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    render clouds filter

    Is there any way to generate different noise from this filter? It is like pasting the same effect again and again. All i can do is zooming it in/out and make it more grainy or blurry. I would like to radombly create different noise.
  2. Yes, i know Designer has this function, but i need it in Photo. I do all my work in raster program, Ps, and Krita has those options, so it is natural for me to have it in Photo too. I would rather not buy Designer, JUST for the text on curve option.
  3. I would really like to see more option for text to be able to curve it. The best option would be something like PS has "warp text" with many different options. But if not that, then simple put text on path would also work.
  4. That do helps, but i rather want to know what is my exact maximum brush size with max pressure than to just set it 'more or less' because it looks like this size... If there is not, they should add an option so that size vary up to the limit you set. Crossing the the size you chose is very strange thing to do for me, unless you set it yourself.
  5. How can i set in dynamics brush size so it will not cross the value i choose? When i use 5px brush with pressure it is larger then 5px if i press pen harder. I want it to be max 5px. In different topic MattP sugested to set the brush to not vary size with pressure. He said "Size variance is one of the many configurable 'Dynamics' available in the brush editor.", but i don't see such an option there.

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