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  1. Thank you @Dan C I somehow missed that detail for so long! If the value is within a bracket then (by selecting auto from the drop-down menu) I can use the keyboard shortcut. I think I was entering a number there and then trying to use the shortcut... Is there a way finetune the value (by entering a number there manually) and still use the keyboard shortcut - because with the shortcut I can't get very small increments? Is there any way to get a small increment with a shortcut? @R C-R Thank you for your help!
  2. Thank you for the replies guys. You got it right, if I set the AD dpi settings to 96 I don't get any scaling while copying and pasting. Is there any to set the Inkscape document to 300 DPI? I also have 300dpi for my AD document. can't seem to avoid the scaling with that settings.
  3. I use Inkscape with Affinity Design to get the functionality that Affinity Designer needs to improve/add (such as better expand stroke, dxf import export). When I copy and paste any graphic element from Affinity Designer to Inkscape it's scaled up by a factor of 3.125 and vice versa. Is there any way to avoid this scaling between this two programs?
  4. You can try copying and pasting in Inkscape - it has way better expand stroke algorithm. Only problem is when you copy and paste into Inkscape the scale of the graphics change between the programs by a factor of 3.125 so you need to scale it back accordingly.
  5. I have noticed that the text leading override shortcut (alt+up/down arrow) stops working for some text blocks but works for new text blocks in the same Affiniy Deisgn file. If it happens to any text block, I need to go and do in the character properties windows by entering the number manually or pressing the arrow key - but this really hampers the workflow and speed. It seems to be happening randomly to some text box and I have not been able to find the reason for it and not sure if I am doing something wrong or if it's just a bug. If I am doing something wrong - it would be great to know how to avoid it, if not, it would be great if this can be fixed soon. This behavior continues even if the file is opened in Affinity Photos (haven't checked with Publisher yet). I have attached an example .afdesign file for you to try it out. leading override shortcut isn't working for some text.afdesign
  6. Thanks. I was looking for it in the swatches palette. In some other programs, all used spot colors get listed in the swatch palette and when an object is selected the corresponding color gets highlighted. At least now I can see it one by one in the color palette - that's better than nothing! How do you get them listed in the swatch palette and how do you convert them to global swatches?
  7. Hi Is there a way to find the Pantone colors used in a Designer file? If a color is used from a Pantone Color Book in Designer - it gets listed in the recent colors. But I can't find a way to detect the Pantone color later in case I need it - Is there a way to do it?
  8. Ok. That at least reduces 1 step. Thank you!
  9. Is there any update on this workflow? The current workflow is too tedious, esp, if you have to it many times?
  10. Thank you Matt. Look forward to V1.8 resolving this issue that's crippling my workflow.
  11. @MattP Hi Matt, Iis there any update on this performance issue? Is it going to be addressed in the upcoming beta/release?
  12. Really appreciate your reply. Good to know that the issue is real!! Also, as you said, I did not notice such slowdown issue before the last major update (that came with Publisher launch) if I remember correctly. I need to use a lot of CAD generated line drawings like this ... so, such slowdown is making it almost unusable (especially with other files which are much more complex than the attached one). Resolving this issue would be extremely helpful to me. @Dazmondo77 yes turning off snapping does seem to help to an extent.
  13. Thanks for the reply. How much ram is recommenced for such a simple file. Also, if I create much more complex file in AD itself, it does not give slowdown issue - it seems to happen when it's imported from CAD - what's the reason for that?

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