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  1. LOL, I come back to the Designer forum every few months to see where this wonderful tool is that is to arrive 'one day soon' and here we are in late 2019 - 5 years later - and the 'contour tool' (AKA Offset Tool) is nowhere to be seen. Buying Designer for both platforms has literally been a waste of money for me for this very reason - I should have put the funds to good use and put them to a subscription to Illustrator for yet another year What's even more annoying is that there is no mention of it in any future release either (AFAICS ?) - real shame, I had really wanted to ditch the adobe connection forever, but never to be it seems
  2. That was in 2017, it's now 2019 + - I've pretty much dropped the notion that AD will ever produce a working offset tool (and I _don't_ mean the mess that is expand-a-stroke). For that reason, I've just had to move on and assume that the money I spent buying AD for both platforms has been wasted - REALLY sad about that, not the money loss, but the fact that nothing has moved on this front :-(((
  3. I came back after a long layoff (still using AI ) to AD to see if anything had moved on the offset/contour tool front (something that completely stops me from using AD) - here's the quote from 2014 ... Five years is a loooong time to be waiting for a basic major feature to be incorporated. I really thought that AD was going to be pro-active on this front, but it seems that 'bells and whistles' rather than core features seem to be the order of the day. Maybe in another five years when I've fully retired ... /rant
  4. I bought AD (both platforms) in the hope that one of my absolutely-must-have (and promised) features (an offset tool) would be incorporated. After 4 yrs, nothing - contrary to the promises - I'm quite sad about that as I had hoped to move away from $$$ Adobe $$$ products :-((( I see lots of completely impractical (for me at least) bells and whistles added, but not quality basic features fully available in illustrator or even coreldraw. I keep coming back at regular intervals to see any improvements, but I suppose that you get what you pay for. There must be thousands of laser/cnc - even vinyl cutter users DESPERATE for these features and wanting to get away from adobe. Anyone want my copies ? (are they even transferable licences ???) - currently (and it seems, the forseeable future), they're cack all use to me.) /rant
  5. LOL, except for snapping while rotating All of the above offer truly accurate rotation, but not the precision of snapping to previously drawn parts that I require. At least I gained a few nice things from this post - every day is a earning day some say - thanks all that provided the info, it's appreciated Talking of cars, I see they are changing to driving on the right hand side of the road here in Scotland - probably something to do with brexit, it's to be done over the whole of next weekend. On Saturday after 1:00pm, all commercial and public transport will move over to the right, then on Sunday, all private cars and manually propelled vehicles will follow suit. Road signs will be removed and changed over the following weekend - if required. Cheers Neil
  6. Yes, but my whole point is that it shouldn't :-))) If you want custom values, then simply typing in the transform panel would suffice for now in lieu of a custom panel, this is not the 'norm' - that's why I couldn't understand how it was 'working' - I do now tho' - I think "someone" once said that 'it's good to be different' :-) It's a bit like moving the clutch to the brake position - they'll still do their same job, but we've moved them (maybe not, that's probably a tad extreme, but you get my drift :-) It's not as if I haven't been doing it this way (wrongly?) since 1984 :-))
  7. @firstdefenceHi, yes, I understand that we can snap the rectangle to the poly nodes, the issue is rotation constraint operation - normal mode is to constrain to the currently selected angle - whatever that might be, not to the cartesian position. So, if your rotated rectangle is currently at 27deg, it WONT (shouldn't :-) constrain to an orthogonal position, only to currentAngle+ (or -) constraintAngle ??? it should never get to an orthogonal position. You can try this in say AI/inkscape/ or just about any other graphics/CAD application - that's the way it will work. I'm not saying that they are all right and AD is wrong, but how do you then shift 45 deg say from your current position ???? (without a modification popup panel). Not unless you add ANOTHER modifier on top - say cmd+shift - if that were implemented - that would allow that mobility. It's a useful 'feature', perhaps it would have been better implemented as 'normal' tho' (as if any of us are normal LOL :-)) Cheers Neil
  8. I had to look at your GIF over and over to see how that worked - what I couldn't understand was how the rectangle could possibly be shift constrained to go to 90deg ! In any other app, if the rectangle starts at say 23 deg off the horizontal, then shift constraining rotation would take you to 68deg (assuming constraints are set at 45deg :-) ie, 45 deg from the starting position - which is what you want, not how AD does it by snapping to the perpinzontal and horpendicular :-))And you're right, this really needs to be a feature request and they need to fix that constraint 'feature' :-) Cheers Neil
  9. @gdenby - yes, you're right, so I'm not alone then :-) I need to take a step back from it all and take a second look rather than just expecting tools to work the way that AI does. However, tools really should be completely intuitive and NOT require a half hour delving through forum posts to find out where you are going wrong - the whole 'node tool' snapping scenario is a case in point. Different doesn't make better. The 'rotation centre' (called a 'fulcrum' back in the 20th century - and probably further - why change it to two words :-) ) can actually be snapped to a guide - only using the 'move' tool - however, as it disappears using the 'node' tool, contrary to public opinion, you then can't rotate and snap another node to the/a guide. OK on the 'attributes picker' - I've had a look at the styles option and it will work OK for me for what I do - thanks for that. However, not nearly as simple and tidy as the 'eyedropper tool' in AI :-) @Aammppaa - thanks for taking the time to create all the wee gifs, it's appreciated - must find out how to do that on my mac ! Perhaps my choice of a regular rectangle wasn't the best concept, the issue isn't with the snapping of bounding boxes which is inherently easy in AD (whether the object is rotated or not). Try rotating some odd shaped polygon using say opposing polygon points - one as the 'rotation centre' the other as the point that requires to be snapped to the guide. Yes, the 'rotation centre' can be snapped to a (say) a guide, but while that is wonderful, you are back to the problem in the previous paragraph, you can't snap an opposite (say) point to a guide. On the rectangle on the PDF solution, that doesn't work, in principle, it looks like it is working, but on the final rotation, it is not snapping to the guide (afaics :-) ) Sadly, with a rectangle, you can't even use the node tool to do it - not that you can rotate with the node tool anyway :-) I have photo, but I'm looking for a one-stop process, not a multilateral set of tools :-))))) I can do it all in AI with 2 clicks - why would I choose to open photo to do it :-) Neverthless, I really do appreciate the effort ! BTW, while delving into your solution, I came across a really annoying 'bug' - guides only show on the artboard and not on the background - arghh! I then found that to remove guides you drag them off the artboard - even worse :-) However, if you actually draw guides on the lower half of the background - they still exist but you can't see them - you CAN see them if you attempt to move a previous guide from the artboard - they highlight as soon as you move a guide. Further, you CAN actually snap to them if you know where they are ???????? Cheers Neil
  10. Sometimes I just find Designer infuriating in the way that things (don't :-) work. I have a process where I drag in a scanned pdf plan in the background as a drawing guide. Occasionally, it's not orthogonal to the drawing limits due to some scan misalignment - whatever. The issue is that in Illustrator (my daily tool of choice unfortunately), the process is simply clicking on the scan, hit R to rotate, click a point to rotate by then pick a point on the scan to snap to that horizontal guide you created - simples, done - lock it and your ready to go. I can't find ANY way to rotate an object and snap a point to a guide using designer. Here's the test, pull down a guide, create a rectangle (as the object to rotate instead of a pdf scan) and rotate it manually - any angle. Grab the top LH corner and snap it to the guide (that in itself is a royal PITA - select the node tool, click a node, select all then snap that node to the guideline - arghhhhhh, give me strength, who thought that up, just SO unintuitive ). Ok, we now have a corner snapped to the guide. Let's say we want an opposite node to be orthogonal to the guide - no way. You can eyeball rotate it, but you can't snap. Even the rotate is a PITA, use the move tool, select the rectangle, then move the rotate axis object to the node that is on the guide (the node having been snapped to the guide in the previous process), then pick whatever opposite node you want snapped to the guide (without resizing the object of course - that is absolutely IMPERATIVE !!!!!). Before I die, I'd like a simpler way for this to work :-))))))) Actually, I'd just like this to work - simply like illustrator if at all humanly possible. I thought I only had a couple of issues before I could make this my daily routine - but now it's three :-)) An offset tool, an attributes picker (not a colo(u)r picker) and rotation with snap :-) Oh, and a snap redesign using the move tool, NOT the node tool /rant :-) Cheers Neil PS Apologies if I come across as being annoyed, it's just that I am, I really want to make this my one app and not have to keep jumping back to $$$$$$illustrator :-)
  11. Yes, another +1 for this extremely important feature - from R12 thru to the latest 2018 would be nice
  12. Igull

    Feature request — oct 2017

    Plus one on the offset path - an ABSOLUTE must for me and my best friend the laser
  13. Yet another laser user and a +1 to this, an offset path tool/process is an absolute must for me too - EVERY job requires to be offset :-) The new light interface on AD Beta has absolutely transformed the app for me - I'd easily pay double for this (if I could get offset and snapping with some decent inferencing that is LOL :-)
  14. Igull

    Minimum Metric Stroke Width

    Thanks for that - an RTFM bug then :-)
  15. I'm attempting to move my workflow away from AI on Mac and PC - I use it primarily for laser cutting. The minimum stroke width available is 0.1mm, my laser cutter driver (Universal Inc) requires stroke widths to be less than 0.05mm to enable cutting - otherwise, it will raster the line rather than cut. Can the minimum metric stroke width from the menu item be adjusted to say 0.01mm ? A workaround for now is to set the stroke width to be in pixels and set to say 0.1 px which it accepts as 0.0353mm.

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