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  1. Hey peeps.. heres the finished version of this idea.. it changed "a little bit"... :) this one is used for our facebook cover photo, and will be blown up for the tee too..
  2. Hey MEB, i've never played wipeout, just googled it :) nice ships :) This one i actually did on my own, wanted to see what i could come up with without looking at anything.. not the coolest ship, but it's getting there :)
  3. Hahah... I'm open to the idea :D though my secret ambition is the crew from Homeworld will see this, and make me their lead ship designer.. lol, not really ;) but i adore them.. they will be a huge inspiration for this.. I LOVE SCI-FI (nerdgasm)
  4. looking for the shape, colors, story... plan on making this full detail, with backstory etc... want this to be a series, lots of ships, different characteristics, classes etc ... :) this one is a light interceptor, security for a mining colony :)
  5. thanks people! cheers! :) (got the sample tshirt today, the print was almost spot on)
  6. Hey there gang.. how's it hanging :) it's been a while since i was here.. and man, have i got to know Afinity Designer by now.. simply put, i love it. its been in my professional workflow for a long while now, and i'm having a blast with it.. can't wait for the new stable version to come out.. -- Here's a illustration i did for us at ETL, to be printed on tshirts.. the print studio wanted something crazy to test out their brand new digital printer, so i rose to the task :) This "is" Belgrade, Serbia.. (done in a very short amount of time, and will be revisited to boost th
  7. Hoooolllyyyyy moly :O THANK YOU! I've been at it for two weeks now, no one responded :) thank you so much, this really means a lot to me! Ill give a shout out to you and affinity designer as soon as i get a chance, which will probably be very soon, ofc :)
  8. Hi man :) That would be really great from you :) here's my profile: https://dribbble.com/bbwebdiz And here's my shot so you can decide if you want to draft me: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/2365-illustration-wip/?p=10016 ^ this shot was done in AD, and I'm almost done animating it as SVG on a new website i'm working on..so, the singing praises part will be honored ;) Thanks man, Boban
  9. Does anyone have an invite? just started sending my shots for an invite chance..
  10. :D no biggy... :) Illustrator has something where you convert a rectangle or some other kind of path (didn't go that deep into this sry) to a compound path using cmd+8 .. and, that seemed to do the trick.. but its way to hard on my 2009 mac to open illustrator up and work with him :/ glory to AD for its lightness! As for the line thickness bug (or not), basically, if you transform any path shape etc, with the move tool, that happens.. BUT when i move the nodes of a path with the node tool, everything stays uniform as it should be o.O maybe it has something to do with "scale with
  11. niiice! thanks :) I'll survive until tomorrow.. tested it out in beta now though.. works great.. the only problem i had with naming was that i named everything with spaces :D so the outputed id looks like this id="something something", so from now on, i'm naming everything "something-something" to avoid code problems.. -- Other issues i'm having right now.. just to report it, maybe you know it already :) when i would draw a rectangle for instance, making it have 2pt stroke.. then, if i'd resize it along its x axis horizontally, transforming it, in AD the rectangles stroke would b
  12. Hi, I'm working on animating a svg graphic designed in AD. When i get the code, i need to organize it better for easier use. Would it be possible that the group/layer/object names remain as classes in the outputed code? When selecting the SVG export option, there could be a checkbox where you can select what names to keep, for instance, maybe you want only the groups ( <g> tag in the code ) to retain the names, and objects, paths etc, not to have the names.. This would, cant stress this enough, save a lot of time! :) Thanks, B.
  13. Oh my... :) Loving his expression... :) Please beware, he might see this and send a few spies your way ;)
  14. Thanks.. :) ..was hell of a lot of fun to make.. i'm eager to start a new illustration :) @peter, ty, i might just do that :) p.s. if you guys have spare time, just start drawing something in this style, i promise, you will get addicted ;) B.
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