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  1. Thats just setting up a strawman, this isnt about a subjective interpretation of which application is more 'honest', this about a user expecting a reasonable consistent result. By the same logic, our glitchy broken expand strokes feature must be pretty honest too? This application has had problems with consistent results when it comes to certain aspects of their vector engine for a little while now. Its an unfortunate situation that I hope gets straightened out sooner rather than later, but its been years. Fair warning.
  2. Hey just wanted to make an update. Nothing currently works for this. I thought I had fixed the issue by reinstalling the drivers but it ALWAYS reverts. I HOPE Affinity can fix this issue. Please look into it guys. Just use a 191 or a 221 and move the pen far off of the tablet and back on and it will automatically choose the eraser tool.
  3. Hey guys, just creating another topic for visibility and priority. I NEED this functionality working correctly for my motion graphics work. It would be fantastic if this got prioritized not just for me, but for all the other professionals on here who rely on a proper expand stroke feature. There are work-arounds, but they murder fast workflow.
  4. UPDATE: Looks like I had a wacom driver on my system that was most likely conflicting. The auto-switch has been solved for me. I still get stepped curves while drawing under certain pressures, but i think that is a whole other issue.
  5. I am not, I am a few revisions below. The ones released on January 4th. The newest drivers seem to have issues installing on my system. I also notice problems in the newest version of gimp. Krita and inkscape are unaffected. I don't think this is a configuration or driver issue otherwise nothing should work. Likely its just down to how you guys are communicating with the tablets. Maybe Huion is doing something funky and out of spec and it needs to handled as an edge-case?
  6. Hey Chris, thanks for heads up. It did not work however, its the same behavior as before. It occurs when either app loses tablet focus by the mouse being moved or the pen is being lifted a little off the tablet. Then it just defaults me right to eraser mode.
  7. Can we please get some assurance that this is being looked into!?? I also get the same behavior in Designer. Im running win 10. build 1607 using a huion gt220 v2 on driver I experience NONE of these issues in any other software. This is becoming very frustrating as I am not able to utilize my investment to its potential. Between this issue and the inconsistency in drawing smooth un-stepped curves in photo with a pen, quick workflow is almost impossible. Are there others on windows who don't experience any issues what-so-ever? What are you windows and pen an
  8. Brush Opactiy Jitter. The title says it all, I would LOVE for this to be implemented. Please consider adding it to the next release. From a Concept/Matte artist perspective this is a must.
  9. Hey just chiming in to say that my Huion gt220 v2 is experiencing the same issue. I don't experience this problem in Krita. I also notice that the issue is very easily reproduced EVERY time I use the mouse, even just to move it and switch back to the tablet pen. Seems like a context switching issue.
  10. I guess the difference im seeing here is that I use a large screen tablet without express keys. So I keep a keyboard to the side, so its way more convenient to have this done via one key than numerous. Its a bit of an edge case, so if you guys are really that against the default behavior changing, then It would be cool to at-least have an option to switch the default behavior of del to clear a layer rather than delete it. Or I can download a separate utility to make a custom macro for affinity like you suggested.
  11. You'd be surprised. Its extremely handy in situations where you just want to iterate quickly on something. Or just start over. As for it being a specific shorcut, Krita, photoshop and gimp all do it like that as the default DEL functionality I believe. It makes sense too, deleting a layer is not entirely necessary. Deleting just the contents is a bit more workflow friendly. Purposefully getting rid of a layer is the more unique situation for such a simple hotkey imo. In that stead it could just be shift+del or something?
  12. Would it be possible to implement a one-key shortcut to clear a layer without deleting it. This would reduce the amount of keystrokes needed in a quickfire session. So far i believe the quickest way is: ctrl-a -> del > ctrl-d.
  13. Just chiming in to say Iv got a intuos pro M, and pressure works and has worked fine for me on both designer and photo. Sounds like a setup issue you guys are having, if it makes any difference I still havent upgraded to creators on win10 yet, so im using build 1607 I believe.
  14. I just wanted to shed some more light on High precision input. Iv observed this behavior and it is reproducible on my side. Enabling High precision input works MOST of the time, stepping is highlighted (1) , disabling it gives me consistent stepping in curves (2). Whatever you guys are doing when this mode is enabled is working!! but in an intermittent way. If you could make an adjustment to make it fully consistent this would be amazing! I hope you guys can reproduce this issue aswell. Im using a wacom intuos pro med.
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