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  1. Hi, Is there any way to show and hide layers quickly by using shortcut? It would be very useful for both Photo and Designer but I am not able to find how to add shortcut for it. Also, a shortcut for showing all layer is also essential. I found another thread on this forum on this topic but it's a work around and not very efficient IMHO. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/42112-hideshow-layers-quickly/
  2. Is there any real show/hide layer shortcut for Affinity Photo and Designer? It would be really helpful.
  3. Thank you. I posted it here, please voice your support if you think if it's useful:
  4. I am really loving all the Affinity applications in including the Publisher Beta. But what I really miss is a true full-screen mode in any Affinity program for a preview without any distraction that hides all tools, toolbars and guides with a single tap of a button(s). It would be great to have a full-screen mode for all Affinity software, preferably with the same keyboard shortcut. What do you think? By the way, Is there any reason why a true full-screen mode is not added to Affinity?
  5. Thank you! These shortcuts very handy when the toolbars are hidden. I really wish there were a full-screen preview mode in every Affinity software - now the menu-bar, document-bar and scrollbars are always visible. Is there a place to ask for this feature?
  6. I have been trying Publisher Beta since it came out - and absolutely loving it - congrats to the Affinity Team for such a great job! Can't wait to buy it. I just wanted to check if there is a preview/presentation mode in Publisher that hides all tools, toolbars and guides and makes a single/facing page visible - and you can quickly go through the pages using some shortcut. In some other popular software such presentation mode is available. In case such feature is not there yet in Publisher, adding it would be really handy not only in Publisher but also in Designer.
  7. Is there any way to toggle the default layer mask of adjustment layer in Affinity Photo?
  8. If I remember correctly Affinity used to recover files after crash (not sure it it were Designer or Photo). But lately I am noticing that when I re open the program after a crash - nothing happens - it doesn't give any option to recover files (on Photo). Is there any settings for that?
  9. True, except if you are using vector path or shapes then it leaves it rasterized, even if you press escape and cancel it. You need to press Ctrl+Z to bring back the vector shape..
  10. Thanks guys. Looks like Gaussian Tool was assigned to it G, now after resetting and restarting Photo it seems to have resolved. However, as G was triggering Gaussian Blur - I had checked Shortcuts>FIlters>Gaussian Blur and it was not assigned any shortcut!
  11. Thanks everyone for the replies. @GabrielM: I have reset the shortcuts, I thought this issue is gone but it's back again after pressed G few times! It's quite annoying, as, once it gets activated pressing G just once opens the Gaussian Blur dialog... and if I am using any vector path or shape it leaves it rasterized, even if I press escape and cancel it. Ctrl+z brings the vector back but one can miss it easily while working on a large number of vector shapes. @IanSG: What do you mean by "This behavior happens with all the filters." ? Not just Gaussian Blur ? Do you mean G+G is bringing up last used filter dialog? @ RCR: The shortcuts on Windows look different than yours.
  12. From yesterday I am noticing a mysterious shortcut on Affinity Photo! If I press G+G it blurs the current layer and opens the Gaussian Blur dialog. I am not able to find where it's coming from as there is no such shortcut assigned to Gaussian Blur filter. And once it's used, pressing G once opens the Gaussian Blur dialog instead of fill! If this is an intended feature, could anyone please demystify it?
  13. Recently I have come across some discussions about PDF from Affinity Designer incompatibility with Adobe CC 2018. Here is a link for the post on Adobe Forum: https://forums.adobe.com/message/10182519#10182519 I have stopped using Adobe except sometime converting files files for our clients with my old Adobe CS6 and Illustrator CS6 opens pdf from Affinity Designer perfectly. I am wondering if anyone else is also facing such incompatibility issue? It's really sad if Adobe has done it internationally