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  1. Oh, yes it does work. thanks for the tip. Still, i have pen in the right hand and the left hand is free to use keyboard shurtcuts for faster work.
  2. Thank you very much for the answers guys. Unfortunately the numeric keypad won't work for me as I have all necessary shortcuts on the left side of the keyboard. I guess i will have to readjust to new things if i want to use AP. Thank you for redirecting me to the brush increments thread also.
  3. I also would very much like this to be redesign so that increments are always by 1px with small brushes (1-20px range maybe) then it can be by 5px for bigger ones. The inablity to go back to the original size of the brush right now (using increase/decrease size brush shurtcuts) is one of the most frustrating things in AP for me.
  4. Hi evereryone, Few questions about AP that bothers me for quite some time. Firstly, shortcuts. It seems like by default numbers are set to change the opacity of layer and brush. I would like to change it, but I can't find that shortcuts in the preferences. I want to set decrease/increase size brush to 1 and 2 respectively (it's just how I used to work in different software, it's easy for my workflow). Even though AP allows me to set those numbers in shortcuts, it still changes the opacity of brush instead of it's size. Is there some workaround for that? Secondly, more annoying is that decrease and increase size brush have some strange jump sizes. I would like it to change by 1px (especially when i am working with small brushes 2-6px range), but it jumps by 0.6 or 0.4 or 0.5 every time different. If i start with 4px size and then decrease it and increase I can't even go back to the original 4px. It's always 4.3 or 4.2 or 4.5 etc. Very frustrating Is there a way to set the decrease/increase size increments by 1px all the time ? Lastly, is there a way to keep brush cursor a small circle instead of cross when using small brushes. It's changing to cross when the brush is small and i dont really like it. Thank you.
  5. Mark, I was actually using ver Sorry for the confusion. Honest mistake. I must have checked the release notes that are on the bottom of the newest beta post you did and then forgot to go back and downloaded outdated version. I just checked the 604 version and it seems to be working good. No lag at all. Thanks everyone for help and sorry again!
  6. Thank you for sharing youe settings. I set up everything the same, no luck though. Sorry, I am not sure if what I am experiencing is the "500ms deyal stroke lag" per se. I just know that every time (well 90% of time) when I start new stroke it has like 1 secoid or less lag, I move my pen a little, but the cursour stays still, then after that second it moves creating straight line durng that 1 second initial freeeze. I have this lag for all brushes. Even simple ones set to 3 px size.
  7. Hi there Since very fist beta I still experience pen input lag using my Wacom Intuos ctl-480. It behaves exactly as user hashms0a posten in his thread here https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/107896-pen-lag-when-drawing/&tab=comments#comment-583392 This supposed to be fixed in this beta, yet I still have this problem.
  8. I have missed couple betas, This one seems to handle my Wacom ctl-480 much better than previous versions. I have to test it more, but is seems like the initial stroke lag is finally gone.
  9. The problem with some tablets (especially Wacom) persists from the very first beta. It seems like they have difficulties solving that one. It is hardly a driver issue. It's the same problem on every driver for over a year now
  10. I am not sure what performance was improved, but i don't feel any change with wacom tablet.
  11. This is exactly the same respone as every before. I don't want to be rude debraspicher. I know you want to help and i appreciate it... but have you read what i wrote ?? After checking dozens of drivers, on different systems where only AP did not work correctly, you still asking "are we sure it is not a Wacom problem?".... So what esle people can do to be at last sure whether it is or not a Wacom problem? This is becoming ridiculous. It is an AP problem because AP is the only one that does not handle Wacom properly. The alternative statement would be that all ofther softwares (which handle Wacom well) are doing it wrong. Does poeple truly believe in the latter ? To be honest most people who had a Wacom drivers problem was those who did autoupdate from Wacom Desktop Center. It does not make a clean driver installation and have caused many problems over the years. I have no clue why they still didn't fix the auto aupdate, people just go with that and then complain (justified) to Wacom that new driver is broken. I did that too couple years ago, but after that i always do a clean install of new drivers and have never had problem again.
  12. Hey Halo It is good someone else is also trying to get to Serif team with this problem. I kind of feel tired already of posting same thing and hear same respones over and over again. From me again, I checked drivers, did clean install for diffrent versions, check other software's (in terms of possible conflicts), reinstall windows (8.1), nothing helped. Interesting thing is that my Wacom works fine in PS, Krita, Gimp, Sai, Black ink, Inkscape... it is ONLY Affinity Photo that has this problem. I believe there is a certain line of Wacom small tablets that has this problem in AP. After all i could do on my PC i was pretty sure it is not anything wrong with it. As a last resort i installed my tablet on completaly different PC on win 7. All the softwares handled my wacom well on that PC expect AP, again. So after that i am pretty sure there is something wroing with AP and this certain line of Wacom tablets. For me disabeling history tab dosen't change a thing. If it does, it is nearly impossible to catch.
  13. It's been a year since i bought AP and the bug that is very unnoying to me (and actually prevents me from using AP completaly) haven't been fixed yet. I am talking about some wacom tablets lags and strokes that are not a perfect curves. I am very disappointed, whole round year and all i see was one attemp to improve it with with a updated that was reverted. Not a word since then about any work toward fixing this problem.
  14. Sean, are you working on any fixes / improvement for wacom tablets? It is been very long time since last time you ever addressed the issue and it was not solved yet.
  15. Do you mean that you have "some" lag? I have been waiting for a Wacom fix since first beta and still cannot use it at all, because of the constant lags. Are you still working on it ?
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