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  1. Noe_g

    first attempt

    first attempt at this style my coloring is way off as I need to work in shading and light sources but im really happy with how it turned out.
  2. Noe_g

    Audrey Hepburn (Affinity Designer)

    really nice
  3. I also use this a lot hope to see it soon in AD
  4. Noe_g

    Introduce Yourself

    Hello My name is Noe Gonzalez,and After hearing about AD on Instagram and how it was so much better then illustrator I jumped on board.I am a novice so i was used to Ai's shortcuts and tools.AD for me has been super difficult to adjust to,but at the same time super fun.i feel it's lacking a lot of tools atleast for me anyway,but I'm sticking to it and hope to be seeing and using all the new tools comming to this program