Inktober 2017
    1. United
    2. Screech
    3. Poison
    4. Long

    Camouflage II
    1. Pattern Styles I
    Set of 30 coloured patterns based on base textures for brush nozzles
    2. Pattern Styles 2
    Set of 30 coloured patterns based on base textures for brush nozzles 

    1. Pulled this from another thread...may find useful.....
    Issues relating to installing iPad Brushes:
    brushes on iPad
    and Loading IPad Brushes

    Tutorials and some excellent links....
    These fantastic tutorials also very useful if you wish to explore creating your own..and have some fun at the same time.
    Managing Raster Brushes
    Managing Assets: @Frankentoon kindly created a video tutorial for installing AD assets including Brushes on YouTube. Brushes available here
    Creating your own Vector Brushes for iPad: at Affinity Spotlight
    Creating your own brushes for iPad at: Affinity Spotlight by @paolo.limoncelli: Paolo's Daub Brush Techniques acquire them here
    Creating your own Bristle Brush: Tutorial
    Creating and individual Vector Brush from @Mensch Mesch: Ivy Brush
    Creating Vector Brushes by @IsabelAracama: Custom Vector Brushes
    Creating vector (intensity and image brushes) Custom Vector Brush

    Installing Assets
    Help page to install assets into Affinity Suite
    Custom Smoke Brushes
    Texture Brushes and Blend Modes
    Creating Vector Brushes (includes assets and 10 sample brushes)
    Creating Base Textures for Brushes
    Added a process information sheet outlining methods of seamless pattern creation that can be used for brush base textures and graphic styles

  2. Thanks
    Freek got a reaction from Sean P in Crash when selecting text   
    Hi Sean,
    You're welcome.
    I tried your suggestion of undocking the Character panel and vigorously started selecting text, switching text frames in between clicking. After 3 minutes, still no crash so I believe you're on the right track. 
    I docked the Character panel again and tried Ctrl selecting text again. No crash. Closed the file. Opened it again, kept the Character panel docked and clicked away on the text. No crash. Closed the file. Opened it again, turned the Character panel off. Ctrl clicked text. No crash. So to me, it seems undocking the panel did something to make the bug go away. Or it was just a coincidence ofcourse. In any case, good luck. And if you need more info I'll be glad to help out.
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    Freek reacted to All Media Lab in webp works now on all major browsers!   
    Now that the webp extension works on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox is it not about time to implement the webp export feature in Affinity Photo?
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    Freek reacted to Sirio in Affinity Photo and Designer 1.6 have launched!   
    Thank you, I think that the help part of Affinity should include the note version here:
    (A lot of software include this information.)

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    Freek reacted to CartoonMike in Inspiration Site   
    File this under One For the Holidays: Spooky Hallowe'en photos:
    While not a resource, per se, it has many photos, graphics and calligraphy sets that pop up weekly. It's in my newsfeed and I'm very rarely disappointed in abduzeedo's content. Sometimes there's nothing better than to take five and gawk at some pretty pictures. :)
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    Freek reacted to StuartRc in Pattern Brush Packs [Isometric]   
    Making available new set of isometric Raster Pattern Brushes some of which were used in the creation of 'Tin Man'
    6 Packs (60 Brushes)
    Initial Brush Size to 100px
    Added 2 A4 sample sheets for reference [PDF]

    PB ISO PATTERNS Set 1-01-03.pdf
    PB ISO 01 P 01-03.zip
    PB ISO PATTERNS Set 1-04-06.pdf
    PB ISO 01 P 04-06.zip
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    Freek reacted to StuartRc in Vegetation Brushes Set 2   
    Added a new set of Vegetation Raster Brushes (leaves 2) 
    Zip file contains 30 brushes (3 pack x 10)
    PDF sample file added

    Vegetation S2 P13-P15.zip
    VB 1 Set 2 13-15.pdf
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    Freek reacted to Novakane in Official DC Comics 375 Color Palette by J-Skipper   
    I used this palette a lot so I decided to make an Afiinity version and share it if other people are interested Have fun with the color :) Original palette here
    DC Comics 375.afpalette

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    Freek reacted to budaloco in Social media Artboards and export presets for all your social media needs   
    Hi guys! I've been working on this template file to create social media branding material for my clients. 
    I've managed to create a single file with multiple artboards (each one with it's export presets) ready for use.
    You are welcome to delete the ones that you will not use (so you don't generate empty files on export).
    It also includes flat icons from each platform just in case you might need them.
    It's updated for 2017 according to this data from Social Sprout.
    Hope you find it as useful as me.
    Leave a comment if you like/use it. If you are going to post it anywhere else, please add the proper credits
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    Freek reacted to jef goldblum in Tone Mapping Presets [FREE]   
    I have made 10 free tone mapping presets. I have not seen any tone mapping presets for affinity photo so I made some for anybody who might want them. Of course they will not all work with every photo like all presets but I hope someone finds them useful : ) To upload them just click on the zip. file, then in the tone mapping persona on the presets menu; click "Import Presets", Enjoy! 
    Hanan Edwards Presets.zip
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    Freek reacted to Mithferion in Free 1000 Photoshop Brushes   
    Adobe is giving away 1000 Brushes by renowed artist Kyle T. Webster, in ABR format. If anyone is interested (they don't behave exactly the same, tested on Photoshop Elements 10), here is the link for the download page:
    Best regards!
    P. S.: I hope there are no legal problems with this.
    [UPDATE] I copy here my answer about Licensing for these brushes:
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    Freek reacted to helmuthdu in Icon Pack   
    Hi I just want to share some icon assets i made using free icons. Included in this pack. All icons are searchable.
    Entypo+: https://github.com/chancancode/entypo-plus FontAwesome: http://fontawesome.io/ Foundation: https://github.com/zurb/foundation-icon-fonts Game Icons: http://game-icons.net Gnome Symbolic Icons: https://github.com/GNOME/gnome-icon-theme-symbolic Hawcons: http://hawcons.com/ Icomoon: https://icomoon.io/icons-icomoon.html Ionic Icons: https://github.com/driftyco/ionicons Material Design Icons: https://materialdesignicons.com Material Icons: https://github.com/google/material-design-icons Typicons: http://www.typicons.com/ Greetings,
    v2.1.0 (07/10/2017)
    Updated Game Icons, Hawcons, iconsmoon & Material Design Icons to the latest version;
    Bonus: added a Golden Ratio Asset;
    Changed default icon color;
    Fixed wrong material icons symbols;
    Added Entypo+, Icomoon and Typicons;
    Updated Material Design Icons;
    Download: icons_pack.zip
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    Freek reacted to Chris Van Cleve in Dream Styles   
    So, I fell in love with Affinity after about an hour of playing with it. I bought it and started bringing my favorite assets over from Photoshop and Illustrator, including some styles I have been using for years on my web projects. I thought perhaps others could use them too, so here they are with a bonus set of sticker styles.
    Enjoy if they're of interest to you. 
    UPDATE: New version 2.0! This time the gradients and strokes are tool editable. No more trips to the Effects Panel. This gives better and easier control of the styles.
    BONUS: By request, 4 atmosphere styles. Included is the AD file with all styles applied for you to play with. Will likely only open in the latest beta. Sorry.
    BONUS: Dream Metals styles! Aluminum, Gold, and Copper.

    Find these and more at https://dscape-llc.com/affinity
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