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  1. That's just it. It doesn't. I've spent hours "just simply" trying to find why a page is shifting, or a chapter has moved because a section break was incorrect. Or, you create the pdf and the pdf has added a hidden page ... it's maddening. I looked to af p to be a step toward inDesign without the cost. I'm going to continue the learning curve with it. Thanks.
  2. You're basically where I am... the problem I have with word in creating books from manuscripts is the process when page breaks or section breaks get screwy with the front matter; or the table of contents... or there's that weird thing that happens with odd/even pagination and chapters starting on the correct pages. I looked to af publisher as a way to use it for all those bits while "just simply" importing (placing) the word.docx in a template. I still haven't had a change to play around with what you are describing. If I can get the word.docx body placed as a pdf and add all the other bits af
  3. From the answers, I'm going to continue the learning curve with af-Publisher and import the body of the word doc. Then add all the styles and required pagination. Thanks for the input.
  4. Don't know why people are thinking I'm asking about editing a PDF, which by the way, you can do with Adobe Acrobat. I do it all the time, for minor tweaks or typos. The reason this discussion is going on, is that I have seen that fixing and manipulating the placed copy of Word is tricky. I have attempted some tests with just small 20 page documents and there are issues with the bottom margin, line spacing, and so forth. If I can place the body content styled as a pdf, THEN make additions to pages with pagination, and such, that's my question. I tried to import the pdf and didn't see the pagina
  5. I'm not trying to manipulate the PDF. As I understand it, i could do all my formatting in WORD, then save as a pdf and import that. My question is, after you import the PDF, can you edit the master and the pages in the Af to add the headers, pagination, blank pages where necessary if the PDF flows strangely. I don't want to have to deal with setting the section breaks, pagination breaks, odd/even headers in the word; if I have to do that I might as well just build it in word and save it as a pdf as I have for five books. I chose this program to not have to do that. The question is: how do you
  6. Yes, I think this is probably the best route. Keep the WORD DOC just as unformatted as possible and use the Af Styles, etc to build the pub.
  7. I specifically chose this program so I wouldn't get near InDesign, Adobe's exhorbitant pricing and I was trying to avoid the learning curve. If I wanted to use InDesign I would have learned it 20 years ago :-)
  8. PS I did some experimentation and the word.docx goes in nicely EXCEPT I cannot get the bottom margin to match the baseline. The author wants 12/16 pt or thereabouts, I've been playing with all the refinements, but I cannot get all of the ten pages (of one chapter, and the book is about 110 pages) to all match. I can tweak individual lines, or paragraphs, or the entire thing, but not all pages will line up with the base. So, that's the next step. Otherwise, the word doc flows in nicely.
  9. The "adding a couple master pages for standardization" is the "just simply" part that didn't work. I created the pub doc, placed the pdf and wanted to "add a couple master pages for standardization" which I thought I did. but the pagination did not appear. Or the test of the header's did not appear. I created the master page and the text frames, the number # shows up, but not on the pages that now have the pdf on them. So, any help (steps vs. concept) would be appreciated. Thanks.
  10. So, I create an image frame onto a page, then I can add text frames for headers, footers and pages on that same page? BTW, I created a page, inserted a text frame onto it, and did the place when I didn't know you couldn't do this, and it all placed fine. Just couldn't add any of the items listed above.
  11. You place in a text frame on the page, then click the triangle on the right, (with Mac, hold shift down, and there are tutorials) and the text flows thru the doc.
  12. I haven't a clue as to why someone would do this. When I learned to format the book using Word.docx, and creating TOC, the headings, styles, odd/even, section breaks, pagination ... and saved as a pdf it was perfect. Why would I do all that just to put it into Af-publisher? I tested a pdf yesterday and tried to "just simply" edit (or add) pagination, text frames, etc and couldn't edit the page at all. So, the whole reason I am using Af-Publisher is to use the robust ability to do those things (fix Right-hand chapter starts, pagination, formatting of the header/footer) and as far as I can see,
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