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Social media Artboards and export presets for all your social media needs


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Hi guys! I've been working on this template file to create social media branding material for my clients. 

I've managed to create a single file with multiple artboards (each one with it's export presets) ready for use.

You are welcome to delete the ones that you will not use (so you don't generate empty files on export).


It also includes flat icons from each platform just in case you might need them.


It's updated for 2017 according to this data from Social Sprout.


Hope you find it as useful as me.


Leave a comment if you like/use it. If you are going to post it anywhere else, please add the proper credits




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Skill Level: Beginner, digital photography, digital editing, lighting.

Equipment: Consumer grade. Sony Nex5n, Nikon D5100, (16MP sony sensors)

Paid Software: Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer, Lightroom4

Free Software: NIK collection, Sony CaptureOne9, Cyberlink PhotoDirector6, Hugin, ImageJ, MS Ice, Davinci Resolve

Computer: Win10 home, CPU Skylake I7-6700, GPU Saphire HD7850 1G, Plextor SSD

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Thanks you so much for your work.


I think there's at least one problem with it and correct me if I'm wrong. While there are different header formats on Youtube you can only upload one file which needs to fit all. Actually the only thing to use there is the TV Format and it could probably use some guide lines to show where there other formats are placed within this big file.


This could probably be an idea for a next version.

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On 24-10-2017 at 8:23 AM, vivekrp said:

I was creating something similar but found yours. Thank you so much :)

Wish there was an option to load these sizes when creating a new design directly from Affinity. 


Thanks a lot for creating this. i will probably create a personal one with only channels I use, but this made it so much easier!

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