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  1. Thanks Bruce. The actual files have the caption or name as their file name...inDesign is set up so that it doesn't include anything after the full stop, which allows the caption to import the name, but not the .jpeg part of the filename. The CSV route sounds interesting, but I'm not sure it would compete with the current workflow (which means I can't really advocate for affinity use in the work context), can you elaborate a little? At the moment, we can quickly click place the images into our template using the place function. Another option that could be useful would be integrating affinity with some software I use called notion, which also has a plant library, but not sure if that's dreaming at this stage.
  2. Just to clarify, I make plant palettes, which are just lots of photos of plants that relate to planting plans...i.e. green leafy things. We have a big library of plants on our server named in such a way that I can import them into an inDesign template quickly, and their scientific name is automatically attached as a formatted caption.
  3. Thanks. There appear to be a few issues trying to import photoshop brushes into affinity. Unfortunately I think PS wins in this case - I just can't seem to replicate the water colour brush effects I'm getting in PS with a wacom on my ipad or even with affinity desktop and a wacom.
  4. My work uses inDesign, but I prefer to use affinity where possible. We have auto-captioning for images which is fairly essential for our work, as we need to create large plant palettes and auto-captioning saves us a lot of time with labeling. Is there a way to do this in affinity publisher? Thanks, Tom
  5. Hello, i’m using the latest version of affinity photo on my iPad. When i try to modify brush dynamics nothing appears to change, e.g. pressure appears to increase size, but nothing else, and when i change the size dynamic to none, and set another (accumulation) to pressure, accumulation doesn’t change but size does continue to be affected by pressure. Would appreciate a hand.
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