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  1. It only happens on my old files. When I create a new file, there is no problem. test.afdesign
  2. In my projects, I'm largely relying on CIELAB colors. But the LAB sliders alone are really hard to scroll along Hue. Then I found this variant of LAB: HSLuv. It would greatly save my time dealing with CIELAB colors. Details and sample implementations can be found at http://www.hsluv.org/
  3. Actually, the file was exported fine using "PDF (for export)" preset in previous beta version. And I didn't changed any export options while exporting with v1.7.0.251. Can anyone provide a download link to the previous beta version?
  4. Even on my 4K display, those small font is still terrible for my eyesight.
  5. When Export as PDF and set Raterize option to "Unsupported propertes", the whole file will be rasterized like setting Rasterize to "Everything".
  6. voidsea

    symbol objects mask/crop lost/moved

    I've encountered the same problem when working with symbols. I just have some cropped bitmap inside the symbol. And upon copying/duplicating with CTRL+Drag or ALT+Drag, the bitmaps disappear at random and the symbol bounding box is extended to artboard size. EDIT: After checking the layers, I found the missing bitmaps are all there but with a wrong mask size and location. I have to resize and edit the mask to get them back.
  7. I have about 300 slices in the list. After clicking on the Expand Arrow of a slice or clicking on the Add button under an export set, the list will jump back up, and I have to scroll down again to find the right slice. Please check the attached GIF for a demo. (You may need to click on the image then "Full Size" on the bottom-left to play the animation.)
  8. And one more thing... Showing slices as a layer enables me using slices a a bounding box guide whiling editing icons. I don't want to manage another extra grid layer for this. Currently I have to switching a lot between personas, and every switch takes time due to the mode change.
  9. But I can't set margin spaces for the auto-following slices, and the pixel alignment would be wrong on some of my drawing (because of the sub-pixel placement on the top & left most borders). To the concern of a bloated UI, personas can be predefined as tool layouts. It should not block me from accessing whatever features right at my hand via shortcuts. *AT LEAST TAKE A LOOK AT ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR* And what make a software hard to learn is hiding everything in a box. (Like hiding "export slices" in the export persona's slices panel. DOUBLE BOXING) The biggest problem with this MAN-MADE persona blockage is I will (almost always) forget which persona I'm in when focused on my work. And I will not recommend AD to my friend or buy a upgrade on the future as long as this time-wasting problem persists. Since the refund period has expired, I'll go along with whatever it is now. Though the personas workflow suits AP well.
  10. When would us be able to copy/paste slices and reorder the slices in the panel? And I would like to move slices alone with drawing objects, since I have to reorganize the canvas frequently. Move the objects and realign all those slices is a pain. Merging the three personas into one just like Adobe Fireworks will be a great help. Slices can just be placed inside a layer. And the only different between vector & pixel personas is the content of the Tools bar. It wasted lots of my time on switching those stupid personas.
  11. voidsea

    [ADe] One Crash One Blue Screen

    I was moving slices or objects after a ctrl+s save in Pixel Preview mode. Sorry I don't remember exactly what I was doing after a sleepless night. One thing worth noting is I applied outer glow affect to a whole layer which contains at least 1000 objects.