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  1. The application does not freeze or use more memory than normal. It is fine and stable, but the line quality in Pixel Persona is unusable. I'm primarily focused on digital painting which I would like to completely do trough AD, but it is not possible yet. Images - AD (High Precision disabled + Star 03) versus Clip Studio and Rebelle side by side with tablet settings.
  2. Tried, as usual, with XP-Pen Star03 (Ugee M708) tablet and the high precision tablet input enabled. (latest driver: Dec 29 - 2016 - V8.1.2016.1002, WinTab32 V8.1.2016.906 / 10x6”, 2048-levels, System: Windows 8.1 x64 + 16GB RAM + Geforce 755M + SSD). Problems with a tablet are only with AD Beta - other apps (most of which is using high-precision "Wacom" tablet input) works fine (Rebelle, ClipStudio, Sketchbook, Krita, ClipStudio, Photoshop). Vector brush (tried to create a line from left to down-right - screenshot) creates this huge amount of curves (selected a few to show where they lead outside a canvas). Drawing with pixel brush slows the application down with stroke slowly appearing (minutes) combined with a heavy processor and memory load that can go up to 8GB or more - screenshot). The AD after this does not close completely - the window disappears, the CPU load also but the memory stays full (screenshot). It is necessary to terminate the process => no crash log. Progress on another bugs is amazing and I'm really excited about this version. Thanks for this software.
  3. Tried this version with XP-Pen Star03 (Ugee M708) tablet and the high precision tablet input enabled. (latest driver: Dec 29 - 2016 - V8.1.2016.1002, WinTab32 V8.1.2016.906 / 10x6”, 2048-levels, System: Windows 8.1 x64 + 8GB RAM + Geforce 755M + SSD) It is possible sometimes to continually draw with all new features. Sometimes the line gets broken in the middle (vector/raster persona). After a while the input stops responding and the application starts to massively increase memory usage and completely freezes system. Another brush tools (smudge etc.) are freezing almost instantly. Attached image - Started drawing with Vector Brush (A4 blank canvas). The line started to get broken. With pen movement, there appear straight lines from/to(?) cursor position. The situation generates massive amount of curves. Lifting the pen from surface of the tablet does nothing - hovering over the surface continues to generate more lines and using memory.
  4. Tried this version with my tablet XP-Pen Star03 (Ugee M708) and the new tablet implementation enabled. (latest driver: Dec 29 - 2016 - V8.1.2016.1002, WinTab32 V8.1.2016.906 / 10x6”, 2048-levels, System: Windows 8.1 x64 + 8GB RAM + Geforce 755M + SSD) In first 1.6 version, the application always crashed with new tablet implementation (consumed all memory). This version works in some cases - and very well, but there are still problems. Tablet driver allows switching "Supports Digital Ink" option on. With this option enabled the application hangs as previously. When the switch "Supports Digital Ink" is off (I believe it uses only Wintab) it is possible to draw on canvas with all features (stabilizer, improved precision...). But there are some problems still. Starting drawing with pixel brush without pixel layer leads to long freeze (sometimes hangs). The first stroke on pre-created pixel layer tends to create a line which is partially leading to left lower corner. Following strokes seems fine. Switching to another application with tablet support could also cause a freeze of the designer.
  5. kzidek

    AD - Pen input

    Tested the new beta - with same results as described in post #1 in this thread - Application is freezing and exhausting all available memory.
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    AD - Pen input

    I have been looking around and it is possible that these problems could be common for more non-wacom tablet brands. The reason is simple - XP-Pen Star03 is a rebrand of Ugee M708 tablet (or vice versa). These two tablets share the same driver (checked newest drivers file-by-file) - the only differences I have found are images with brandings (devices looks the same too). The same driver is also offered by Ugee for models M708/M1000L/HK1060 pro/HK1560/UG-1910B/UG-2150 and by XP-Pen for models Star01/Star02/Star03/Artist10/Artist22HD. And also there are other less-known tablet brands like Photo-Pal M708 Graphics Tablet (the model number gives it away), Parblo A610 (checked - same driver but older "revision") etc. These tablets look surprisingly similar to Star03/M708 and I believe that these tablets are sharing the same hardware and drivers too. The XP-pen followed by Ugee seems to have a most recent driver available.
  7. Hi, it seems that non-wacom tablets have more problems, like my XP-Pen Star03 in Designer beta - https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/39538-ad-15366-pen-input/
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    AD - Pen input

    Thanks for reply, I have reinstalled XP-pen drivers as asked (even cleaned nonpresent devices in device manager before new reinstall) and it has no effect on described behavior (other applications works the same as before). I have tried to play with XP-pen setting "Supports Digital Ink" (Autodesk Sketchbook requires this enabled for pressure sensitivity). It seems that with this option disabled (I believe it reports as a Wintab-only device) I'm able to draw a few strokes on smaller canvases for a while (with some lines aiming outside canvas). With this setting enabled (? Wintab + Windows Ink ?) I did not manage to do it. The application freezes and crashes after exhausting all available resources. Wacom and XP-pen drivers are mutually exclusive - Wacom driver must be completely removed for XP-pen to work and vice versa.
  9. I have tried the new beta with my XP-Pen tablet and I encountered a few issues. 1] Few times staring application and creating a new document (using a tablet) created a blank document with a guide randomly placed in it. 2] Working with tablet causes affinity designer to hard-freeze. I have tried to drawing in Pixel Mode. In log is a line: WinTab: Failed to get tangent pressure info. Creating small resolution file (Web - 1280x700) allows me to sometimes draw (with pressure sensitivity), larger files (A4) leads to application freeze after a partial stroke. My tablet is XP-Pen Star Series 03 with the latest driver (Dec 29 - 2016 - V8.1.2016.1002, WinTab32 V8.1.2016.906) (10x6”, 2048-levels). System: Windows 8.1 x64 + 8GB RAM + Geforce 755M + SSD. Tablet works well in Photoshop/Clip Studio/Krita/Rebelle etc. In release version of AD is the "drawing experience" same (not so good) as with my Wacom Intuoso CTL-480. I have included a screenshot. In the screenshot, I have compared lines that I managed to capture from new beta to release version. When it is possible to draw, the line quality and improvements are amazing! The beta also sometimes breaks the stroke in the middle (lines that aiming outside the canvas). Happens mostly with a fresh canvas, less often after some time. The small straight line at the beginning of stroke is less present, but sometimes it is still there. Non-round brushes (more complex) mostly leads to a hard freeze.
  10. Also in many European countries, we don't use imperial system for photo sizes. In AP/AD there are only imperial sized presents provided. These presents are unknown for us (we don't measure in inches), instead we use names like 9x13, 10x15 etc.. which are equivalents, but in metric system. | 9x13 cm - 89x127 mm - 3.5x5 inches | 10x15 cm - 102x152 mm - 4x6 inches | 13x18 cm - 127x178 mm - 5x7 inches | etc...
  11. For me actually the new driver (6.3.20-3) improved a brush behavior in AP/AD. At least in a case of "brush lag" - the response has improved a little bit, but not disappeared completely. Drawing of short and thin lines (for example) is still a real challenge. The line "ugliness" is also still the same and needs to be fixed for serious work. (https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/30426-wobbly-lines-ad-15143/?p=147697). In other applications I did not notice a change or any delay (Sketchbook, Clip Studio Paint etc.). Rendering GPU: Geforce 755M (Driver 376.19).Tablet: Wacom Intuos PS CTL-480 (Driver 6.3.20-3), Windows 8.1 64-bit, SSD.
  12. Hello, I was checking the new beta of AD ( and I can confirm, that the pressure sensitivity finally works (even with Windows ink turned off in Wacom drivers). Thanks for the fix! With pixel brush, there is some strange line "wobbliness" still present. In the included screenshot, there is pixel brush compared to Sketchbook / Rebelle. The line is -not so smooth- as would one expect. There seems to be also a small brush lag with a subsequent fast drawing of lines, that produces a small straight line (in the beginning of line). It is interesting that the vector brush output "before" vectorization ("preview" in the screen during drawing) is not smooth, but it seems that is less wobbly than the pixel brush final line. The rendering GPU is set to Geforce 755M. Wacom Intuos PS CTL-480, driver 6.3.18-5
  13. Thank you for a reply, I have checked the new beta of Photo ( and there are really nice improvements of brush behavior. Great work! I'm excited to see these improvements also in Designer. I did compare again the line against Clip Studio and it shows massive improvement against my last test. Small "lag" is there - still present, but not so noticeable now. And also the line still sometimes gets "edges". What I mean is demonstrated by big "circles" in the image (Drawn S-Slow, F-Fast) - most noticeable with fast drawn circles. I understand that these applications (Clip, Sketchbook) are mainly aimed at drawing, so this feature is essential for them, but it would be nice to have the same comfort in Affinity products too.
  14. Hello, first - thank you for making this amazing application available for windows. It is awesome. But there are some glitches, I have same problem as Kosi here. I'm using Windows 8.1 (Intel i5, 8GB RAM), Wacom drivers 6.3.18-5 (latest) with Intuoso CTL-480 tablet. The Pixel Brush is laggy and also the lines are quite ugly if compared with other applications. Some things can be improved by setting canvas to "billinear filtering", some are fixed after exporting, pressure sensitivity starts working (for me) after "Windows Ink" is enabled. But the brush thing remains the same. I have tried to capture some of the problem in the attached screenshot. All scenarios are drawn at A4 / 350dpi. Line of small circles should represents some of the lag of the pen. Sometimes the pen starts drawing after the circle is finished and creates only a small dot, or weird circle. Fast and slow lines shows how jagged the line is. Example from Clip studio shows "how i believe it should work". Clip studio, Sketchbook etc. are working correctly in my setup.