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  1. For some of them (like color palettes), XML would be fine, we could rename/reorder/add, etc. easily. Or double panels or similar views where we can up/down, rename, drap here or there… I installed a lot of brushes, and I had to create new categories and dupplicate/move from one to another until my brushes panel look more "clean" since it was a mess with too many categories. I had to recreate color palettes to add some color too, since the way to order them isn't really usefull… That's sure that we need specific tools to manage all those options. It could be a separate process/app, able to manage Designer or Photo (or Publisher) "options".
  2. @Pannonia, You need to check "Scale with object" if you want yours styles to keep same ratio, and stroke will stay at 8px, etc.
  3. Really nice, but I would have keep the texture on the screen (?), since this black rectangle become more visible than the black T-shirt (it would be best that we look first at the black-T than the black screen).
  4. Perhaps for now it would be best to use Word 's templates and spend a little time learning more about white paper and composition, choosing illustrations, etc., while waiting for Affinity Publisher. Once at ease doing your template in Word, and knowing few tricks that give a "professional" look in a publication, it'll be easier to learn to use Affinity Publisher and to create a new template in Affinity Publisher that will look the same as your initial Word's template.
  5. Perhaps some effects on the strokes that doesn't exist in Affinity. They couldn't be imported or were the results not as expected ? (examples of the later ones would be interesting to look at).
  6. Wosven

    Jpg export garbage, so disappointed...

    Hi @Inlancewetrust, Affinity.jpg file is 4048 × 3036 pixels and the Photoshop.jpg one is 1920 × 1440 pixel… this explains that When I crop the Affinity one to 1920 × 1440 the cropped JPG is only 909 Kb when the Photoshop one is 1.33 Mb.
  7. No problem, who never blackened a picture instead of painting on a mask, or ended up with a new pixel layer for having a vector object selected instead of a mask, etc.
  8. You don't have to show the hidden files to access those files (but it's easier), since when you're at "C:\Users\_UserName_\" you just need to complete with "AppData" in the adress bar and hit enter to be in the folder, and you'll see the subfolders. Our styles, macros, etc. are in : C:\Users\_UserName_\AppData\Roaming\Affinity\Designer\1.0\user\objectstyles.propcol raster_brushes.propcol file is huge, but I thinks it's only long to load when opening the app (Designer opened in ±20 sec. with a lot of brushes, etc. = 3.58 Go, and Designer Beta — fresh installation, user folder = 42.8 Ko — opened in 6 secondes. (Memory usage: Designer = 848 232 K, Beta = 369 700 K).
  9. Sorry to hear this @Txamo, But a tool should improve productivity, not the other way around. See you next time, Wos. Fore those who need this feature on Windows, they can use IrfanView for exporting images in tiles: Options > Export image tiles (split image) . (I did some tests on a desktop computer, and Lock Children behave as expected.)
  10. Thanks for pointing this, since the french translation doesn't make sense and I didn't tried it : "Expand/Reduce selection"… I think it's the "selection" term that is misleading, "Expand/Collapse group/objects" seems better, since "selection" is related to marching ants in my mind.
  11. Hi, Sorry for this question, but are you sure you don't use the tool on the Levels' mask layer instead of the image ?
  12. @Aammppaa, Export persona is thought for web/UI, and in this context rectangles, etc. are buttons/parts you want to export without background. But this behavior should be an option, since being able to export projects with different colors but same background, for example, is very usefull (not having to make visible/hidden parts of the project before exporting).
  13. @owenr , I'll try again on a desktop computer with a mouse and keyboard, since I couldn't manage shortcuts and dragging with a touchpad, and "lock children" didn't seems to work (but I'm clumsy with a touchpad). I find the export persona really usefull and interesting, but it needs more features, and perhaps we should work on a list of ideas like : Slices from guides Slices for _a_ rows and _b_ columns Dupplicate slices Alignment for slices Easy renaming of slices ...
  14. Hi @dominik, When I tried this, I wasn't able to get anything but blank PNGs, sinnce the slices only export the rectangles, not the background image. For exporting with different image's parts, I would have to copy the background in each rectangle (there's no way to dupplicate a rectangle with a clipped image and this one staying at its original place of 0,0).
  15. It would be helpfull to add scripts or plugins, since some already exists and can do this, depending on guides, for example. We just need to wait a little bit for this feature or for scripting possibility. I only use scripts with inDesign, but being able to do my own scripts to resolve repeatitive tasks and problems that can happen on specific documents, for limited use is really a time saver and some fun that can give a new boost while doing the "same" (sort of) work for years.
  16. Wosven

    SVG turns into images, why?

    Hi, It could be a problem with the stroke around the planks, but @Chris_K will help you with this. I just wanted to say it's a nice animation
  17. Thanks for the link, @Txamo, I don't use slices in Photoshop, and didn't know this was possible.
  18. Wosven

    how to make watercolor brushes

    Hi @funnyg480 , You can export your brushes' categories and share them in a post like there's in the Resources part of the forum
  19. Sorry Txamo, Since my first answer (and it's "she"), I had time to check in Designer and Photo, and wasn't able to dupplicate a slice... It's a case of bad memory ! I did a lot of slices some weeks ago for creating brushes and I suspect I used the same document to reuse the slices, moving and resizing them around for similar files, or I did use some other tricks... But nothing as fast as what you are doing in few seconds on another program (which program is it ?). Sorry again, I usually test first before answering. Being able to dupplicate, align and rename slices in bulk (instead of slice1, slice2..) would be uefull.
  20. You can create a first slice and resize it to w/a and h/b (a and b being the number of columns and rows you need), and position this slice at 0,0. Next move, you dupplicate this slice and reposition it as many time as you need for covering your texture. If you don't need 100x100 parts, it shouldn't take too many time doing it this way.
  21. It's not so easy since it can take time, depending of your system. My AD chocked on trying to drag/place more than 3 icons. It would have take forever to process 100+ icons. The faster trick is using Notepad++ and using the macro to add a group with a name corresponding to the file name, but you need to recreate the macro following the how-to or correcting the code since the forum keep on displaying "&quot ;" instead of " and "&gt;" "&lt;" instead of "<" and ">" Once the macro is recorded, you can use it on a lot of icon files you'll drop in Inkscape to create you main file, before opening this file in AD to add your assets.
  22. Hello, You can ask your printer for dimensions when in doubt, depending on machines and paper, it's some times wisest to ask first than having to modify a file for technical reasons.
  23. Wosven

    Not fit for production

    Like you, @SrPx I've got a not so young and not so hight-end computer made from parts I bought -- no need anymore for a gamer one since I don't play now -- and I install a lot of programs, usually around themes like design, photo, typo, PAO (publication with computer in french)... AP and AD run smoothly but for some bugs like when I use the wacom tablet with stabiliser on little parts without zooming in (seems it doesn't like turning around at the end of a stroke with stabiliser), but the apps are fine, and most of the time the recovery file help after a crash. (I usually get a Firefox with a lot of tabs opened taking, with Thunderbird a lot of my only 8G of memory...). It run file too on an Windows 10 tablet, but it's not fit for using such programs (not enought screen ). The only real problems I had was at work, on a Win 10 workstation, when I installed a buged font and AP and AD where crashing when loading fonts. (I tested on Win 7, and the problem didn't occured... But I suspect it's partly Suitcase Fusion and the fonts updates on Win 10 that cause trouble). There are so many computer configurations possible with PC, that it's difficult to debug. (And since Win 10, it's difficult to find logical answers to bugs... I don't know if I'm getting old or if it's Win 10... But it's the strangest OS I worked with... Even OS X and some Linux distro are a lot more logical ! ) [wrote on my phone, not sure if I'm to blame or it for typos]

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