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  1. Your 3912 x 5240 pixels export has not been scaled and it is as sharp as the Affinity document. Here is the difference between your document and your bad.jpg: It is almost pure black, indicating no noticeable difference. You need to amplify its intensity with an exposure adjustment to see anything meaningful. The document must be viewed at 100% (or an integer multiple of 100%) zoom to see the real effect of filters. I'm quite sure that you were viewing at 50% or less zoom and therefore the Live Unsharp Mask filter's effect was greatly exaggerated because it was being applied to a much smaller display version of its target.
  2. I agree with your sentiments, but presently trust that 2019 will see considerably more focus on improving Designer and Photo on the three platforms.
  3. I expect gradual improvement to Designer for all platforms for years to come.
  4. Hi and welcome! Arrowheads were "coming soon" three years ago, I believe. There's no published ETA for new features (or bug fixes). The developers are now mainly concentrating on the future Publisher app for desktop and Designer for iPad, and then there's a DAM coming.
  5. A workaround is to export at greater than required resolution and then downscale that export to the required resolution. For example, exporting a PNG at 1600% scale and then downscaling the PNG at 6.25% scale makes gaps between butted together black objects on a white background almost invisible. Here are 3 PNGs produced from butted.afdesign to compare, each measuring 600 px x 600 px.
  6. These screenshots are not a reliable indicator of the quality of a raster export or output of a RIP. The documents are not being viewed with a zoom that's an integer multiple of 100%, and we do not know how precisely the objects in each are aligned with the document pixel grid.
  7. Be careful with Move By Whole Pixels; its purpose is to deliberately preserve an existing misalignment with the pixel grid when moving something.
  8. Minute marks, not hour marks, were mentioned initially, so the following screen shots illustrate an alternative Boolean method involving the Square Star, Ellipse and Corner tools. The Square Star with 60 arms needs to be rotated by 3 degrees to orient its arms correctly for a clock face. However, note that both the Ellipse and Square Star are rotated by 3 degrees before the subtraction so that nodes of the circular path that the software will automatically generate from the Ellipse when performing the subtraction do not coincide with arms of the star and produce unnecessary nodes in the result.
  9. Whatever
  10. You can also select the Rectangle and do Layer > Convert Object To Artboard. (That command works on any parametric shape, Curve or Curves object so your Artboard can be any shape.
  11. Yes, but surely the context implies using the preset when exporting from future projects.
  12. Regardless of whether transitions are an issue with a given image and adjustment, the Underlying Composition Ranges curve gives you complete control of where the target zone begins and ends instead of being limited to the [0%, 33%], [25%, 75%] and [67%, 100%] ranges which Affinity names "Shadows", "Midtones" and "Highlights".
  13. This thread is about exports, not the New Document dialog.
  14. I'm always more than mildly irritated when I'm using Windows, period.