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  1. The Welcome screen will scroll through several different welcomes. The first option is the one you're looking for.
  2. Is it correct to assume that the free macro pack and Grade UI are the same versions as were freely available before?
  3. I've come across a little bug where compound objects don't update symbols. If you create a compound object symbol and change the geometry operation (add, subtract, etc) then it will not sync to the other symbols.
  4. JackofDiamonds

    iOS Graphics Tablet via Handoff

    A year and a half later, I am thoroughly embarrassed by my squeee. Is there any way to send that data over lightning instead?
  5. JackofDiamonds

    Brush Tool Tutorial?

    Try dragging horizontally without going around the dial. Just straight out. It's shown pretty well in this video around the 2:15 mark.
  6. JackofDiamonds

    Brush Tool Tutorial?

    Are you trying to adjust the dial by dragging in a circle around the dial, or dragging to the left or to the right?
  7. I've noticed this problem with vector brushes over the past two days, with the rendering changing depending on zoom level. I suspect that's what the original poster was suggesting. ZoomBrushBug.mov
  8. Hey there. I'm trying to convert a bunch of .eps files into .afdesigner (file size is quartered). Any idea how to accomplish that on a Mac without doing it one at a time?
  9. JackofDiamonds

    Saved Color Sets

    It would be really fantastic if it were possible to create global color sets - swatch collections that vary the colors on global swatches, where just selecting a different set gives the ability to rapidly test and edit different color combinations.
  10. JackofDiamonds

    Grid tool like Photoshop CC

    The Grid Manager in Affinity Design can do most of that, and a fair amount more.
  11. JackofDiamonds

    Symbols convert to groups when copied

    I've also seen this bug. Just checked again today on the fresh 1.5.5 and it still exists. Cmd+J and Option+Drag results in a grouped/layered/nested symbol being converted into a group. Copying and pasting, though, is successful, and duplicating within the group is successful. Symbol Test.afdesign
  12. I find that the expected behavior of Divide doesn't match with what actually happens when using it with line segments. If you divide an object with a straight line, nothing happened and you get the whole object, when you should get a cleanly bisected object. If you divide an object with a curved line, you close the curve and divide with the new shape, when you should divide by just the segment. This matters in the area of laser etching and cutting, as well as other forms of cnc. Not all lines should be closed. PS: I recently learned that Divide separates complex curves into their constituent parts, which is awesome, and I love you for it.
  13. JackofDiamonds

    Pressure profiles and end caps

    There seems to be a bug in the pressure profiles, where end caps will sometimes not reflect the level of pressure. Stroke Bug.afdesign
  14. For the sake of covering everything, you can also force rotation in 15 degree increments by holding shift as you drag the rotation handle. If you cover all of the sub-15 increments and use this rotation with duplication, it will be spot on.
  15. I should add that the end result will be used in a laser engraver. The vector paths must remain intact.