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  1. Calligraphic brushes are on the roadmap for inclusion in Designer 1.x, but with no ETA.
  2. Select the black shape and do Layer > Fill Mode > Alternate. Now when you subtract the white shapes from it, the result will have Alternate fill mode and be rendered with two holes. Or do the subtraction first and then change the result's fill mode to Alternate.
  3. I'm confident that the anomaly is only a bug in the rendering of the AP beta performance controls (i.e. there should be a popup menu of OpenGL, Metal, etc.) and I guess that the AP beta defaults to OpenGL since that appears to be the default for the 1.7 betas of the other Affinity apps.
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    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    You'll see improvement with all software if you replace a 6 year old iMac with a new one.
  5. A workaround until repaired is to do Copy Merged (which is restricted to the canvas area) then paste and then delete the original layer.
  6. AP macOS 10.13.6 The saturation control of Develop module has no effect on the image.
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    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    Yes, it is available and enabled now that I'm using High Sierra on a 2017 iMac.
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    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    The accelerated opening and developing of raw files is great!
  9. AP macOS 10.13.6 The crosshairs pointer for the HSL Adjustment's picker is not drawn on screen. It is drawn on screen in AD when using Metal or OpenGL display.
  10. That works the same as walt.farrell's solution of using a vector shape (for example, a Rectangle covering the entire canvas) with gradient fill.
  11. That's what I said earlier The symptoms indicated that that was the case.
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    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    Ah, that explains it. I'm still using 10.12.6. Will create a 10.13.6 volume soon. Thanks.
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    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    Thanks for latest beta. However, hardware acceleration is still greyed out and says "no compatible GPU" in the app's performance preferences on my 2017 iMac with Radeon Pro 575 4096 MB GPU.
  14. I strongly disagree that Darren should be working in CMYK documents. His printer is designed with the expectation that RGB documents (typically digital photographs) will be printed and it is an 8-colour printer, not simply CMYK. Note that device profiles for his printer and paper combinations are RGB profiles, not CMYK profiles. He can soft proof his RGB document with the appropriate printer and paper profile to get an approximation of how it will look when printed. Darren tells us that, until a week ago, he was getting printed output that was a very good match for the on-screen images. Changing his workflow to working in CMYK documents is not the solution to restoring his system to the way it was.
  15. Yes, that's the place. Looks like the correct profile is set for display 2. I don't know about your display 1. I do all design and photography related work on a Mac, so I'm sorry to say that I doubt that I can be of further assistance. Good luck