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  1. So thanks much for the help. I learned a lot - did not know about adjusting the gap of the donut and that worked fairly well but not completely. The problem I am running into is I need to have a stroke around the letters (actually "cbc") and when I try the various ways to accomplishing the cutout, I end up with a funky stroke because the letter is in pieces. I tried making the little overlapping pieces, and yes, that was quite fiddly, but I was thinking I could use those to make a vector mask and that might work? Vector masking, another thing I've got to go do a tutorial on. My brain thinks in Photoshop....
  2. I am so stumped. This would be so easy in Photoshop but after a day of trial and error and googling, I remain perplexed. I am making a logo that should over lap in a chain-link sort of way. I tried going to pixel persona and making but the selection tool is incredibly ragged and imprecise. I could get it to work in a rigged sort of way if I didn't need the white stroke, but i do. Here's an example of what I'm trying to do... So much to learn. Any help/tips would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I am talking about Publisher -- and yes guides, where you drag a line from one of the rulers (top or side) to wherever you want it on the document. Hopefully they will add that option in one of the future upgrades. Thanks for your quick response!
  4. So when I draw out a ruler line, it is light gray, and being an aging baby boomer I am having a really hard time seeing it. Is there any way to increase the thickness and/or color of the line so that I can see it better?
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