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  1. No, can't make it work the way I want to as I'm an old stupid man, so I had to resort and buy Adobes "buy to rent" option for photographers... :-/
  2. Hmmm, will try to see if that will save me time... good idea, never used the export persona, still learning the others :-) Usually use Photoshop but I don't have that on my laptop when I'm away from home...
  3. After Develop when most is set: Crop and rotate doesn’t cut off as it should, and it always as default choose ”unconstrained”, how to get original ratio by default? Wonder if the developers ever used AP and edited like 200 RAWs and want to save them as full size PSD in one map and smaller sized JPG in another map, don’t think so…? Tedious to death… 1. Export… 2. Choose PDF 3. Press Export 4. Choose Map 5. Press save 6. Choose Document from meny 7. Choose Rezise in submenu 8. Enter i.e. hight (2500) 9. Choose DPI 300) instead of default 350. 10. Press Resize 11. Choose Export… 12. Choose JPG 13 Press Export 14. Choose Map 15. Press Save 16. Close 17. Press Don’t save.. One (1) RAW ready, just 199 more to go… For the name of the underground bad, evil one… Make this work as a MACRO please.
  4. How come one can't use Export in a macro. It's one of the more tedious tasks to handle when saving hundreds or even thousands of images from a days work. My workflow for RAWs in Photoshop: Make adjustments of non straight shoots. Fine-crop if necessary. Fine-adjust contrast, levels etc if necessary. Noice removal if necessary. Sensor dust removal if necessary. In (one) macro ( action ): 1. Save as PSD in a sub-directory to where the RAWs are. Created by the macro. 2. Rezise to 2500px on the longest side. 3. Add a tiny sharpening ( smart sharpen) 4. Change the mode to 8 bit for jpg. 5. Create a sub-directory for the jpg:s and save the jpg. 6. Close the Image. Load the next image and repeat. Very tedious if one can't use a macro for the steps 1 to 6.
  5. How many cores does your MBPr have and did all of them show 100%? If not and if it have 2 cores 100% means 50% load and if it has 4 cores 100% means 25% load.
  6. Eh, exuse me, if I crop an image by rotate it why isn't all you describe above done automatically as most image-editors do already? If I rotate an image and repositioning it, why do I have to do extra steps to get rid of "out of boundary" areas, goes beyond me? If I do a misstake you can always go back. As it works now is like crop and crop again sort of.
  7. You guys and girls are fantastic... No time to testify for some days but will play around now and then .
  8. Even Photoshop requires that the files is saved before such things can be used, but once saved all the files opened can be used. So, no need to close them, just make a macro that saves all files then one can start playing... I have no idea yet how AP does though.
  9. In the presences there are a setting for Touch Bar so I'm pretty sure it has it already.
  10. I have quite a lot of PS plug-ins and these I tried today, and sorry to say, none of them works. They do work great in PS Cs6 though.
  11. Oops, I ​am not fancy with dark themes but this time i believe you overcooked it ;-)
  12. Lol, this is a really fast moving update race, can't keep up testing :-)
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