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  1. Hi bflores, As far as I know, In Designer the only thing close to the 'Magic Wand' would be the selection brush under the Pixel Persona. I could be completely wrong though! I am sure one of the Advanced Members will let us both know if I am. Affinity Photo does have a 'Magic Wand' though, but it is called the 'Flood Select Tool'. I hope this helps. Kind regards Neil
  2. NeilP Refresh display

    MikeW Just thought I would let you know, that this has already been addressed in this post: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/40347-pencil-tool-in-using-stabilizer/&p=201854 MEB advises that they are aware of this and will hopefully have a fix soon. Regards Neil
  3. NeilP

    AD - Pen input

    Hi All! I have similar problems to kzidek. When I create a new document, as soon as the cursor is moved using my pen I get a series of guides randomly populating the page. Although when using the mouse everything works as it is supposed to. My graphics Tablet is a Huion H610 Pro. After downloading a fresh set from the Huion website rather than using the ones stored on my machine, I have uninstalled the drivers then reinstalled them, but I am still having the same issues. Here's hoping a fix can be found. Kindest regards Neil
  4. Hi RobWu, No problem. I'm glad I could be of some help! :) Best regards Neil
  5. Hi RobWu, Have you tried changing Persona? Some of the brushes only show up in there. Hope this helps! Kind regards Neil
  6. Hi Bikeman, You are able to edit text in AD by double clicking. What version are you using? Regards Neil
  7. Hi All, Just a thought, but I think it might have something to do with the fact that product images have been created or formatted as symbols. If you detach the symbols, they move as anything else would without changing position by themselves. I hope this helps. Kind regards Neil
  8. Hi Mahogan, I have found a better result is to use AD to open the ai file (as in "file" "open"), rather than drag and drop. This then creates the correct layers instead of an embedded object. regards Neil
  9. Hi VanHeber, I had the same problem. I found a workaround whereby, if you select them within the group they can be flipped. I know it is not ideal. Regards Neil
  10. DOH! Thanks Alfred, don't know why I didn't see it. I have only been staring at the document settings for like an hour! I blame the morphine! Thanks again Alfred! Regards Neil
  11. Hi All, I have come across a strange one that I am hoping you can advise me on. I have two documents, one in DrawPlus X8 and one in AD, which are both the same size at 1080 x 1080 pix. When I insert a png image of 399 x 86 pix in DPX8 it looks fine in relation to the document size. However, when I place the same image in AD it is disproportionate to the document at a size of 1246.9 x 268.8 pix. Similarly, font sizes are also disproportionate in AD. I insert a heading using Basic Sans Heavy SF at 48pt and it looks fine in relation to the document in DPX8 at a size of 606.55 x 76.64 pix, but in AD with the same font at 48pt the size becomes 1896.3 x 182 pix. I have attached a couple of screenshots, but I am sure I am just being completely dense and there is a simple fix I am not seeing! Kind regards Neil
  12. Hi arechsteiner, Make sure the "select object when intersects with selection marquee" is ticked under Preferences > Tools. That should help I hope. Regards Neil
  13. Hi Alfred, Thank you for the welcome! :) What a complete and utter Hero you are Alfred! A fellow Scotsman as well!! Problem solved! If I have any more problems I know who to look to for help. I can't thank you enough my friend! Kind regards, Neil
  14. Hi, I am a complete Newbie on this Forum, so please be gentle. :D System details: HP Envy TS 15 Notebook PC running Windows 10 64-Bit OS IntelĀ® Core i7-4700 MQ CPU@ 2.40GHz 16 GB RAM IntelĀ® HD Graphics 4600 NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M This is my problem: I keep getting an unhandled exception error (as per Topic Title). Since updating AD to the latest release, every time I create a document and add anything to the page, as soon as I deselect it the exception error occurs. I can open a document, but as soon as I try to edit anything within that document the exception error occurs. Basically, I am currently unable to use the program for anything. I have tried un-installing and re-installing AD but I get the same result. I have tried swapping the display adapter, but I get the same result and it is always the same error code. I am at a complete loss, so I would be grateful for any guidance or advice you could give. Thank you in advance for your support. Kind regards, Neil
  15. NeilP

    Windows Install FAQ

    @Oldstyle79, I had the exact same problem as you, but I found an updated version of the download software on another affinity forum board. I have pasted the link, but if it doesn't work search for a post titled: Affinity Designer on Windows ( https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/33-affinity-designer-on-windows-beta/ Failing that, the download link is: https://s3.amazonaws.com/affinity-beta/download/affinity-designer-public-beta.exe Hope this helps! Regards Neil