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    Error Msg: Failed to save document

    Dang...... it's still broke...... Just completed my document and NOW it won't save
  2. 3drenderingservices.co.uk

    Error Msg: Failed to save document

    Chris, Whilst we wait for this fix to be available in a new build, is it possible to get around the 'expired' message we now receive on the previous beta version please ? I have installed but it's out of Beta. Many thanks. ****** Scrub that..... I just tried saving my Publisher document and it worked in ??? - wasn't working last week ??!!! ********
  3. 3drenderingservices.co.uk


    I'm getting this same problem - Save, Save As, also tried saving to a completely different hard disk, still won't allow me to save my file.... I'm on Windows 10, PC. I've had to uninstall and reinstall the previous Beta - I'll report back if that now, for whatever reason, refuses to save.....
  4. Why would you guess that it'd be more expensive than the other Affinity products ? My guess is it'll be the same £48.99 as either Photo or Designer, though hopefully they'll offer it with a great discount like Photo (I got my copy of Photo that way for the intro price £29.99 )
  5. This is an essential - I'm surprised Affinity Photo can do soooooo much, but this simple requirement in the Crop Tool is missing ! With constraining just like Photoshop, i.e. Alt, and Alt+Shift. Please can you add this into Affinity Photo Thanks.
  6. This software never ceases to amaze me Thank you sooooo much
  7. Photoshop has a nice touch where if you have done a "PrintScreen" to capture what's on screen, then go to Photoshop and do a Control + N (to create a NEW image), that new image's dimensions will already be set to the size of your PrintScreen dump (i.e the width and height of your monitors). By contrast Affinity Photo doesn't do that at all, but it would be fantastic if it did. Please note, ONLY for when a PrintScreen has been executed (i.e. just like PS).
  8. I don't like the image tabs being the entire width of your work area in Affinity Photo. I prefer that they be of fixed size. Then your eye (and mouse!) wouldn't need to travel irregular, unfamiliar and often long distances (depending on how many images you have open) to find the X (to close them).
  9. 3drenderingservices.co.uk

    .ai file export

    C.Biz - what settings did you export your EPS out as ? I can't get this to work for 3DS Max.
  10. Seems you cannot invert a mask just like you can easily do in Photoshop. Sometimes it's easier to mask what it is you want by painting it black and then inverting the mask to get that selection to be white (and I'm aware of cntrl+shift+I)).....
  11. As per the title - non-destructive tone-mapping would be fantastic.
  12. 3drenderingservices.co.uk

    Levels doesn't work on 32bit images

    Try moving the adjustments for levels in a 32bit image and the program crashes
  13. Great software guys (I'm transitioning from Photoshop, 20years experience) but.... The Affinity Photo warning messages are getting annoying because they appear all the time; 1) Export an image file - get a warning message, 2) Save History with document - get a warning message, everytime...... There are others, I don't have the software open and in front of me right now, but this is the first, most annoying thing.