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  1. No, can't make it work the way I want to as I'm an old stupid man, so I had to resort and buy Adobes "buy to rent" option for photographers... :-/
  2. Hmmm, will try to see if that will save me time... good idea, never used the export persona, still learning the others :-) Usually use Photoshop but I don't have that on my laptop when I'm away from home...
  3. After Develop when most is set: Crop and rotate doesn’t cut off as it should, and it always as default choose ”unconstrained”, how to get original ratio by default? Wonder if the developers ever used AP and edited like 200 RAWs and want to save them as full size PSD in one map and smaller sized JPG in another map, don’t think so…? Tedious to death… 1. Export… 2. Choose PDF 3. Press Export 4. Choose Map 5. Press save 6. Choose Document from meny 7. Choose Rezise in submenu 8. Enter i.e. hight (2500) 9. Choose DPI 300) in
  4. How come one can't use Export in a macro. It's one of the more tedious tasks to handle when saving hundreds or even thousands of images from a days work. My workflow for RAWs in Photoshop: Make adjustments of non straight shoots. Fine-crop if necessary. Fine-adjust contrast, levels etc if necessary. Noice removal if necessary. Sensor dust removal if necessary. In (one) macro ( action ): 1. Save as PSD in a sub-directory to where the RAWs are. Created by the macro. 2. Rezise to 2500px on the longest side. 3. Add a tiny sharpening ( smart sharpen) 4. Change the mode to 8 bi
  5. I have ordered a MacBook Pro wit the Touch Bar but it will take another 4-5 weeks before I get it it seems. Will report about it after that.
  6. @MEB: You did notice that I wrote it's hardly visible at the lower part of the the pref. pane?
  7. Just discovered that Touch Bar has a tickbox in the prefs pane but it's almost hidden/clipped at the bottom.
  8. Any chance these could always be on? Toogle setting in prefences would be super.
  9. AP support TouchBar would be really nice.
  10. Well, I want the canvas not to move when I'm not zoomed in, that is at fit view, else I prefer to move the canvas freely... as, again, in Photoshop.
  11. Addition: Mouse right click: should be implemented with proper dialog box for toll choosen tool etc alá PS & LR, big timesaver.
  12. Additions to be made: Zoom buttons in Toolbar Fit, Fill & 1:1 (100%) Options: Healing brush: Proximity match missing. Cropmode rotating: Option to crop at the bounding box alá PS & LR. Will Add to this list as I start to use and learn this app /Cek
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