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  1. Wow! I missed the email. Too much other email from my projects. And I just bought the standard pre-release... It's $5 but any way to get that turned into store credit or something? Regardless I'm excited for the release. You guys ever consider an Affiliate program? Like simple banner with userID if someone clicks through and buys it then later some slight residuals? I plan to at least link you on some new projects and I've made note of your software many times elsewhere not expecting anything back - just good to have a stable easy to use alternative to the "Shop" and their racket.
  2. Publisher yes - this is what this forum is about. It's really simple - a book I might make would have a few color pages - such as comic art I do or commission for the story - then some internal illustrations - then a parchment background - one I scanned from real parchment BTW and have on hand in case anyone tries to extort me claiming its "Their" parchment... Looking forward to that and suing back, making sure its in all the online forums, etc. So we'd have the file = text + cover + 5+ illustrations + special pages + text background. Something that should fit in several megabytes, even at full resolution. BUT the current software bloats it to full high rez images multiplied by pages. So an assembled document is huge and converting it to PDF isn't that much better. They really need to work this out. Right now it'd be excellent for "Brochures" of a few pages, a dozen or so at best. You'd expect high file size for high image transfer. But horrible memory management for a self-publisher making a book and -gasp- using WSIWYG software to plop in a few images and try to have an idea what the finished product would look like so can submit to printers directly...
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    Tone Mapping Presets [FREE]

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    Request for vector tracing

    Hello, newbie to forums but have used product for years. Logged on active to help/test the Affinity Publisher. I'm putting this note here to request you get the evolved "Vector Trace" under way. I still use the Vector trace from Serif, it's one of the reasons I bought the software in the first place - a relic from having loved Flash but that is being killed off and other programs that could do that were horribly expensive and/or under the 'subscription' racket. I find the vector trace very useful for many options, from graphics I might use in games someday to digital painting experiments to just putting backgrounds quick - From a recent trip to India - for blog backgrounds - very helpful in the latter - some pictures I shot from an "underground" market and even overground they don't like their image taken and passed around so vector trace makes it all anon, and so beautifully captured the motion and mood. So, please, please work out some way to upgrade it into the new Affinity version. It's been a while and still the #1 reason I go back to the Serif/keep it installed. Thanks!
  5. Hello, Long time Affinity user since Serif days. Love the programs as sane priced competitors to the 'shop racket, no huge fee or subscription and very useful. I've used Affinity Photo as the end result of countless 3d images and final edit/cut. I've done lots of vector graphics. And last but not least I use the last PagePlus to self-publish my works. So, here are my suggestion/requests: 1 - Master file same image Reason - the thing multiplies file size even when you use the same image - I like to make headers, footers, use scans of parchment for background, etc. If I use "ParchmentScan001.jpg" it should only be used once in document memory, even if used on 100 pages. 2 - Create a "document importer" or "create pages from page instance". That is, say I set up the template I'd like to add pages - create a full page of text then go to the text file and Cntrl+C, Cntrl+V the whole document - have it multiply that page X number of times till it makes the pages to hold it. This can be one - time so if you change the font and there are less or more pages needed, user needs to adjust manually. My last work was around 80 pages and my next one will be into 120 easily. The only thing I hated about the software was to manually add that box and link each and every new page... Then add another proofreading to make sure I didn't like link page 30 and 42... Otherwise it was fantastic, such as adding pages in-between and keeping the text line consistent or moving graphics/changing fonts. 3 - immunity flag from "Master Page" - ideally an easy to find icon or right click on mouse button. Say we got #2 by my request, my next work I'll first create the "Generic Text" then import the document, make sure the Font is good, right size, background JPG ok... THEN - I'd add the cover page, chapter breaks, an intro comic I commissioned... Credits for artist I commission for pages....public domain clipart I use... That internal page where I put the disclaimer its a work of fiction and if there are Insectoid ET's that contact man in the future this book is just fiction, not slandering them for 'wanting our women' etc. to see if anyone is reading... So I'd like to blind it from "Master Page" options so I don't have to re-edit every special page if done after. 4 - "Page Number" tag. Bows in shame if you have this and I haven't found it yet. But it'd be neat to do a "Display Page Number" but then have it workable so I could have it number starting ... page also have it ignore pages - such as those with full page illustrations/comics placed there already. (turning off the Display page #, flag immunity per #3) I'm not an advanced programmer, but I think it'd be relatively easy to add these functions. Lots of "indie" writers, comic artists, etc. just need a cheap but reliable and good program to help assemble a finished product so they can put it on Lulu, DriveThruFiction, Kindle etc. This feature would take WYSWIG to a whole new level. So far I'm very excited for this new program. Insert that Fry Futurama thing. I'm just making some suggestions I'd really like to see if you can manage them. Thanks for your time and continuing to improve but keep sanely affordable product!!!
  6. That's exactly what happened! I'd manually added it each page that file but put the same jpeg of scanned parchment in 'master' on the one that kept opening. Good work so far - definitely an issue its good to correct now. Again - forgive me posting this a lot -but these are things you should be able to do and will really help an "Indie" self-publisher for long stories/comics 1 - Make a 'master' image source so the file doesn't magnify many many times if I use page borders/backgrounds 2 - Make a "Page Generator text drop" where I can format a page - say backgrounds, borders, text block - then drop a huge text file like 40+ pages and I automaticly get that page multiplied with the features, optional page #, etc. that I can then add pictures/pages with full page picture to, etc.
  7. Exactly: They need to: 1 - make a 'shared source' option so if I include backgrounds/borders it doesn't multiply per page # 2 - work out "Mass Drops" of text so we can make a 'text page' like a master page, then drop a text file that might be 30, 70, 120 pages...wham! All the pages are there. Then we can play with text, add illustrations inline or insert pages with full illustrations... So far this software is incredible for people making short brochures. BUT there are more and more "Indie" authors and comic artists that look into this as an affordable but high quality way to make assembled documents to sell to the customer directly. No more sheepishly handing the editor a PILE of text to add to the mountain of manuscripts he has to work on then waiting a year for a rejection letter. We publish direct if we know we have good storytelling ability. So an easy WSWIG with a sane price has a good market - and lots of people who'll promote it for free. I've promoted Affinity Illustrator and especially Photo a lot - won't link those graphics here coz I used them to edit some 3d work for the ... Adults Only market... but amazed what I could do without 'subscribing' to the 'Shop...
  8. No problem! I know its in testing. So far I'm quite eager to help and provide input. Again - is there a way to "Drag and Drop" and instantly create many pages of text?
  9. Hello, So far I love this product, even though I've done some "Crash test Dummy" already but it's ok I'm eager to help. I'm eager for this - insert Futurama meme. Some requests: 1 - Have single memory use of image files. I like to insert scanned parchment, border illustrations from clipart and stuff I've created, lots of images. I would like at least the master page to have single instance in memory, but better if individual images have the same instance, as long as the same image name/place. 2 - Easier to drop all text, auto generate pages. I've usually completed documents elsewhere - Google Docs, an old version of Microsoft Word, etc. So I'd like to make something that'd roll into like 40, 70 + pages without me having to drag and drop the text block and manually link each and every one...double checking again and again, fearing I linked page 43 to 35 etc... 3 - Include templates for Samsung Galaxy tabs if not already - what I use and intend to publish based on mainly. I used the software's predecessor (Serif PagePlus X7) for my last work - and I'm nearly done with another novel and some more stories I am to release/publish soon. Have high hopes for this thing!
  10. No, I don't have that selected. Not that I know at least. Is it a default? What's worse is that I tried to open Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo and it crashed those...! I re-booted the computer and able to use them then. Affinity Publisher still crashed the first time, but luckily was able to load. I isolated it to one file that crashes it, but able to open new ones after create/save and an earlier one. Heh, that was good, I did install it and started typing something new in enthusiasm...my bad, was warned... Include the screenshot, I pixelated the page since I haven't released that story yet... Moved text to other word processors to complete. Seems to be working now, I'll just isolate the 2nd file. The only real difference was I'd copied the text but tried to branch from a master page trying to get around the huge save file from the background - again that's something you should work on - anything on the master page should be used once in the document. Maybe a "Source File Document" folder to manage it. But the first thing I did when I got this program working a few mins ago was to make a quick multipage/use master page to modify - save, close program, open, open file. (did not auto open so unlikely that option is selected) Now, if you wish I'll email (to an email sent from affinity team) my fatal file so they can pick it apart to look for what's triggering it. Has a bit of a new story I'm working on so please don't distribute though - more for embarrassment of early work on a project than giving away some good idea.
  11. I thought I posted this here but forgive me if I posted this elsewhere. The thing now does NOT boot up at all - just gives the error message and crashes. Can't bypass it, closing the window the software turns off. Not related to original saved files, can't do new files or anything due to that "Unhandled Exception" error and again the software closes immediately on closing it.
  12. Greengestalt

    Publisher Shutdown

    I have the same issue now. It loaded tonight but crashed when tried to open recent file I worked on - an Affinity publisher file. That was a sudden crash, window gone instantly. On re-start, get no ability to do anything, new, open old files, just information will crash - I did file the report - here's a screenshot. None of my other applications behave like that.
  13. Hello! I am very eager for this Publisher thing to go out. ?What will the price be? ?Any discount for old Serif publisher owners and/or people who've bought all the new stuff also? (I got photo and illustrator) Like the Futurama "Shut up and take my money!!!" meme... One thing I'd like a LOT is to see there be a single image option to save memory. I write "Pulp" so I love things like parchment scanned for backgrounds, images for the margins, etc. Problem is, your software multiplies it so constantly using the same image on different pages adds up. I hope by adding it to your "Master Page" option you could make it so anything sourced from there only takes the memory of that one instance.

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