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  1. @SrPx Hello, thanks for your quick and pertinent response. I totally agree with you and the way you're doing but still. To me, switching between different brushes (textured or not) fast and especially without having to go into menus / lists seems essential to develop a good workflow and the best software possible. To create custom lists would also be great but I'm starting to repeat myself. Those features missing, I really hope some Affinity's staff will read this topic we diged up to fulfill my attemp that i'm sure I'm not the only one looking for it. Again, thanks a lot, Regards, M.
  2. Hello, this topic might be a bit old (more than 1 year ago) but still, today those questions are really interesting and really helpfull to develop a good workflow and challenge PS for digital painting : and It woulb be great and if it has been done feel free to tell me where i can find those features please. Plus the possibility to recreate custom brushes libraries composed with different brushes picked up from differents brushes folders already imported in Affinity Photo. I really want to do the transition, this software is beautiful but painting without being able to use those shortcuts and interrupting yourself clicking, scrolling, searching into the brushes menu between 2 strokes preventing you to go fullscreen just ruin the workflow and is the last thing makes me still use and prefer Photoshop to paint. Indeed, keep going you're doing great. Hope this problem/feature will be solved. Regards, M.
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