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  1. Soooh, any reaction from you Affinity guys to put this on the map? You understand how maddening (stupid) this is right?
  2. Is there a (simple) way to create a "contact shadow" effect as e.g. KeyNote can do? At the moment I copy my vector drawing to KeyNote (which rasterizes it) and add a contact shadow. This is a bit clunky and I end up with a pixelated image. A way to do this directly in affinity designer would be much preferred.
  3. I like to be able to replace a specific color in my photo with a specific other color. Ideally, be able to use the picker to select the color to be replaced and pick a swatch representing the replacement color and all pixels in the photo are adjusted. Possible?
  4. I have color negatives that are ~30years old i.e. some significant fading going on. Any best/better techniques to revitalize these as well as possible?
  5. Btw, I also noticed that some of this document properties' are fixed (i.e., cannot be changed). Specifically: Doc Type, Page Preset, Dimensions, Objects will scale/rescale, Anchor, and Resample Not sure if that matters but it is different from all the other docs I have. Testing with the 1.5.5 B2, the export persona opens (no crash, yay!) but all the images/slices are moved over and will need to be redone. Just for giggles, I saved the doc from 1.5.5B2 and opened it in 1.5.4 to see if something got straightened out but it still crashes.
  6. Still crashes on my side. I open AD, open the file and immediately go to export persona - instant crash. I am on macOS 10.12.3. Thanks for checking in to it.
  7. AD crashes when I switch on the export persona. I have sent an archive with crash report and file to here: link
  8. ok, to answer my own question - in part; I noticed that I shapes do show across art-boards although they only belong to one of the art-boards. So I use two rectangles to draw from art-board A to art-board B. Then a copy of that rectangle so it sits on top of the first one but now running from art-board B to A. This way I it appears as one 'bar' in two art-boards. Moving these up/down, left/right, allows me to align my art work in the boards. A bit cumbersome, a bit silly, but it works. Any better ways?
  9. I have my own startup, all the company's money comes from one certain wallet :-) I am a strong believer in getting the right tools for the job and not suffer through working with half-baked stuff. It brings efficiency down and worse; employee moral down which in turn brings efficiency down and in turn ... oh well you see the cycle I am sure. For the small amount affinity is asking for AD and AP I would not have much hesitation if at all. More importantly would be for me to judge if the employee is passionate about workflow, quality of work and "moving the needle". If the purchase request comes from that background and drive, a couple of bucks for the affinity tools may open the flood gates of innovation, creativity and productivity. Which in turn adds the the atmosphere at work. So _you_ need to be convinced that these tool are going to propel you into that guy who makes high quality, great art. Your boss needs to see that energy in you. If he doesn't see that, but you remain convinced you need this - time to move to another company. Affinity's tool set is good, I use them myself although not as intense as others. I will be very critical if they do not fit my workflow, if they become a hindrance (see my notes on the lack of a good color picker some time ago) But in general, AD and AP are certainly worth their price tag in my opinion.
  10. I like to be able to line up elements across multiple art-boards in AD. Within an art-boards, guides help do that. But guides don't extent across art-boards as far as I can tell. If they do, how can I engage that 'mode'. If they don't, what are your recommendations for quick and precise alignment of graphics?
  11. So are we going to have a fix for this soon? This issue completely breaks the "design- export to coder" workflow.
  12. forgive my ignorance but how do you propose to use this?
  13. as the title says, created a new asset category, AD crashes upon renaming it. Once I restart it, the new name does seem to have been stored properly though.
  14. Thanks for the 1.5 release today but it still has the problems mentioned above !
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