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    willernest got a reaction from Patrick Connor in 3 for 3 - beta updates fail   
    Is it still worth reporting that updating the beta versions (and generally to release versions) fail after the point where the previous version was uninstalled?  I've sent logs a couple of times but apparently they weren't informative.  Just restart the PC and install the software as if it wasn't an update.  Works and not that much of a problem but still kind of klunky.  On rare occasions an update might work so there is apparently a right way to do things.  Posted here simply because it seems more active.  By the way, no exotic software.
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    willernest got a reaction from Patrick Connor in Studio Link in .422 fails on Designer Beta .434   
    This looks to be resolved with the new release .442 and the .434 versions of Photo & Design. Very nice.
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    willernest got a reaction from adirusf in A.D. imported styles wont show, only after...   
    I thought it was a fluke but I experienced the same thing, slightly differently.  I deleted a set of styles (imported in earlier betas) and then re-imported them.  On the import they no longer showed in the list but when trying again they showed as already installed.  A restart showed them there.  The same thing happens with the current Publisher beta.
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    willernest got a reaction from William Overington in Font Sizes inconsistent in text boxes   
    That could well be it.  I'll do some experimenting.
    Thanks for the reply.
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    willernest got a reaction from Imprex in Publisher "not responding" - .139   
    I no doubt did something unexpected (selected "Autofit to Row Contents" from the Table menu - perhaps I had selected a cell with nothing in it).  I had made a table and was trying to populate it with simple text (the multiple lines in the text populated one cell with line breaks  even though multiple cells were selected  - I imagine there is a way to do populate multiple cells from an external file).  Regardless, doing the "Autofit" the document window went blank and Publisher went into some kind of loop (about 8% of CPU) and didn't come out until I ended the task after a few minutes.  It didn't seem to be growing in memory use and 8% on a 4 CPU (8) doesn't look like a hard loop.
    I've tried to reproduce but to this point no such luck.
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    willernest reacted to Patrick Connor in Publisher Crashes when opening recently saved file   
    Sorry about the problem reloading some files. While we are adding new features (like linked images that caused this issue) we may well introduce the odd regressions, but will always try to avoid the more drastic ones like this. When it does happen we will always attempt to fix it by the next beta release and make your files load again where possible.
    For this specific problem, the next public beta build (for various reasons called #127 or #128) will be able to load these crashing build #58 files (and the ones created in #57 that do not reopen too).
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    willernest got a reaction from stokerg in Setup Fails   
    Restarted PC and install completed successfully.
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    willernest got a reaction from kzidek in [AD] Windows Driver Problem   
    I saw an earlier post about possible driver problems with the newer releases (I'm using at the moment with no problems) and have encountered a rather serious problem with the newest beta. Quite possibly because I have an uncommon (in the U.S. at least) drawing moniitor. In this case it's a Ugee 2150 (UC Logic type device).  All other recent software seems fine with the driver provided (from Ugee.net - current windows drivers April of 2017 although it looks like it really dates back to late 2016).
    In any case, using the mouse works fine on the monitor.  However touching the screen with the stylus seems to cause the rapid generation of a large number of line segments back and forth (hundreds of curves) going from the document frame to the lower left hand corner of, presumably, off somewhere down there.  Let it go too long and you have to reboot the PC.  Task Manager shows AD in a tight single CPU loop.
    Perhaps reported elsewhere but I couldn't find it.
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