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  1. Exactly the point I was trying to make. I'm continuing to use Pageplus for the present time until Affinity Publisher has footnotes, which is a shame as I like what they have done so far.
  2. Footnotes may not be essential for a general non-fiction work, where either no referencing is given or endnotes will suffice. However footnotes are essential in any serious academic work. The reader of which should not have to keep on jumping between pages and the end of a chapter to see the reference. I hope we will see this feature soon.
  3. Thank you Seneca and Iceritchie, I've now found it in Section Manager, however the numbering, 1, 2, 3 stopped working when the number format was changed, so I now have half a dozen pages all numbered 'i'. I have indeed set up right and left master pages for each chapter (section) of my document. The first, introduction, requiring the none standard numbering.
  4. I've noticed that fonts available in other programs on my iMac, including Affinity Designer and Photo do not appear in the list of fonts available in Publisher.
  5. Add me to those voting for footnotes and endnotes, especially footnotes. Manually inserting would be a real pain.
  6. Inserting a page number works fine providing you want a standard number character. I've set up a master page for the front section of a book and want to change the page number format to lower case Roman numerals, e.g. i, ii etc. There does not seem to be any facility for this.
  7. Forgive me if I've missed this, but in PagePlus I would set out each book chapter as a separate document. I would then use Book Plus to collate these and add in my index before exporting to a print ready PDF. I cannot see anything that suggests a similar facility in the Beta. If not present in the Beta, do you expect it to appear with the first release?
  8. When selecting Insert Row in a table the new row is automatically inserted above. There does not seem to be a way of telling Publisher to insert after. The same happens with columns. Also is there a way of telling publisher how many rows and columns are required before drawing it out on the page |(as was the case with PagePlus), as currently the number of rows and columns grows as the object is dragged across the screen. The resulting table then needs to have superfluous rows and columns deleted.
  9. I have a similar issue, not necessarily related to tone mapping. If I open one or sometimes two photographs, the fan on my 2017 imac starts running loudly and affinity photo freezes. I have a 3tb drive and 32gb of ram. I have memory management software which reports more than 30% of ram available. It is an intermittent problem, that is it does it only with very large sized high resolution images and is a real pain when it occurs as it is impossible to save anything done to the open image.