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  1. As long as Publisher can export to a PDF ISO format that a printer can use, then that's all that matters in my book at this juncture. The native file interoperability can come later...
  2. Anyone else notice that Affinity updated it's website to list Affinity Publisher as "available 2018" and that it's sad that I'm so excited by this somewhat vague revision to the status of Publisher? It's a whole 12-month window, but I guess some update is better than nothing. Can any Affinity person out there give maybe a little more information? https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/about/ And... Affinity, do you sell t-shirts yet? Mugs? Stickers?
  3. Yes. Yes it does. Seriously, though. While I do appreciate the fact that Affinity values product over timeline, it goes without saying that even if Publisher did half of what InDesign does now, I would still buy it just to have an alternative to Adobe's dollar-intensive kitchen-sink-ware. If you're a corporation or large agency, the licensing fees are a drop in the can. But, for a small shop or freelancer, it's teeth grinding to pay that much when you're in a slow month. So, perfect is always the goal, but gets the job done and released is mo' better. Take my money! Another question: Do you sell t-shirts?
  4. Any word on at least a release date for the Affinity Publisher Beta? I think I can safely speak for many designers out there that we would literally throw money at you the moment you released Publisher until you were smothered in currency. Even saying "Spring 2017" would be infinitely better than "sometime in 2017." That's like saying that we'll be on Mars "sometime in the 21st century" or we'll have flying cars "in the near future." You gotta throw us a bone here.