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  1. I use Luminar not On1 but saving your file as .tiff with layers is what I do with AP so I can always go back to modify if needed.
  2. is there a way we can modify/edit or change the exif data of a photo with AP? could it be done? thanks
  3. -rmar, that's my point, I want the 10 zone in AP, without having to send my images in SEP2.
  4. could it be done, adding a 10 zone scale under the histogram, from black to white. or am I missing something that could already be done to get it? is part of SEP2 and Tonality from Macphun, I thought it would be nice to have it included with AP. thanks
  5. keep doing what you doing, you got some serious talent at painting
  6. some are nice, of course it depends on the type of photo :) here's some I've been playing with all morning, ya not so busy today you'll say, I know. all that to say, these are nice preset to play with, I do like most of them, easy to tweak to your taste, nice job :) little brother pine tree, I use Rain of November with some adjustment and added a tilt shift; lighthouse sun down with Alice/Rain of November, tweaking the adjustment; copper view was done with Alice/Manson tweaking the adjustment.
  7. thanks for the dream skies, nice work, I did spent quit some time playing with them, here's a sample
  8. thanks Madame but no I did not want to use the rulers. also thanks to Alfred, that can work, but I guess I went through a bug, I've been trying everything over and over following the same step I went but nowhere to be repeated, all it does is giving me the pixels location with white numbers, what I am looking for is the distance to border which were blue numbers.
  9. well I think the title says it right, but I want it more in depth, like when you creating it you just click and drag the new rectangle (or square) holding shift to keep it from the centre, my problem is keeping measurement form each side of borders. So accidentally yesterday the numbers changed to how far from the border my lines were and now, can't remember how to get that, by default is show your image dimension, I just don't want that. any idea how to?
  10. an other question here, can we get a cropping pattern for multiple crop wittin a photo? what I'm saying is if I want to cut a picture in 3 different frame.
  11. nice set Chris, I have to give this a try, they look nice
  12. Would that be possible to have this added to AP It will be quicker for retouching area and make some modification. A circle that can be turned as oval and adjusting the inside or click invert and it switch to adjusting outside.
  13. Hi everyone, I'm new to Affinity. trying to escape the Adobe Lr and Ps, bought On1 but it just doesn't feel right for me, Macphun creative kit does a pretty good job but I wanted something more and after watching some videos of Affinity I decided to give it a try and loving' it so far. thanks for the good work.
  14. Thanks James for the multiple images set up, maybe i need another glass of scotch or was too tired to think of that :/ For the black .tiff images, i save them 16 bit, I'll try later when I'll be back home to save in 8 bit. I tried different way to save the .tiff images nut only saving from Affinity end up black, not from Lr or On1 or Photomatix pro. Linear or bilinear would make a difference?
  15. giving up on photoshop cc and ew to affinity and I do have 2 question, 1- amI missing something or why can't I figure out how to add multipple images on a blank sheet so I can save let say 4 images on a 8x10, I've seen the question on page 8 but had not been answered. 2- why when I save as tiff format, the image is seen as black, I have a preview of every other images in my folder but saved from affinity it remains black, I can only see the picture if opened with affinitiy. Thank
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