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  1. Mick, I cannot express how thankful I am for your insight. It works. A bit weird when a person has been used to working in InDesign, and also due to the fact that it is so separated from where it's suppose to work. Thank you
  2. Hi Mick, Don't know what I'm doing wrong, but can't seem to find the symbols panel. The PDF that I attached, has screenshots of my issue in progress. When I select "Release" for an item, it removes it from the Master Page, and only makes it available on that spread. Unfortunately, you can't select the spreads, and release them all at once.
  3. Ever so slightly off topic, is there anyway that you can apply a master to a section of pages (simply because it saves time in setup, and there is a certain format that you want to use on all of them), and then go and edit the elements - in this case the text - without it changing the master page? Master Spread issue.pdf
  4. Hi John, Tried that, and publisher still crashed. It's definitely the Master page to Spread problem for me.
  5. Hi MEB, Yes, applied an image to a master, and then applied that master to a number of spreads. Thank you for the feedback, at least I know now that it wasn't necessarily the size of the file.
  6. Forgot to mention yesterday, I love the way that the paragraph text adjust the line spacing when you increase, or decrease the text size. That is a major + for Affinity Publisher . I was over the moon when I realised it.
  7. Hi Chris, The file is attached. I suspect that it's to do with the size of the file (yes it was the only file that I had created up until the report of the crash on the forum.), as I started a new file after the report - which at present is under 5mb, and that has no issue opening. With starting the smaller one last night, I noticed that there's no size difference between my placed file being linked, or being embedded. From the tutorial video that I watched, I got the impression that it would always make a difference. Calendar_2019_test.afpub
  8. I tried opening a recently saved file in a couple of different ways, and Publisher keeps crashing - giving an error message
  9. Watched the tutorials when I was about to go to sleep... hind sight, not the best idea :D There are 3 editing points that could be looked at; Tabs in paragraphs need to be changeable in alignment (if I missed it, I am open for correction) When deleting rows or columns from the table; it would be better if you could delete more than 1 row/column at a time For the Master apply options, please add an option to start your application from a certain page to go along with the odd/even pages option I believe these are just some ideas that would contribute to better work continuity.

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