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  1. I'm working on a simple banner for printing, and I'd like to see my artwork without those thin magenta lines on each object. And it seems I cannot predict when/where they'll appear as they aren't appearing for anything that's selected. Nor are they appearing for every object. How can I hide/switch those off please ? (in my example attached, you can see that all objects have these lines, but none are selected. And as mentioned before I have had instances where not all objects do have this thin line). Many thanks.
  2. I'm creating an extremely simple banner for a client. They've provided me with their banner in low-res jpg form and I'm simply superimposing new text which I've created using the Artistic Text tool. Their company name, a few services (about 12 words), a domain name, and a telephone number. It can't get simpler than that ! If I try to copy anything, Control C, Edit->Copy, Right-Click and choose Copy, Designer crashes out....... Not a good start to my first ever commercial use of Designer !
  3. Hi Stokerg, I've noticed that this goes away after allowing a certain amount of time to elapse before replying. At least that is my research. I did make your company aware of this issue earlier this year, and from that email dialogue we didn't solve it and I'd spent a lot of time trying to help. I have stopped my Ad-Blockers on your site - I don't think the problem has gone away but I don't think it's as bad. I think if I give it 1/2 hour, the problem disappears.
  4. This has been ongoing now for sometime and as I don't visit here often, now that I'm back today and have posted a new topic, I cannot reply to it, nor can I even try to quote someone before replying. I have tried this across the three browsers I have installed, Edge, Chrome and Firefox and they ALL have this issue. I've tried on my other machine, a laptop and this issue still persists. If I click inside the reply box, the box opens and then it closes again. If I click on Quote (to quote someone as a reply) the same thing happens, the reply box opens and then immediately closes with no chance of me adding my reply or even being allowed to type anything in the reply box at all first. So, when I'll get a reply to this message, my problem will be I've got no way of adding to the thread ???? I am on Windows 10. PS - It seems (with very small testing) that I cannot reply to my own topics.
  5. I am a massive fan of Affinity, both in terms of their software (I have all three products) as well as their company ethos, pricing, ethics etc etc. But until we have Smart Layers in at least Affinity Photo (like there is in Photoshop), I cannot use it in the commercial environment. Sure, I can get fantastic results quickly and easily, and it's fun, but if I CANNOT have a non-destructive workflow, it is useless to me. I recently got caught out by this due a client requesting I revisit a project I'd completed and needed revising. I had no way of knowing what the previous settings for my effects were. This is a NUMBER ONE MUST HAVE in your software. Please, please, please do this ! Thank you
  6. Thank you Affinity - I've just placed my pre-order. Couldn't be happier with Affinity products and your approach to pricing and how to design software Big kudos to you guys !
  7. I stayed with PS CS6, and recently I've wanted to have custom patterned (tiled) watermarks over my imagery (there is standalone watermark software out there but none of them can create a separate watermark only layer, they can only output a finished, flattened layer (with image and watermarks combined). On the journey to find a solution within PS, I looked into creating an Action, and during that journey I discovered that from the first edition of the subscribed version of PS (PS CC), a new Brick Fill Pattern became available that gave a dialog box which would allow you to do exactly what I was looking for (see my tiling.jpg example). So, my question; Is there ANY way this kind of action, script, macro can be produced in Affinity Photo ? A tileable watermark would be an incredible addition to this already fantastic piece of software
  8. Why would you guess that it'd be more expensive than the other Affinity products ? My guess is it'll be the same £48.99 as either Photo or Designer, though hopefully they'll offer it with a great discount like Photo (I got my copy of Photo that way for the intro price £29.99 )
  9. This is an essential - I'm surprised Affinity Photo can do soooooo much, but this simple requirement in the Crop Tool is missing ! With constraining just like Photoshop, i.e. Alt, and Alt+Shift. Please can you add this into Affinity Photo Thanks.
  10. Photoshop has a nice touch where if you have done a "PrintScreen" to capture what's on screen, then go to Photoshop and do a Control + N (to create a NEW image), that new image's dimensions will already be set to the size of your PrintScreen dump (i.e the width and height of your monitors). By contrast Affinity Photo doesn't do that at all, but it would be fantastic if it did. Please note, ONLY for when a PrintScreen has been executed (i.e. just like PS).
  11. I don't like the image tabs being the entire width of your work area in Affinity Photo. I prefer that they be of fixed size. Then your eye (and mouse!) wouldn't need to travel irregular, unfamiliar and often long distances (depending on how many images you have open) to find the X (to close them).
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