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  1. Really appreciate your reply. Good to know that the issue is real!! Also, as you said, I did not notice such slowdown issue before the last major update (that came with Publisher launch) if I remember correctly. I need to use a lot of CAD generated line drawings like this ... so, such slowdown is making it almost unusable (especially with other files which are much more complex than the attached one). Resolving this issue would be extremely helpful to me. @Dazmondo77 yes turning off snapping does seem to help to an extent.
  2. Thanks for the reply. How much ram is recommenced for such a simple file. Also, if I create much more complex file in AD itself, it does not give slowdown issue - it seems to happen when it's imported from CAD - what's the reason for that?
  3. I am facing very slow performance when I open line drawings in PDF format exported from CAD Software. Every operation (such as drag-select, deselect, group, ungroup, move, copy, paste etc) freezes the system for short or sometimes 5-15 sec or more! Initially, I was thinking it could be because the drawings are complex and have too many curves - but then I noticed that it's happening even for simple drawings as well. It works fine when very complex graphics developed naively in AD though. Has anyone else noticed such an issue? I have attached an example file with I am facing such slowdown issue. I am running Designer on Windows 10, 64bit, Intel i7 6700, 16GB ram, NVIDA 6GB GTX 970M Graphics. line drawing slow performance_product.afdesign
  4. I am also facing the same issue - I have posted a file to that can reproduce this issue:
  5. Affinity Design Crashing when the Slice panel is clicked on in export persona. It's not happening in all files - but happening with some files. I have attached one dummy file to which is crashing on my system. Steps to reproduce the bug: Open the attached file. Go to export persona. Click on the slice tab - and it crashes! I am running affinity designer on Windows 10 64Bit, Intel i76700 16 GB ram and 6 GB Nvidia Graphics GTX970M card. Business card bug report AD 2019-09-07.afdesign
  6. @Jeremy Bohn I guess the assumption is, if you are scaling a shape you may want to have the freedom to scale it as you want (disproportionately) but I just can't get used to it. After changing it to constrain by default makes it much better - only issue is text box... I wish I could freely move the the corner point freely with the constrain by default select.
  7. In Affinity applications, proportionate and disproportionate scaling behavior change based on if it's a shape, group, or type. If it's a just a shape it's unconstrained by default and you need to hold shift down to scale it proportionally, If if it's a group or type it's constrained and proportionate by default and pressing shift make it un-constrained. I find it difficult to remember this inconsistency when working fast even after all these years (I am using all Affinity applications since their public beta) I would like to know if there are reason and benefit from this kind of inconsistency that I am unaware of. If there's no obvious benefit, could we please have a consistent behavior for scaling? It could be constrained and proportionate by default for everything (shape, group, and type) and by holding shift it can be scaled disproportionately. Or it could be reversed (like the Adobe programs) but consistent for every type of object/group. Would like to hear your thoughts on this. PS. I thought this topic must have been discussed but could not find anything relevant, so please forgive me if it's a repeat. scaling behavior in affinity _2019-08-17_121517.wmv
  8. Hi, Is there any way to show and hide layers quickly by using shortcut? It would be very useful for both Photo and Designer but I am not able to find how to add shortcut for it. Also, a shortcut for showing all layer is also essential. I found another thread on this forum on this topic but it's a work around and not very efficient IMHO. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/42112-hideshow-layers-quickly/
  9. Is there any real show/hide layer shortcut for Affinity Photo and Designer? It would be really helpful.
  10. Thank you. I posted it here, please voice your support if you think if it's useful:
  11. I am really loving all the Affinity applications in including the Publisher Beta. But what I really miss is a true full-screen mode in any Affinity program for a preview without any distraction that hides all tools, toolbars and guides with a single tap of a button(s). It would be great to have a full-screen mode for all Affinity software, preferably with the same keyboard shortcut. What do you think? By the way, Is there any reason why a true full-screen mode is not added to Affinity?
  12. Thank you! These shortcuts very handy when the toolbars are hidden. I really wish there were a full-screen preview mode in every Affinity software - now the menu-bar, document-bar and scrollbars are always visible. Is there a place to ask for this feature?
  13. Thank you MEB. Is there any shortcut to navigate between pages?