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  1. Some news about a lens flare plugin for Affinity Photo?
  2. Hi I am already owner of a Affinity Photo licence. Actually I am looking for a good and professional software for RAW processing and after all my tests, which include Lightroom, Capture1, Luminar, ON1, RawTherapy, Darktable, Showfoto (digiKam). And after all my own tests I noticed that there is a lot of disappointment on all payment softwares. Don't believe the websites where they show ant make reviews about this software, I think they are payed or they don't push the test really far. Then after all my own test I can tell that the Develop Persona of Affinity Photo get a good quality. What
  3. Most of this problem could be solved with a function button in the blend options or in the layer it-self, called: Affect only the layer immediately below. Please, make it.
  4. The better solution to be more clear and efficient is add this information on the download page, please, improve this in this way:
  5. Well, I found this information where you advise to look for, but it change nothing about my tip: the release notes should be present in the help window or in the download page that Affinity itself sent me. Otherwise I can not understand the advantage to update my current version. Here some examples of other soft. All of them propose the change list except Affinity. Thank you
  6. Thank you, I think that the help part of Affinity should include the note version here: (A lot of software include this information.)
  7. Not a word about the new ? Even on the software itself, no changelog, no release note? Where can I found the changes ?
  8. Hi I am pretty sure to migrate from photoshop to Affinity Photo for two reasons: - I can not stand the Adobe policy anymore. - I can see a very active forum for Affinity product, like a lot of good freewares or Vegas Pro. Then, I make my first topic: The Move Tool is not complete: If I drag a complete image holding Crtl, the Move Tool create a duplicate of the image and then I can move it letting the first untouched. Well. But this feature don't works any more if I do the same thing with a selected part, the Ctrl key do nothing. I must before duplicate the selected part doing Crt
  9. Hi I am on a PC. The others software are clearly readable with the font at 100%, but even if I put the font a 125%, it doesn't solve the problem of the Layers thumbnails. Which is a real problem, indeed, when you know well a software, at the end, you even don't read the menus, because you go automatically in the right string, but have a good miniatures of the layers, it is a real need. Then, I hope one day it will have an enhancement in this topic.
  10. Hi I would like migrate from Photoshop to Affinity, but a bad think that still don't convince me, is the size too small of layers icons and the size of the font in the menus. Please, make a settings that give us the possibility to change those sizes. I have a monitor: ASUS ProArt 2560 x 1440 Thank you
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