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  1. You can lock alpha when filling by disabling editability of Composite Alpha in the Channels panel. Click the pencil icon at the right-hand end of a Composite channel to toggle the channel's editability. I don't understand why the developers chose to omit a "lock alpha" property for a Pixel object. Instead, we have to repeatedly toggle the "protect alpha" of tools which provide that ability, or repeatedly toggle alpha editability in the Channels panel.
  2. owenr


    There is no such difference. Both Image and Pixel objects are non-destructively transformable until explicitly rasterised by Rasterise command or implicitly rasterised by a destructive filter.
  3. This following is for the macOS app. It probably works on Windows if Ctrl is used where I write Cmd. Holding down Cmd while using the Pen Tool will temporarily switch to the Node Tool, so place the point with symmetrical handles and then hold down Cmd and drag the outgoing handle to a new length, and then release Cmd to continue drawing the path.
  4. owenr

    Opened .NEF file is cropped in Affinity Photo

    You'll get 6000 x 4000 when using the Apple raw engine, and 6016 x 4016 when using the Serif raw engine. The raw engine for subsequent files can be changed in Develop Assistant.
  5. I didn't mention cheap or free. My position is that something as good as, but not necessarily better than, the best that's already available (regardless of price) outside of an Affinity app would be more convenient inside an Affinity app. I'd much rather have the broken and half-baked features fixed than see vectorising added, but wanted to make the point that vectorising could be usefully added without it being the greatest vectoriser ever created.
  6. I think the majority of users who request this feature would be happy with something that is not necessarily better than all others, but which is conveniently in the Affinity apps.
  7. Have you tried the Clone Brush Tool?
  8. owenr

    Gradients still dithered on export

    The current Affinity apps can be tricked into not dithering vector gradients on export by enclosing the design in a Group (or Layer) object and giving the Group an fx Colour Overlay with zero opacity.
  9. Illustrator is not converting the pressure stroke to a filled shape which resembles the stroke. It is Affinity that is doing the conversion when exporting because non-Affinity file formats do not support Affinity's pressure stroke. Again, when copy-pasting from Affinity to Illustrator, it is Affinity that is doing the conversion to a shape which resembles the pressure stroke. The conversion from stroke to shape does not happen when exporting a centre-aligned stroke with no pressure because that is a common type of stroke which is supported by Illustrator and the file format used in the transfer to Illustrator.
  10. I would expect everything to disappear if visibility of all channels was disabled. If you click on the thumbnail or name of a composite channel, all other composite channels become hidden and disabled from editing. The quickest way to fully restore all composite channels is to click the circular arrow, otherwise you would need to click the visibility and editability icons for each of multiple channels. I don't know what Help has to say about that.
  11. That's not normal. A single click on a "traffic light" button of an inactive window of any macOS app should be sufficient. You shouldn't need one click to activate the window and a second click to trigger the button.
  12. That has happened to me a few times after working with channels and it has always been my mistake in neglecting to re-enable visibility of all channels by clicking the circular arrow at top-right of the Channels panel.
  13. If that's true then we're back to what I've said a couple of times recently: you pretend not to understand a subject in order to prolong a disagreement. There are plenty of places on the web for that. I do not think we need that here.
  14. Everything in my pockets right now.
  15. Are you challenging R C-R for the title of Captain Obvious?