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  1. I guess the difference im seeing here is that I use a large screen tablet without express keys. So I keep a keyboard to the side, so its way more convenient to have this done via one key than numerous. Its a bit of an edge case, so if you guys are really that against the default behavior changing, then It would be cool to at-least have an option to switch the default behavior of del to clear a layer rather than delete it. Or I can download a separate utility to make a custom macro for affinity like you suggested.
  2. You'd be surprised. Its extremely handy in situations where you just want to iterate quickly on something. Or just start over. As for it being a specific shorcut, Krita, photoshop and gimp all do it like that as the default DEL functionality I believe. It makes sense too, deleting a layer is not entirely necessary. Deleting just the contents is a bit more workflow friendly. Purposefully getting rid of a layer is the more unique situation for such a simple hotkey imo. In that stead it could just be shift+del or something?
  3. Would it be possible to implement a one-key shortcut to clear a layer without deleting it. This would reduce the amount of keystrokes needed in a quickfire session. So far i believe the quickest way is: ctrl-a -> del > ctrl-d.
  4. Just chiming in to say Iv got a intuos pro M, and pressure works and has worked fine for me on both designer and photo. Sounds like a setup issue you guys are having, if it makes any difference I still havent upgraded to creators on win10 yet, so im using build 1607 I believe.
  5. I just wanted to shed some more light on High precision input. Iv observed this behavior and it is reproducible on my side. Enabling High precision input works MOST of the time, stepping is highlighted (1) , disabling it gives me consistent stepping in curves (2). Whatever you guys are doing when this mode is enabled is working!! but in an intermittent way. If you could make an adjustment to make it fully consistent this would be amazing! I hope you guys can reproduce this issue aswell. Im using a wacom intuos pro med.
  6. Awesome, thank you Sean!
  7. More->brush->dynamics->select a curve to adjust. The pressure curve adjustments for brush settings seem to be broken. I cant move the points at all, and they get haphazardly added when clicked on.
  8. Hey Sean, I closed down all of the studio panels on the right and the problem persists. Also, the problem is persistent regardless of which brush is selected. Let me know if you need me to test anything else. What systems are you guys using? Are any of you using Wacom IntuosPros at all running on win10 x64? I have confirmed this issue across 3 computers now, one with a bamboo and win 7 x64. I have the same experience in Designer too... except i never noticed it as im tracing showily or laying down curves by points.
  9. .83 beta, win10 x64, 1080ti, ryzen 1800x, wacom intous pro latest drivers. First of all fantastic work guys, this and designer are very promising applications, I would love to see fixes applied to this version as they are kind of showstoppers for a pro workflow. The new High precision mode for wacom tablets seems to be very inconsistent. Most times, curves are very smooth, other times they appear somewhat stepped and rigid. Like some type of interpolation value is getting messed up. I notice it most when Im using pressure. Iv included a picture to illustrate and circled the offending spirals lol Please have another look into this as I would love to do all of my painting in affinity photo. Another issue I hope can be looked into is the performance of brushes at high resolutions 4k 300 dpi+, it lags behind the cursor currently making high res painting a nightmare. Edit: I checked the brush lag against krita, and gimp Affinty is the only program with lag. The lag also occurs at every resolution. I also checked without the tablet plugged in and it appears the mouse suffers from the same issue.
  10. I know mesh distort tools are on the road-map, but just in case those tools were only meant to cover gradient-meshes I overwhelmingly vote for a universal distort brush with the ability to nudge, thicken, thin out, and otherwise distort strokes. This would be an INCREDIBLY useful and time saving tool. It provides a more organic way to edit strokes without the need for manually grabbing and adjusting handles. A bucket fill tool that analyzes individual strokes and creates one closed shape to quickly fill an area. But if it came down to it, my heart is set on the distort tools!!