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  1. If only one live perspective filter is applied at a time no crash. Disabling one and adding a second is possible without crash though - without disabling - crash with no traces in event log. I have 20 different versions of ucrtbase.dll on my machine in different specific locations (e.g. AP installations including betas and ...Microsoft Shared\OFFICE16) and versions. I assume that AP Beta 102 as well as AP release are using the ones in their application path. Both ucrtbase.dll in AP application paths give in contrast to the system32 6 missing dependencies. As AiDon quotes the Faulting module path: C:\WINDOWS\System32\ucrtbase.dll there may be an erroneous use of the system32 path?
  2. OK - Huion has 3 similar tablets - for me on Windows 7 Pro the newest version with updated firmware https://www.huiontablet.com/all-products/graphic-tablets/huion-new-1060-plus-159.html runs smooth with AP Beta 101 as well as with AP release version. In addition I tried the following: On VMware® Workstation 12 Player, 12.5.9 build-7535481 I installed on the latest Windows 10 version the same driver and testing with paint showed the host tablet hardware works as well. In addition the device manager show the same behaviour as on Windows 7 host - no pens listed bat the HUION HID device. See attached screenshot of VMWare Player window - In this combination the tablet runs fine and hard for developers (do they use VMs for testin?) to find any misbehaviour.
  3. Maybe related to Windows 10 - on my Windows 7 Pro with Huion New 1060 PLUS with driver HuionTablet_WinDriver_v13.15.2 from September 11, 2017 there is no problem and no HID conform Pen is listed but a HUION HID item.Prior to deciding to buy early this year I learned that sometimes installation of wrong drivers can give undesired results. My working driver is from Driver for HUION NEW 1060 PLUS(8192) on the download section from https://www.huiontablet.com/all-products/graphic-tablets/huion-new-1060-plus-159.html
  4. worf2

    Affinity Photo Workbook

    Yesterday Designer Workbook in German arrived and today Photo Workbook in German. Both are produced in very good quality but one thing is in my very personal view irritating - the color of the pages for a new chapter in the Photo Workbook. Thank god 1) the number of these pages are limited as looking on the color is real pain and 2) the quality of the content is great as expected.
  5. worf2

    Affinity Photo Workbook

    Hi, I ordered both workboks on December 05 and yesterday and today I received confirmation of shipment for designer workbook order twice. Hopefully not an error by sending 2 times designer instead one of each workbook!
  6. Now Develop works like a charm - AP getting a further step closer to perfect.
  7. Sima, thank you very much for this tip - as I am not yet experienced enough to see all the (for my actual knowledge) hidden details. With your aid now everything including exporting works expected. Problem of the unexperienced user solved. Great!
  8. Hello, I am just getting aquainted with AP 1.6 Release and going step by step through the great tutorials I am unable to reproduce the Affinity Photo – Vector Masking tutorial produced on the Mac. Independent of the vector element chosen there is always a checked and not a black background and no vignetting with blur is generated. Exporting renders the background (with blur) without vector element in contrast to live filter layer vignette which is exported correctly. I reproduced in addition to my standard machine (I7 3770 with 16 GB RAM with HD 4000) on a VM with both AP 1.5.1 and Beta as well as on my laptop with I3 processor and mobility Radeon HD 5470 graphics. May be this is working only on Mac Computers?