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  1. I've tried to create a macro that resizes images to a 600px horizontal dimension at 72dpi. When I apply it to some images it resizes the 600px dimension correctly but not the vertical. It looks like it is using the final vertical dimension from the image used in the macro creation instead of recalculating a new one based on the new image size. The image comes out a bit squashed looking. Image one is the resized image used to create the macro. Image two is the new images I want to resize. Image three is the result. Am I doing something wrong or is it in the macro creation? Donald EDIT: The images loaded in reverse! The last one in the row is the first to look at.
  2. Here is something I processed in Affinity then tried the Topaz plugin Simplify.
  3. DBMiller

    Resize Canvas

    I will, thank you!
  4. DBMiller

    Resize Canvas

    I found a work around of sorts. Create a new blank white image and add the border. Save it then paste the photo over the top of it. Then I can add a shadow to that layer. The stroke doesn't show up well in Affinity but does in a photo viewer.
  5. DBMiller

    Resize Canvas

    Well, that fixed the border problem! Thank you! I still can't get a stroke around the white border, though. I've even tried to add a blank white layer below the image and adding a stroke to that and still nothing. The stroke (outline) will go around the image but not the outer edge of the canvas.
  6. DBMiller

    Resize Canvas

    I've been trying to add a white border and a drop shadow off the image. In Photoshop I would create a duplicate of the background - expand the canvas on the background - add a shadow to the duplicate layer. This doesn't work in Affinity. The border is never equal all around or centered, even though I click the 'center' button. How would I go about re-creating this effect in Affinity? Thank you.

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