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    smallreflection got a reaction from ronnyb in New Branding for Affinity   
    I'll jump on with ronnyb and say I very much like the new icons. In some way, I appreciate the depth of the originals in my dock, but I think the new ones are much more current and enduring from a graphic design perspective in their simplicity. Flat design isn't just an Apple trend. ;) I also don't think subtle use of gradients is a bad thing—I love using them cautiously. I think the lightened focal point areas + the gradients, along with the unique interior compositions creates the needed differentiation to recognize each app at a glance—without them it would be hard to tell. If it were me, I may have added some additional subtle alternate tone overlay in each to add a bit of gradient depth actually, but too much blending of color would make each less distinctive, likely. I always liked the basic b/w "Affinity" shape a lot, and I think the new icons create a more cohesive set that emphasizes the Affinity parent brand with the outside shape. It has a more "pro user" look, in my opinion. :)
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    smallreflection reacted to ronnyb in New Branding for Affinity   
    Nice work guys, the new icons are MUCH better from a graphic design perspective. I'm not a fan of icons that are illustrative or literal representations. As an artist and designer, I appreciate a certain level of abstraction. Of course it will also fit in much better with Yosemite and it's "flat" UI — a term which I think is actually misnomer; the changes are actually about moving away from skeuomorphic or representational design. I like the use of gradients, which I don't believe date anything inherently, as gradients or subtle color shifts are necessary to add some detail and depth to the icons and the color palette.
    I think out of the 3 icons, the APhoto icon is the strongest; the use of the aperture (although "representational" is really nice and still carries the abstract, geometric language of the other two icons. However, I would consider making the center of the aperture dark like the outer triangular border of the icon. The Publisher icon is also great; it suggest to me the concept of "series," or "multiples" via the repeating diagonal shapes on the right of the icon's inner triangle. It's an abstraction of a stack of papers, the multiple pages in a document, etc. I also like the Designer icon. I like the smaller triangles inside and seeing the smaller, inner triangles creating a larger one suggests to me a certain level of "design thought-process" and construction / assembly techniques. However, I think it needs more detail, perhaps more bifurcation within the triangles...
    Overall it's a great direction and I think it modernizes the apps tremendously. The previous icons were very clichéd in their literalness and representation quality. Great job again!
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    smallreflection reacted to TonyB in New Branding for Affinity   
    It would be great to get your feedback on our new branding for Affinity, All feedback welcome both positive and negative.
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    smallreflection reacted to Rusty in Apple Design Award for Affinity Designer   
    Fantastic News .. great work .. I'm sure there's more to come..  ;)
    I've have never come across such a responsive and awesome team of developers ..
    thanks for making my life easier  :)
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    smallreflection reacted to Dave Harris in Apple Design Award for Affinity Designer   
    Now on Apple's website at https://developer.apple.com/design/awards/, with some photos from our office.
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    smallreflection reacted to Dale in Apple Design Award for Affinity Designer   
    Hi everyone
    We're over the moon to announce that Affinity Designer has been recognised by Apple with a prestigious Apple Design Award at WWDC 2015 in San Francisco. Congratulations to the whole SerifLabs team for such a remarkable achievement, 5 years in the making.
    It's the stuff of dreams, thanks to all our fans and forum participants for helping to make it an awesome reality.
    Read more at https://affinity.serif.com/blog/affinity-designer-wins-prestigious-apple-design-award
    Dale, on behalf of everyone at Serif.
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    smallreflection got a reaction from MattP in Will there be a UI persona for AD?   
    You guys make me happy much. :D  I'm using Designer 90% for UI work right now, so all this stuff sounds great!
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    smallreflection reacted to MattP in Will there be a UI persona for AD?   
    Art boards are going to be tiled in the normal view pretty soon... no need for an extra Persona - you want to see them all the time anyway, so we don't want to hide them away. Plugins are tricky - it depends exactly what we're talking about? Most of the time we could do a better job in the software because we have access to everything and know the software inside-out so we will be able to create something much more optimised and efficient if it's something our users want... CSS attributes... well, in my build I've been able to get it to dump me the CSS attributes of a selection for a couple of years now, but we don't know where to put it at the moment, so that's why you're not seeing it yet - we'll get this and many more things added soon... UI templates are definitely coming - we were waiting for the announcement of iOS 9 before making some - and that's not far off now! :) A 'mirror' style app is interesting but first and foremost I'd want it to work reliably! :S We've had our iPhones and iPads connected to Designer for years with research projects that let us control the application and we've also written a full-on version of Designer that runs on the iPad very fluidly - I'm more tempted to say that we'd prefer to just charge the users a small fee to get a full version of Designer on their iPad and use Hand-off to pass documents back and forth? It actually works very nicely in reality...
    Basically, all I'm trying to say is that we are very focused on delivering in those areas in the coming months - we've set the stage by making our app work well for illustration and now we're going to gradually take on more and more use-cases and get them properly sorted. :)
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    smallreflection reacted to MEB in Basic Question About Exporting and Resizing For The Web   
    1) Overall Lanczos is the best resampling option if you want to scale down your images since it's able to get a sharper result than Bicubic.
    2) The progressive checkbox creates a jpeg that will render on screen ("fade in") while it's still being loaded by the browser. This helps to create the perception that the page is loading faster since the images are being immediately displayed as soon as the browser starts loading a webpage.
    If this option is unchecked, the browser will render the image in blocks, one after another until it completes the image. 
    Here's a demo displaying the differences between the two options.
    NOTE: Apple Safari may have trouble displaying progressives jpeg's. If that's the case check the demo in Google Chrome.
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    smallreflection reacted to Konspaul in Basic Question About Exporting and Resizing For The Web   
    Requesting to have a progressive -checkbox in the Affinity Photo export window. I see that the Export persona already have it. It is just that I very often export a JPG or what ever simply by pressing ⌘⌥⇧ + S.
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    smallreflection reacted to MarcL in Will there be a UI persona for AD?   
    Hey Guys,
    I was going to post a list of feature requests on the Feature Request Forum, but insead I think I can somehow ask it in one question...here goes.
    Will there ever be a robust UI persona for UX/UI work (maybe something a little similar to Sketch 3 where all the artborads are tiled next to each other, plugins support, css attributes, UI templates, maybe something for prototyping like Mirror or a plugin that would allow this, etc)?
    I use Sketch for some of my work, but I really wish that I could just use Affinity for everything since I pretty much mastered the software already. I just wanted to know if this is something the Affinity team have thought about, since a lot of designers are now moving to a lot more UI type of workflow.
    Thanks in advance guys. Keep up the awesome job!! And I cain't wait for Affinity Photo to finally make it in the app store. :)
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    smallreflection reacted to MattP in Do all effects and gradients get rasterized?   
    It's all about what the PDF specification allows for... and that differs based on version of PDF that you're targeting. At present we use Apple's built-in PDF output, so we have very little control, but we're already typing away at our own PDF export with support for user-selectable target PDF specification so we should be able to improve things a lot in the future :)
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    smallreflection reacted to Leigh in Equivalent to the CorelDraw Blend Tool   
    Hi PaulW. Not yet, but it's on the roadmap under Usability. 
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    smallreflection reacted to Mireille G in Would appreciate constructive critic   
    It is Hebrew, the 4 letters are shin lamed vav mim. The word is Peace, but means much more than peace. It is hello, good bye, but mostly it is completeness, contentement, wholeness, health. It is all encompassing.
    @affinity4christ15, I love the uniform, thank you!
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    smallreflection reacted to Mireille G in Would appreciate constructive critic   
    Here are two words (same word with different look) I would like to know your opinion as to which you like best.
    Secondly this letters are made up of a bunch of shapes with different colors placed side by side. Sometimes I can make the triangles meet perfectly and sometimes I cannot quite get 3 different triangle points form a perfect union. Is there a trick or shortcut to get this accomplished?
    Thank you for looking and suggesting, critiquing even criticizing. I am a big girl I can take it. The idea is to improve.

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    smallreflection reacted to Hanzz in Hanzz,testing the painting abilities of AP   
    Testing a newly made brush, based on the tuturial provided by PAOLO (http://www.paololimoncelli.com/bristles-for-affinity-designer/ )
    Mixing goes well. This one was a caricature I started in Mischief, and abandoned.
    I won't completely finish it, but it gave me the drive to do a good one very soon....
    So keep an eye open on this space... ;)

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    smallreflection reacted to Hanzz in Hanzz,testing the painting abilities of AP   
    It was great for painting.
    But after some time painting( half hour to an hour ) evrything started behaving heavy, slower.
    I also found that after the painting time, and after closing AP, the whole system acted up somewhat.
    After restarting my iMac, everything went back to normal.
    But all in all, a fun job to do.Though I have some personal troubles with the likeness, I am interested in painting some more stuff in AP.
    Great work ,and congratzz to the programming team.
    I intend to place all my paintings in this topic, to save up the space of the forum.

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    smallreflection reacted to Andy Somerfield in Affinity Photo Public Beta (   
    Purpose: Features / Improvements / Fixes
    Status: Beta
    Requirements: None
    Mac App Store: Not submitted
    Download: http://affinity.serif.com/beta-download
    Update: Run the app to get the link / click download above.

    - Fixed crash issues on 10.7, 10.8.
    - Fixed text tool keyboard issues.   Features / Improvements / Fixes
    - New “Shadows / Highlights” filter (with Live Filter capability). - New “Invert” menu item in Layers menu - works on any layer type. - New “Flatten” command. - New “Acquire Image” menu item - for scanning. - New “Force Touch” trackpad support. - New “Line Mode” in Pen Tool. - New support for “Photos” app on Yosemite in the media browser.   - Crop tool supports internal undo / redo. - Improved localisations in all languages. - X3F Sigma RAW support fixes. - Faster develop import. - Rotation controls for Develop. - Rectangle-sampling for White Balance. - Ability to create presets for Details, Tones. - New “Tones Clipping” overlay mode. - Pixel Tool line drawing improvements. - Quick access to the Advanced Blending dialog form adjustment panels. - Blend ranges can now be non-linear. - New built-in plugins folder, in preparation  - LAB / CMYK blend mode improvements. - EXIF support for reading / writing PSD. - Ctrl+Option can be used to set brush tip size / hardness in Liquify and Refine tools. - Grid customisation improvements. - Improvements to preview performance of all filters. - Add Noise improved in CMYK. - Field Blur is now a Live Filter. - Pinch / Punch improvements. - High pass improvements. - Diffuse glow improvements. - Curves improvements for greyscale. - Fixed LAB TIFF export / import. - Threshold adjustment improvements. - Export now offers PDF, SVG, EPS. - Export now offers presets. - Pressing the red close button no longer quits the app. - EPS import improvements. - QuickLook thumbnail generator fixes / improvements. - “Straighten” function in crop tool. - Crop tool UI improvements. - PSD import improvements. - Can press “F” to toggle between High Frequency / Low Frequency layers. - Liquify improvements. - Added 500px.com to Stock page. - Snapping support for Perspective tool. - New keyboard shortcuts in all Personas. - Text tool selection behaviour improved.   - Numerous small stability improvements in all Personas.   - New / improved camera support:   Canon: 5DS, 5DS R, 750D, 760D, M2, M3 Fujifilm: XQ2, X-A2 Leica: Monochrom (Typ 246) Nikon: D7200, 1 J5 Olympus: SH-2, TG-4 Pentax: K-S2 Samsung: NX500
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    smallreflection reacted to Ben in Exporting to psd   
    Text is going to be a big area to solve.  I'll be working with another of our guys to crack that one.  We may have multiple options for text, including rasterising, converting to curves/paths for export, and exporting in fully editable form (though this will be the difficult bit).
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    smallreflection reacted to Dale in Remaining development time   
    Hoping it's OK for me to say this.... it'll disappear if not!
    We're in a great position with devs that have far more autonomy than most. It's their call with the head of dev what to add/pull/prioritise, when to submit to Apple etc—and of course they would rather have everything in the app too but then it'd would never get released at all (because perfection is unachievable!) :)  It means they have tough decisions and cannot please everyone, but it also means they are working harder than the average dev to produce something very special. Just so you know, it's rather refreshingly not a financial or sales director making the calls in team Affinity.
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    smallreflection reacted to Dale in Remaining development time   
    Affinity is here for the long haul, so if a feature is distracting from what's deemed more important then the team know it can make it in a free update instead. And be in the customer beta before the next update. Win win? Hopefully!
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    smallreflection reacted to ronniemcbride in FREE Custom Smoke Brush   
    Here is  the custom smoke brush I promised in my Custom Smoke Brush Video.
    Free to use as you like. If you create one of your own I would like for you to post it to this thread and share with the rest of the community. Let fill the room with smoke ;)
    Don't know how to make your own? Well watch my free Video Tutorial 
    Thanks cheers and use responsibly :P 
    Smoke brush 3 demo.afbrushes.zip
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    smallreflection reacted to Yannik in Affinity Designer Free Resource Pack   
    Hey guys, because the comunity in the Facebook Group helped me a lot i decided to give you some resources i've created.
    This pack contains: 
    - 3 custom ribbons
    - twitter, facebook and youtube title picture templates
    - 1 grass brush
    - 5 Smoke Brushes
    - an awesome color palette for flat ui design
    You can use it private and commercial, more informations and credits are as a pages and docx file in the pack.
    Sorry for my bad englisch im just a student from germany
    cheers and have a nice day
    Affinity Designer Pack.zip
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    smallreflection reacted to outdoors in Affinity Photo Public Beta (   
    I am so impressed at the speed you guys manage to put in accepted features. Wow, is all I can say. 
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    smallreflection reacted to Diller in Affinity Photo Public Beta (   
    > - ABR brush import!
    So much sexy. Thank you!
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