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  1. Hi there, does anybody know about downloadable brushes that contains a realistic pencil like Apple Note, Papers oder Art Studio h Cheers, Tekl
  2. Thanks. This option does not help, as it only avoids drawing with the finger but it does not disable touching interface elements. Well, I recently found a solution by accident. Double tapping the fullscreen icon will also get the option bar off the screen. Yeah.
  3. I'm trying to use Affinity Photo with the Apple Pencil for digital painting. My problem is, that my hand often accidentally rests on the bottom contextual panel and activates transparency lock for example. Is there a way to let it disappear in full screen mode. Or can it be moved elsewhere? Or how do others deal with the panel?
  4. Tekl

    HB pencil brush - request

    The DAUB Pencils aren't perfect. Isn't it possible to create a realistic pencil like in Apple Notes with Affinity Photo?
  5. I bought the great Neptune Illustration Kit. The user guide shows how to install the Neptune Swatches, but I can't find the download for it in my account. Just the brushes and the textures are there.
  6. Hi there, I wonder how I can read the color information of a sampler point which I've set on the Mac version.
  7. You can get QuarkXPress 2015 very cheap: https://shop.heise.de/katalog/ct-kreativ-arbeiten-2017
  8. Is there a way to set defaults not only for the current document but also for new documents? At least it should be possible to select a style before drawing a rectangle etc. (in Affinity Photo).
  9. @toltec I know about those interactive shortcuts, but I can only use one hand at the moment ;-). My requested shortcuts would also be great for the shortcut buttons on a graphic tablet..
  10. Hi there, maybe I'm just blind, but I'm missing shortcut to jump to the next or previous brush in the brushes studio (suggestion: , and .). I'm also missing simple keyboard shortcuts for decreasing and increasing the brush hardness like the shortcuts [ and ] for the brush size. My suggestion would be Shift+[ and Shift+]. Greetz, Tekl
  11. Tekl

    Emoji Support on iPad

    Also the Mac Version does not support Emojis :-(
  12. Tekl

    Perspective Warp

    Thanks, I didn't realize, that it's only pixel based.
  13. Tekl

    Perspective Warp

    Thanks for clarification. I wonder, why there is an interface for the filter inside Designer? Then you simply could add a menu command to add this filter without switching apps. I understand that you don't want all features in all apps, but I think perspective transformations are useful for vector graphics as well. I missed this in Illustrator for years.
  14. Tekl

    Perspective Warp

    I just saw this feature in the advertising Video for Affinity Designer for Windows (at 0:59 and 1:15). When do we get this in the Mac version?