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  1. Hi there, I wonder how I can read the color information of a sampler point which I've set on the Mac version.
  2. You can get QuarkXPress 2015 very cheap: https://shop.heise.de/katalog/ct-kreativ-arbeiten-2017
  3. Is there a way to set defaults not only for the current document but also for new documents? At least it should be possible to select a style before drawing a rectangle etc. (in Affinity Photo).
  4. @toltec I know about those interactive shortcuts, but I can only use one hand at the moment ;-). My requested shortcuts would also be great for the shortcut buttons on a graphic tablet..
  5. Hi there, maybe I'm just blind, but I'm missing shortcut to jump to the next or previous brush in the brushes studio (suggestion: , and .). I'm also missing simple keyboard shortcuts for decreasing and increasing the brush hardness like the shortcuts [ and ] for the brush size. My suggestion would be Shift+[ and Shift+]. Greetz, Tekl
  6. Tekl

    Emoji Support on iPad

    Also the Mac Version does not support Emojis :-(
  7. Tekl

    Perspective Warp

    Thanks, I didn't realize, that it's only pixel based.
  8. Tekl

    Perspective Warp

    Thanks for clarification. I wonder, why there is an interface for the filter inside Designer? Then you simply could add a menu command to add this filter without switching apps. I understand that you don't want all features in all apps, but I think perspective transformations are useful for vector graphics as well. I missed this in Illustrator for years.
  9. Tekl

    Perspective Warp

    I just saw this feature in the advertising Video for Affinity Designer for Windows (at 0:59 and 1:15). When do we get this in the Mac version?
  10. Thanks for your answer and the very interesting link.
  11. I'm looking for a new MacBook Pro 15". What's better for Affinity? 2,6 GHz CPU and Radeon Pro 460 or 2,7 GHz with Radeon Pro 455? The price difference is only 20 €.
  12. What Tech is from yesterday? The GPU for example is absolutely new.
  13. The Problem is, that Affinity is far to sensitive. I think there should be an option to disable scrolling gestures while holding down the mouse button. Or even better only allow scrolling with a second finger. Another solution could be to stick the mouse pointer to the object, so scrolling is possible but it's not moving objects. But I don't know any use case, so think the best would be to decrease sensitivity while holding down the mouse button.
  14. I'm working on the 5K iMac. When I take a screenshot of an window and open the File in Affinity Photo the following happens: Zooming to 100% shows the window as big as it would on a non-Retina screen (I can deal with it, but Photos.app uses 100 % for pixel perfect view) The screenshot looks pixelated as it has been taken on a non-Retina Mac Zooming to 50% shows the window in its real screen size, but also pixelated Zooming back to 100% shows the retina resolution, the pixelation is gone Zooming to 50% shows again the pixelated non-Retina version, so text is not that crisp like in the original Changing the DPI from 144 to 72 without rescaling makes zooming consistent and always shows the retina pixels Bonus annoyance ;-): With both dpi values I have not found a zooming shortcut which shows me the screenshot pixel perfect on screen Cmd+1 and Cmd+9 behave the same I've attached a screen recording of this bug.ScreenFlow.mp4.zip
  15. Hi, I often have problems to read the histogram with overlapping curves. Its hard to see which channel is responsible for the white curves. I think Apple Photos is doing it better as it always shows the curve outlines in the channel color.