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  1. Oops... Thank you for enlightening me. Serious senior moment. [blush face]
  2. I have this problem as well. No artboard icon. See the screenshot. Not in the tool customization either, from what I can see. Any ideas?
  3. I'm looking at Affiinity Designer as an alternative to the Inkscape I now use. There are two tools that are essential to me and it is not clear to me if Affinity Designer supports either/both. (I may have missed seeing them when I tried the demo version. ) Anyone know? 1. Path measurement tool - Ability to measure the actual length along an arbitrary path (not the height/width, but like the distance you travel from point a to point b if the path were a road) 2. Convert dashed lines to a path that consists of a series of two-point paths (not rectangles,) Thanks
  4. I agree. I would like to use the program for 3D papercraft designs. This often requires knowing the precise length of a curve, and is a very high priority need. I hope we will see this feature added soon. (It is something can do in both inkscape and illustrator, so definitely doable.) TIA to the developers for looking at this.
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