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  1. I noticed a bug in version 2.0.0 of Affinity Designer. Some warp groups in the Bend - Vertical configuration may leave a trail when you drag them around. Reproducing this bug—which may or may not occur—is simple. One needs to simply type in text and click Layer > Warp Group > Bend - Vertical to distort the letters, and then drag the warp group around. I have attached the .afdesign file if anyone wants to take a look or confirm this is also going on in their end. Bart.afdesign
  2. While we are on this topic, I read in a AECMagazine article by Martyn Day that at least one customer is beta testing Affinity 2.0: https://aecmag.com/technology/serif-affinity-for-aec-firms/ For those who don't wish to click the link: “Version 2 of the suite is due out in 2022 and promises to bring a slew of new capabilities. One customer who is beta testing V2 told me [Day] it will also make the switch from Adobe ‘even easier’, acknowledging some ‘growing pains’ in the initial transition.” Is Serif in a position to confirm or deny any of these rumors at this time?
  3. Hi there—I've been using Designer for about three years and just learned what compound shapes were last night (I've gotta get with the times, I know!). It seems like a powerful tool for seamless creation of new shapes with ease, and having played around with it for a little, I find it renders a lot of destructive shape-making moot. But are there specific cases in which you do not want to go with compound shapebuilding and go with the default? Apologies if this is in the wrong category.
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