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  1. Not Apple launched a tool, the new beta from Affinity Photo (1.7) supports now the HEIC/F format. The workaround you can do with Apple is to import your HEIC/F pics into iPhoto first and export them in a second step in a different format.
  2. Sure there is. But why using other 3rd party tools? If you use AP or PS that are pro tools, you expect to be able to do that. AP for iPad already supports this format, so why not AP for Desktop? To be fair: In the current beta (1.7) HEIC/F is supported.
  3. chilacho

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    I like also the old icon more (1.6.7), but the start screen looks nice!
  4. chilacho

    German dialog clipping (Beta

    It‘s on my external 27“ screen with 2560x1440 resolution. No other scaling or something else changed.
  5. I found 2 UI entries in german that are crossing text and field.
  6. I'm already trying now just find it after my post for the moment it works well.
  7. When I start AP or AD the windows are not anymore at the same position. This happen everytime when I take my MacBook Pro to work in a different place and unplug it from the big screen. It would be great to save the window positions as it is possible in Photoshop. For example I'm using 2 working areas: One for the big screen and one for a smaller screen or when I'm using only the MacBook Pro w/t an external screen. Like that I can choose which environment I'm using and all my windows are arranged like I need just with a few clicks. In AP or AD it's not possible but would be very nice and very helpful! Otherwise all windows have to be rearranged everytime again. It would be also nice if a newer app version, or a beta version, would import all settings automatically from the existing version. If this isn't possible implement a function to import all settings incl. windows arrangement to the newer version or into the beta.
  8. chilacho

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    Hey Andy Thank you for your quick reply, this was the problem. Now it works. Thanks a lot! Best chilacho
  9. chilacho

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    I just downloaded the beta version to try because of HEIC/HEIF support which I missed in 1.6.7, but when I start the beta I have to write a product key. Where can I find this key? I purchased the App via AppStore, so there is no key.
  10. Dear AP team There is still no support for the HEIC/HEIF format on the desktop app (v. 1.6.7). It's more than a year this topic was opened and just one answer from Serif. It's more as disappointing to support this format only on iPad version but not in the desktop. I also couldn't find it on the roadmap, so when will Serif implement this format? Many users need it and ask for this format, but nothing moves. I'm an AP user from the beginning and worked also with the beta versions and was always happy to see AP getting better and better, but more that a year w/t an answer on this topic it is unsatisfying. I tested also different converters for HEIC/HEIF format and not all of the created exports are possible to open in AP, what really surprised me. In the end I chose AnyMP4 and iMazing (both from AppStore) to convert HEIC/HEIF format into PNG or JPG. The JPG is not a problem to open, but the converted PNG's from iMazing are not possible to open and if i check the file information there are some jpg informations included which irritates me. But this one is possible to open with Adobe Photoshop CS6 till version CC 2018. Conversely, the converted PNG's from AnyMP4 can not be opened in Adobe Photoshop but in Affinity Photo. Strange world. In the end it would be the best to support finally the HEIC/HEIF format instead of relying on third-party software.
  11. Hey Matman Congrats to AP! Very good choice! I‘m using both apps (Photoshop and AP) everyday and the export problem you wrote about in PS I never had. I do all the export for our e-comm shop and different other system (CMS, PIM, Newsletter etc.) with actions and never have to change dimension if they‘re written in the export action or original files gone overwrite. I love AP although if there are not everything implemented as in PS is. But all these things you are wrote about you can do with both apps. If you don’t know how, there are many good tuts online. Sometimes you don’t think about something because there are so many and different ways to do. Then go for a quick tutorial search and you will remember or find an other way to do. Best, chilacho
  12. In the german UI there is a fault/bug in Histogramm. In the dropdown where you can choose the channel, the green channel has no Umlaut. It looks like this --> Gr√°n
  13. Please implement also single window view, so when several document are open to have the possibility to look each single window side by side. This is ver useful if you want to compare the documents.