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  1. Thanks. My project for today. I'll let you know how it goes. Brilliant!! I've got to do some more experimentation, but it seems to be just what the doctor ordered. Thanks.
  2. Thanks. Although I didn't mention it, I did create a template containing my Master Pages together with one blank page for each master page (and a TOC page). Not perfect but a step in the right direction. Thanks. My project for today. I'll let you know how it goes.
  3. Thanks. This works for copying/pasting the contents of a text frame, but isn't what I'm looking for. I'm doing a multiple-volume book series. Nearly every page of each volume is unique, but there are spots where all (or most) of an existing page is needed. The needed page will usually contain more than just text in a single text frame. I'd like to import the entire existing page rather than copy/paste its separate components one at a time. Suggestions? Currently I'm using "Save as..." to create the new volumes and then removing unwanted pages (which means most of the book) and starting the new book from there. If there 100 pages and I only want to keep 2, it would be much easier to start with a blank slate & adding 2 pages.
  4. Is is possible to import a page from one APub doc to another Apub doc?
  5. Changes to the TOC via Paragraph Leading are undone by the "mandatory" TOC update. Win10 & APub 257
  6. EdK

    A Photo-Portfolio eBook

    For the time being - Yes. A work in progress.
  7. EdK

    A Photo-Portfolio eBook

    Not just you. That's part of the 25% that I'm not satisfied with (my error, not Apub's). Decided to go with the book as is and get some fresh eyes on it before yet another update. I want to change some of the photos, too. These are a draft selection out of 100K+ in my archives. For now, I'm taking a break. Thanks for your input.
  8. Here is a photo-portfolio eBook I’ve been struggling with since December. Finally got a version that I’m satisfied with (well, 75% – I’m picky). I tried seven different publishing options and learned a lot along the way. The winner, by a mile – Affinity Publisher (which is still in beta). I wanted the book to be interactive. The book uses nearly 200 hyperlinks to: move among ~150 photos and guide the reader to related material my Photography Improvement site as well as my new site, Thru Ed’s Eyes. Any comments and suggestions will be appreciated and may help raise my 75% satisfaction in future eBooks. Eds Eyes Affinity 12x12 v4.pdf
  9. When adding a URL hyperlink address, the usual method paste-ing via a right-mouse-click is blank. Control-V works, but the missing right-click option should be added.
  10. I looked at your test example. Not the same as what William described here: We're not looking to get to a URL target external to a PDF document. In my case, similar to William's example, I have a Table of Contents (on page 3) to each chapter of a 15 chapter PDF book. Every chapter in the document (15 photo portfolios) uses a page based hyperlink (not master page based) to get to that chapter. Every page has "Go to TOC" in a bottom corner. What we want to do is to use the related master page to get the viewer back to page 3 (TOC) when desired without having to create a separate link for every page (over 100 in my case). In summary, I use 15 non-master-page links to get from the TOC to 15 chapters (works fine) and want to use the master page for 100+ identical links to return to the TOC (doesn't work at all). Note: the hyperlink TYPE used throughout is Page (URL takes you to an external target which isn't the case here). Should be straight forward once the bugs are squashed in APub. Your example is entirely different, but thanks.
  11. Near the middle of the Export's More... page.
  12. Yes. Advance Features and Hyperlinks were both enabled. I'll take a look at your test and get back to you; thanks for including it.
  13. Walt.Farrel - Interesting that you got this to work. I am able to get it to appear to work in APro (i.e. add a link to a Master Page and then have it respond correctly Go To Source (or Target) are clicked. However, when exported as a PDF and viewed in a reader (one that does correctly respond to other hyperlinks in the same file) the links made on a Master Page are don't work. I assume that you did the final step of actually exporting a PDF and testing it in a reader. My test appears to work when looking at the link in Hyperlink studio, but not in the real world. Any thoughts?
  14. Thanks. You're a life-saver. A good thing that I read Kindle British-Mystery-Novels every day. I don't even need the "Glossary for Yanks" anymore.
  15. MEB, Thanks for the feedback. What you say is not a surprise. However, the large number of user requests for the the hyperlink feature seems to have lead to its addition even before the previous "It's coming but not as part of the commercial release". This demand being the case, it would appear that some concentrated beta testing of this feature is in order. However, that testing - without at least a few paragraphs on its use (forget the video) - is difficult if testers are stymied because of zero help. Speaking of help, release .238's F1 stills brings up APub Help, but help's search function no longer shows the help results. Whatever - thanks for adding this feature regardless.