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  1. Can you provide a link from which we can download the camera raw file to try to find a solution?
  2. The tone curve was the important factor. Why did you enable Apple Core raw engine?
  3. A "protect alpha" option has been omitted from the Fill command's options, but there is a way: in Channels panel, disable alpha editing by clicking the little pencil icon at the right hand end of the Composite Alpha line and then do the fill. (Click the greyed out pencil icon to restore alpha editing.)
  4. Looks like you have the automatic tone curve disabled in the Develop Assistant of AP on macOS, and enabled on Windows.
  5. Serif Labs raw engine is the default for AP on macOS.
  6. The problem is not limited to Photo. The same incorrect inverted selection happens when making and inverting the selection in Designer. The selection can be made by switching to Pixel Persona and then cmd+clicking on the thumbnail of the unnamed Curve object after swapping its stroke and fill colours so that it has an opaque fill. The selection can be inverted in Pixel Persona by shift+cmd+i. Substitute ctrl for cmd if using Windows. Edit: there will be no problem with the selection and inversion if they are performed when the relevant Artboard's origin is at the origin of the document. In other words, if Artboard1 in the example is the furthest left and furthest up Artboard in the document, then the selection and inversion will be made correctly.
  7. Select all the objects that you wish to rotate. In the Move Tool context bar, enable Transform Objects Separately and then perform the rotation.
  8. The new Node Tool feature discovered by @haakoo deletes the segment on which you click. It is not intended to be a knife tool.
  9. You will find loads of discussions with the forum search tool. It's possible that a compositing bug is responsible for an odd result, rather than an inconvenience in Affinity's masking. If you provide an example Affinity document with the result which you consider to be odd, I'll download and take a look at it.
  10. Make counters become unfilled by doing Layer > Fill Mode > Alternate.
  11. Unsolicited premultiplication is being performed only when exporting TIFF with alpha. Unsolicited premultiplication is not happening elsewhere in AP. That would change R,G & B for all alpha values except 1.0, and that is not happening. The thing that is happening and making the app useless to particular groups of users is that some of the app's processes change R,G & B to zero where alpha is zero. R,G & B are being preserved where alpha is greater than zero, which is good.
  12. The developers have chosen to go down a strange and inconvenient road when it comes to mask and channel editing. I'm not sure they really understand what users need. However, painting white into a mask normally works if the white has 100% opacity in the Colour panel.
  13. Look in Colour panel. Maybe your white has zero opacity. A colour well will look white if it contains white with 100% opacity or any colour with 0% opacity, and the latter will be applied to a mask as if the colour is black with 100% opacity. In Affinity, paint is bizarrely applied to a mask as if the paint's colour is fully opaque, regardless of its actual opacity, and with an intensity of the colour intensity multiplied by the colour opacity. The same nonsense afflicts the new Spare Channel painting ability in 1.9 beta, of course. The sensible thing would be for the paint colour's opacity to affect the blending of the paint's intensity with the already existing mask pixels, just as happens when we paint in a Pixel object.
  14. The frames of the movie are the document composite at each step of History, and so you don't see where the user was clicking or which commands or tools were being used.
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