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  1. how to get pen tablet working in affinity designer? or does affinity designer support pen tablet
  2. how do i download affinity photo custom brush all the brushes are no longer in the panel i have on affinity photo brushes that came with the software
  3. Stroke studio and asset studio no longer appears in the software try resetting nothing works they are no ware to be found how can i get them back in the software can someone help please?
  4. seanb

    Introducing... Affinity Spotlight

    i c still designer is still lacking for every day work flow for some
  5. seanb

    Introducing... Affinity Spotlight

    you all should have spent your time working on designer than wasting time on that. designer is still not up to mark you all are killing designer with all that wasting.
  6. Just wish designer 3D could do more just saying
  7. all well and good in a simple way use these shapes as guide so they would not have to print in illustrator have line and convert to guides you don"t have to slice or hide layers in a simple way. why is that not possible with designer
  8. how to set up a document for print with bleed and margins?
  9. New to affinity waiting on book arrival will read notes in the mean time thank very good work the forum is very experienced and knowledgeable
  10. What does affinity 3D do can someone explain it seems confusing Is the offset tool coming and when What about the warp tool and perspective coming anytime soon

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